Lucky New Year 2014: Jan 1st

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Every day for the first week of 2014 we're giving away a £10 Amazon voucher - and every time you enter one of our daily comps, you'll also get an entry into our grand prize draw to win £100 CASH!

Today is our first competition and as it's the first day of a brand new year, we'd like to know:
What prize do you MOST want to win in 2014?

To enter today's competition, make sure you're registered with The PrizeFinder and logged in to your account - then leave a comment on this blog post telling us your comping resolution. We have an approval process so your comment won't appear straight away, but as long as you post it before midnight you'll be in the draw!

Don't forget, every entry you make into our daily competitions gives you one entry into the grand prize draw for the £100 cash prize - good luck!

TERMS AND CONDITIONS - January 1st daily competition
1. Open to UK residents aged 18 or over
2. Entrants must be registered PrizeFinder users and comment on this blog post with their 2014 most-wanted prize
3. There is one prize of a £10 Amazon voucher
4. The closing date for entries is Wednesday 1st January 2014 at 23.59.
5. The winner will be selected at random and informed by email within 7 days of the closing date.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS - £100 cash prize draw
1. Open to UK residents aged 18 or over
2. There is one prize of £100 which will be supplied as a cheque
3. Only one entry per person per daily draw/competition - so a maximum of 7 entries in the grand prize draw per person
4. The winner will be selected at random from all daily entries across the week of competitions and informed by email, Facebook message or Twitter Direct Message within 7 days of the closing date.

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I most want to win with ITV so I can clear the debts I inherited when I married my husband.


I've been really really lucky with my wins in 2013...but for this year I would LOVE to win a family holiday or even a weekend away as otherwise we won't be able to afford one this year :)


Cars are great, holidays are fantastic, 140ft yachts are OK too, but to win something I really really want and will get a lot of use out of is my driving force for comping.

I'm a video gamer, so there's nothing better for me to win than video game related prizes. My heart and mind are absolutely set on winning a Sony PlayStation 4 console in the first quarter of 2014, after which I'll bite the bullet and buy one anyway if I don't win one.


A lovely weekend away or if really lucky a holiday for two.


I would like to continue entering competitions but while being more select so that I also have time to study :)


I would love to win a slow cooker. My old one refuses any heat setting other than high so is now consigned to the scrap heat and I am missing it already.


Gosh I have quite a wishlist but most of all I would like to win a family holiday/short break


any and all wins are much appreciated lol but my secret comping passionate win is for a top of the range pc so that I'm not sitting all day waiting for pages to load like I do now!

I keep trying to win a new blanket for Stanley, our Labradoodle. He has a hard dog bed but has eaten holes in both his blankets and the bed looks awfully uncomfortable!


I need to win a holiday for the wife so I can get her off my back so I can do some more comping Arrrrrrrrrrrr


I would love to win a family holiday. Also a big win with ITV would be amazing!


I would love to win a trip to New York


I would like to win a holiday this year.!!

1jenny 1

My chomping resolution is to get up an hour earlier so I can enter a few competitions before going to work.


What I would do for an all singing all dancing phone!!!!Need to go for one of those effort needed comps... Sitting under my winspiration tree!!!! hoping for an idea - more likely to get hit by lightning!!!


I would love to win an all inclusive holiday. Good luck everyone for 2014.


I would love to win some summer sun. Although we had an amazing summer last year I would love to have a holiday abroad with my partner, like everyone else 2013 was a tough year.


Not had a decent holiday in a few years so either a decent cash sum so I can have a trip to sunnier clims or just a decent holiday.


I would love to win a new laptop. Mine is unfortunately on it's last legs.


This year I want to be more creative and try to enter more skill based competitions and with the help of Super Lucky's blogs teach my self how to enter lots of online photo and video competitions-but to help me do this I first need to win my self a tablet or a smart phone-then there will be no stopping me!


I would love to win some cash to fund home improvements we are about to start or I would love to win my friends a honeymoon as they can't afford one xx


I really need a new lightweight pushchair, so that's top of my wish list or enough voucherrs to buy one!!


I would love to win a city break for me and my husband - I'm feeling ready for a first short trip away without the children! Good luck to all in 2014.


Would love to win a family holiday somewhere hot


This year im hoping to win a new phone as i only have a 5 year old blackberry! There are loads of comps where i-phones are the prize so there are loads of chances for me to win and easy for me to keep track thanks to you guys, i had to stop comping last year due to a difficult pregnancy but im back for 2014 and more determined than ever!


I would love to win a Family holiday to Florida, my daughter loves Disney she would love to meet the Disney princesses


I would like to win., a bit of cash so I can buy my daughter a prom dress, that will make her look and feel like a movie star


Top of my wins wishlist is some Carpet or Carper vouchers, I can't go another winter with this wooden flooring !


a holiday would be great as we haven't had one for years but I am happy with any win just so exciting ! Happy New Year everyone and lets hope it's a lucky one


I would love to win anything house related. This will be our second year in our house and we have yet to tackle any of the decorating! So applianc3s, vouchers, new bathroom suite or bed...all would be very welcome!