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By Jen Samuel on Wed, 26 Oct 2016

I hadn't had a win in months so was delighted when I received notification through Facebook to let me know I'd won a pair of Tatty Teddies thanks to a giveaway from Matalan.

They arrived today and will make super Christmas presents for my Mum and Mum-in-Law! The bears are holding gift boxes which will be perfect for including some jewelry or another little present. I just need to win something to go in them now :-)

I wonder if I can win all my Christmas shopping?! That would be grand!!!

By Lindsey graty on Wed, 26 Oct 2016

One great win in October , I won an overnight stay at any of the Alton towers resort hotels plus entrance to the theme park for two days and breakfast. It was supposed to be for scare fest but as we can't make those dates were going in april.
Myself and the kids are so excited we would never be able to afford something like this . Comping is the best hobby I could ask for. Roll on November wins.

By Trish Hodnett on Mon, 24 Oct 2016

Me and my Daughter wet for a girly day out in Manchester a couple of weeks ago and popped into the Pandora shop to exchange a charm for my stepdaughters 21st Birthday later this year, as we were queuing up and a staff member came round with a card to fill in to win a Rose Gold Bracelet set, so we both filled out the form, exchanged our charm and off we went. The following Tuesday, my sons 16th Birthday my phone rang at about 7.30pm and it was the Pandora shop, I had won!!! I was so excited as I rarely win 'local' comps. I picked it up last Monday and its so pretty, need to find charm comps now.

By Carol Sadler on Fri, 21 Oct 2016

Happy to say that I won a comp in All in London for two pairs of Foster Grant sunglasses and also some high street vouchers totalling £20. Really pleased! Now all we need is some atumn sun! I'm going to give my prize to my two children. Good luck, everyone!

By Simon Hardy on Tue, 18 Oct 2016

I always ask my children if they want to enter the kids creative comps and they usually do. Between the 4 of them, they have won some prize bundles and quite a few smaller prizes but a few weeks ago my son won a drawing comp where he had to draw his favourite celeb. He drew a picture of Usain Bolt and he was picked as a winner of a family ticket to Harry Potter studios! Its something we have wanted to do for a while so this was a great prize! It has given them(and me)motivation to keep entering comps!

By Amy Dacre on Mon, 10 Oct 2016

I've had a real run of good wins since I started comping in June. So far I have one a John Lewis gift voucher, tickets to Newbury races for ladies day, tickets to a river cruise on the Thames amongst other prizes but my favourite has to be a win from Denby pottery - a Denby afternoon tea set and a luxury afternoon tea hamper. After no comping in September as I was on holiday in Thailand for 3 weeks I'm looking to getting back into it

By Heather Haigh on Mon, 10 Oct 2016

The competition was on the Euronics page, and the prize was a fabulous Smeg foodmixer. The competition was to bake a cake. But not just any cake. It had to have chocolate, something pink, fruit, and something summery. They also wanted several pictures and they gave you a hashtag to use on your pics.

I'm far from the best baker in the world and my cake decorating experience is almost nil but I really wanted to have a go as this was one of my dream prizes. I baked a couple of chocolate sponges and took a photo, making sure to put a piece of paper with the hashtag on in the photo. I figured mine might not be the best cake but I could demonnstrate all the way through that I had baked it especially for their compeitition.

I made my own pink fondant flowers - summery and pink. Then I decoated the cake with pink and chocolate buttercream, raspberries (fruit and summery too) and added the flowers. Being sure to take photos with the hashtag in along the way.

My attention to detail seemed to pay off. I can't say I thought mine was the best cake but I did stick to the rules like glue and I think that's what gave me the win. Truly delighted with this one.

By Sophie Marie Cartwright on Mon, 10 Oct 2016

Having been comping for 4 years and I have finally had my biggie! Me and my son are off onboard The Queen Mary 2 Transatlantic cruise to New York for 8 days! An overnight stay in a hotel once there, £500 to spend on Barbour & flights home! We are stupidly excited as this is without a doubt not something I would be able to afford to do with him if not for comping! Keep at it guys, you never know when the "biggie" is coming! X

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