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Summer Salads & Priceless Prizes
By Laura Marshall on Sun, 31 Aug 2014

August has been a bit of a lean month really but I did win an Inbetweeners 2 t-shirt from Rollover Hotdogs on FB (loved the film) and also I was one of the winners of the recent Florette #SaladWars competition. I won John Lewis Orb weighing scales which is great, but I'm more excited about the fact that they're going to make my recipe (strawberry and peppercress creme brûlée) and it will be professionally photographed! This is the great thing about entering competitions; the scope to win that elusive money-can't-buy experience!

A year's supply of cider!
By Emma on Sun, 31 Aug 2014

You can imagine my surprise when I heard that I'd won a year's supply of cider! It was a bit of a shock when 375 bottles showed up on my door step! The lorry couldn't get to my house so they left the pallet in the middle of the road, 25 crates of the stuff. Yum!

One off the wish list
By Rachael on Sun, 31 Aug 2014

This month I won a prize high on the wish list. I am moving house in the coming year so therefore I am focussing heavily on homewear and appliances. I hunt these competitions out specifically and it's worked really well this month. I haven't won just little things this month but fewer really amazing big things.
From my wish list I've won -
A kettle
An American fridge freezer
A washing machine
Love to shop vouchers

I've also won some cinema vouchers, which is great but getting to the cinema with a new baby is going to have to wait!!
I love the approach of enter what you need, so fulfilling to win and leaves spare time to enjoy the summer.

Thanks to TPF

Bigger than I thought!
By Carol Emmett on Sun, 31 Aug 2014

Because of other things I had to do, I haven't done much comping for quite a while.

I started again just over a week ago, and obviously came back to ThePrizefinder. One of the first ones I entered was a simple retweet on the Argos Twitter page to win a Fisher Price Laugh and Learn House. I was thrilled to have a DM telling me I'd won.

There wasn't a picture of the prize so I was expecting a small parcel, with a little kiddies toy. I was quite surprised when the postie delivered a large box as high as my waist! It turns out to be a kiddies toy that is a bit bigger than I thought and sells at £59.99!

So even the prizes you know you've won can surprise you!

Here's hoping this is the sign of good prizes to come :-)

Winning again after a drought
By Heather Cain on Sun, 31 Aug 2014

I have had a few dryish months with not many wins but this month its picked up again.

It started off with an Amazon voucher win, which a few days later won from the same company again!

Then some Leisure vouchers from a Facebook comp. We have had 2 family meals out on those!!

Several daily spin to wins which I always love - even if they are very small wins - a win is a win.

But my fave has to be my @davelackie win on Twitter which I have pictured - some gorgeous Calvin Klein sunglasses and Calvin Klein perfume which is absolutely gorgeous!

I do a combination of ThePrizeFinder, Twitter, Facebook, Loquax and email comps and also anything I buy that has a competition on I enter - of course I dont buy anything just because it has a comp on it - nooooooooo lol lol

August Wins
By Kirsty Partridge on Sun, 31 Aug 2014

I had a good start to August, on the 1st I had a WEM from The Perfume Shop saying I had won a 50ml bottle of Givenchy Dahlia Divin worth £63.50 and then a week later I was mentioned in a FB comment by Brother UK informing me I was the winner of their comp, I won a Label printer and a £50 voucher, and then last Friday I had an email saying I've won a can of Silvikrin Mousse. All my wins have been on a Friday this month! lol. I hope next month brings some great wins too. :)

Its real!
By Karen Usher on Sun, 31 Aug 2014

I've always been one of those people, who thought, "No one ever wins those competitions" and if they did win then those people were paid by the company to pretend that they did win! Still I made it my New Years Resolution that I would enter as many competitions as possible just to see if I could win anything.....I cant say that I've done very well lol, but I have however won me a wooden spoon hahaha. It's very typical of me to win something like this but you know what, it comes in good use! I'm addicted to comping in the hopes that maybe I might win one day! As everyone says "You gotta be in it to win it!"

A good end to the month
By Louise McNicol on Sun, 31 Aug 2014

I've had a really dry spell of wins on Facebook and Twitter recently. No matter how many comps I entered I just couldn't win until I won £20 of Poundland vouchers on Twitter. I was really pleased especially as within 30 seconds a notification came up from Facebook - I'd won a 4 pack of The new Tennants lemon lager as well. The same day I got an email telling me I'd won £20 of Amazon vouchers from Asda. I also got my first Instagram win 3 lovely pairs of Heat Holders socks. I'm grateful for every prize, love comping!

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