Advent Competitions 2014

Well, it has nearly arrived, the busiest comping season of the year – The Advent Competitions! This unique time of the year will see hundreds, upon hundreds of new competitions being released by promoters every single day from 1st December 2014 up to Christmas and sometimes even afterwards! So what do you need to know before the season is here?

  • Don’t panic – It’s Christmas after all, a time to be enjoyed! Advent comping is meant to be an enjoyable hobby, so go with the flow and enjoy the comping opportunities that are offered this time of year.
  • Be focused – Decide what you really want to be winning, and focus on those in the first instance You won’t be able to do every single advent, so stay focused and don’t stress yourself out entering for things you don’t really want or need.
  • Get organised – Have a plan of action, make a spreadsheet, create a bookmark file or set up a notebook ready to put the advents that you want to focus on into, so you can check it every day.
  • Stay tuned to The PrizeFinder for your one-stop shop for all your advent competitions!

Different Types of Advent Competitions
Closer to the start of the Advent Comping season we will be creating categories within this Advent section of our site, so you can easily find the competitions you want to enter. We will be splitting out differnt types of compeition:

  • Web Advent Competitions
  • Facebook Advent Competitions
  • Twitter Advent Competitions
  • Blog Advent Competitions
  • Instant Win Advent Competitions

That way, you won’t be bogged down with seeing lots of competitions you don’t want to enter, or that require social media entry, if you don’t want to be bothered with these.

Make life easy with our Competition Tracker
In addition, if you are a registered ThePrizeFinder member you will be able to make use of our competition tracker and lists facilities too. As you browse through the advent competitions, if you have no interest in a particular promoter’s comp (for example, an advent offering daily pet prizes, if you have no pet), simply click the “ignore” button under the competition, and the system will remember this, and you won’t see this particular advent appear in your list again. Also, if you like to track your competitions, so you know what you have and haven’t entered, simply click the “entered” button, underneath the competitions you have entered. That way, you know how many comps you have entered that day, and at midnight this gets reset, so you can enter the next day’s competitions afresh!

For more, hints, tips and coping strategies for the Advent Comping season – check out my blog.

So there you have it, you are all prepared and set for the Advent Competitions when they arrive. So for now pour yourself a cuppa, put on some festive tunes, and we will see you bright and early on 1st December 2014!