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An ongoing affair
By Andrea Tinkler on Mon, 19 Jan 2015

I have been entering competitions since I was 18 (i'm 52 now) and although I have never won anything life changing I have certainly had many wins. I average a win a week (some of these are very small), and perhaps my most bizarre was 10 firemen as slave for a day. It's a perseverance hobby and the thing is don't become disheartened if you do not win straight away. So far this year I have won and received 3 footballs, £20,00 amazon voucher. £50.00 worth of flourescent kids stuff and £400 of christy bedding. My daughter now enters a few competitions as well and has just won a free haircut. Here's to a good year to all us compers xxxxx
(picture is of my new towels and robe lol )

A good start to the year
By Sara Friend on Mon, 19 Jan 2015

What I was hoping to win to start my new year off was some clothes or vouchers for clothes and I wasn't disappointed. I got a £50 Wallis voucher which is a very good start! I also won voucher to spend at my local country park so now I have an excuse to spend some money on coffee and cake while showing off my new clothes on a local walk :)

Night Out in London with friends
By Maxine Owen on Fri, 16 Jan 2015

I won a competition with Magic radio via
I received a phone call informing me that I had won dinner for up to 10 people at the Real Greek restaurant in Westfield Shopping Centre covering all drinks and food up to a maximum of £500.
This was followed by tickets to the Orbit (the large red sculpture in the Olympic Park) including 2 drinks each.
In total a prize worth around £700!
We had a wonderful evening and saw some lovely views of London lit up at night.
Thank you for all your hardwork, I enter many competitions and your site makes it so much easier! I have been comping since the beginning of December and really pleased with the results so far.

Heavenly candle
By temesed on Fri, 16 Jan 2015

I've been madly comping over advent, and didn't win much, but I was lucky on Instagram and got this lovely Parks London 4-wick candle from Brandalley. It's a huge candle and quite heavy. At first I wanted to swap it, due to having a few already in the house and it's so expensive - RRP around £120, but the scent was so nice that I decided to keep it..loved it ever since!

A late Christmas present
By Cara bemrose-Williams on Thu, 15 Jan 2015

I didn't have that much time for comps before Christmas and I thought I hadn't had a very good December with no wins but I have had a flurry of delayed prizes over the last few weeks. First to arrive was a posh mandala spa shower gel from Sainsburys, from their Beauty Awards. Then a few days later a Catchphrase board game came from Asda Shades. It was all wrapped up in Christmas paper and a lovely surprise. Today a Pirelli baseball cap arrived from their Facebook Advent competition (which will be great little extra present for my partner's birthday).

I've entered lots more comps since New Year so hopefully my lucky run will continue :)

Great end to a disappointing year
By Terry on Thu, 15 Jan 2015

2013 was a very successful year with winning over 20 online prize draws, 2014 however was very disappointing.
Despite entering more competitions I won only a couple but never gave up.
Just after Christmas I was very pleased to receive an email from Asda informing me that I had won a prize in their shades prize draw.
In the new year I received the prize, my best prize to date, a Blu-Ray / DVD player.
Thank you Prizefinder !

Best Win
By Oli Marshall on Wed, 14 Jan 2015

After having such successful competition year 2014, I decided I will take my competition "business" even more seriously this year. Fruits of my hard "labour" are already showing as I won 3 prizes in 2015. This is the most expensive prize I won so far. Now, the total value of all of my winnings are over £2000. I am really excited about the prospect of all the wonderful things that this year will bring, and for all that I thank ThePrizeFinder.

Ding dong merrily on high!
By Neill Johnstone on Tue, 13 Jan 2015

Until 2014 I’d never comped over Christmas and, if I’m perfectly honest, the whole thing was pretty overwhelming - and I didn’t attack the season with anywhere near the gusto of some of my fellow compers! All the same, I was pretty happy with the way things turned out, averaging slightly better than a prize a week (good by my standards!).

As the goodies have now finished rolling in, here’s a little roundup…

First came the Maz toy and what might best be called a hamper of Energizer batteries (both highly useful when you have rugrats like me) from a couple of Facebook comment draws. Next up was a Christmas jumper from Sports Direct (should come in handy for Christmas jumper selfies next year…). Then came the lean patch, interrupted only by the late announcement of a Movember competition I’d forgotten about – enough shaving paraphernalia to last me half a year. This was followed by some stacking pots from Happy Jackson’s Instagram draw and a Soap & Glory body scrub, the latter from Soap & Glory’s Do-a-Doodle tongue-twister video comp, which I owned like a boss ;o)

Finally – and not shown here are the 50 McLotto tickets from Lottoland and the Karcher holster for window cleaning tools.

In sum then: chuffed. But quite worn out by the whole ordeal – it’s now mid January and I don’t think I’ve managed 30 comps since Christmas Day!

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