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Thu, 2014-01-02 11:15

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Here we are, two days in to a brand new year! Have you got any wins to report yet? Any surprise parcels from the Postman today? I've decided 2014 is going to be a BIG year for wins - a trip to the World Cup is top of my wishlist!

On last month's December Wins post PrizeFinder users did really well on the Stella giveaways and the Advent competitions, winning with Cadbury, Santander, Hillarys, Kwikfit, Pringles and more. In other news, HELLSB81 won £1000 of furniture from House to Home, Lish2013 won £500 of Seasalt Clothing with Belvoir Cordials. No holidays to report last month though - can you do better in January?

Good luck for 2014 everyone, and don't forget to upload photos and tell us your Winners Story for a chance to win a £50 voucher in our monthly prize draw!

My wins this month:
National Trust day pass x 2 - Banrock Station (FB)
Personalised Razor - Wilkinson Sword
Fridge Magnets - Richmond Meatballs (text)
Aveda holiday gift set - Handbag
£20 Amazon voucher - It's Appt
Bag of sweets - Randoms instant win
£25 Amazon voucher - SPrinkle
£50 stationery - local radio
Chococlate Fondue - J2o Instant win
3 months of Bloom & Wild flowers
TOTAL: £165

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well prizes arriving and again no idea who from .A cookbook,a ron burgundy t shirt and moustache and various dvd,s and a remington razor happy days and happy new year to all and of course good comping all


won a wilkinsons razor with my wifes name on it


January wins so far
A book win

I had 180 wins in 2013 and my best wins were

Cordless Hover
over £100 worth of milkshake products
Years supply of wine
Bunch of flying flowers
Tin of quality streets
Over £60 worth of beauty products
£150 Hobby craft vouchers
£65 Halford vouchers

2013 was a good year so lets hope 2014 will be better


1st January I had a tweet saying I've won a designer t-shirt worth £25
2nd January, winning email saying I've won £50 worth of Pyrex dishes

Lets hope this winning streak continues!!


Had an instant win of a Hobgoblin Halloween Glass from http://www.wychwood.co.uk/#/mischief//mischief this morning. Think it'll run daily until 31st January 2014.


a snowdrop from Cornovium Snowdrops
Heatworld and Warner Brothers Facebook APP celebrating 90 years of film with Warner Bros. , Supernatural: Season 1-8. from


First win of 2014: £25 in Argos vouchers from IOU Reminders on Facebook x


WEM (Winning E-Mail) today from IOUReminders.com advising I'd won a £25 Argos Gift Card for filling in a survey last year. And yes I did punch the air and giggle madly when I found out I'd won, I'm a comper. It's what we do. OK so maybe that's just me :)


I giggle madly, say omg repeatdly then don't stop smiling for the rest of the day, so I I'm that club with you haha


Just received a surprised personalised razor for the boyf in the post :D


3 more prizes today, toothbrush, another personalized razor for my husband, DVD from Inside Soap


so far have won at least one prize a day since 1/1 today have won handmade jewellery from Lorraine Randall England - Handmade Jewellery & Gifts


Union J lunch bag and goodies (spearmark FB)

Love and Marriage DVD

£25 mum and me voucher (kiddycharts blog)

£40 Tinyme voucher (olivers mad house blog)


a Ceramic rose (ET speaks from home blog)


A personalised razor for my husband


My first win of the year a toothbrush and sample toothpaste x


I have also got a personalised razor from wilkinson and an itunes voucher from pringles so starting small but still puts a big smile on my face :)


I have had 2 wins so far this month a razor and a wem today from shortlist magazine i have won a pair of exclusive red bull sennheiser momentum headphones worth £260 I have one very happy husband as he's always wanted a decent pair .


a personalised razor and Princess Penelope book .. school run web £7.99 had 3 weeks xmas break so not surprised im not winning much


First win of the year for me, a cork pin board in the silhouette of the Manhattan skyline from The Gift Oasis, love this, its really unusual.


A bottle of Paco Rabanne Lady Million from Fragrance Direct worth £30




I got win from Truprint 16x12 framed canvas worth £69.99! yeahy!
First 2014 win!


Love the surprise packets best!!! Eden DVD turned up today unannounced! from Empire magazine.....:)


Received a selection of Mouseloft cross stitch kits in the post today from Cross Stitch Crazy magazine. Woohoo.


had a WEM I have won £1,000 worth of UK hotel vouchers by Mens Health! yes this month is awesome!


£25 Aldi vouchers from Click to Enter competition (I think it was on Facebook).


First win of the year, Hexbug nano V2 from Cartoon Network. Not a biggie but great for my Hexbug mad daughter.


just had a box of p&g full of goodies surprise win


not had a win in a week! feels like a terrible drought! my husband says im just building up to a big one! haha