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The wins keep on coming!
By Helen Yeomans on Mon, 03 Aug 2015

July has been a great month for winning, and not just me it seems, yay! So in July I have won, a family ticket to Planet Ice, two Thunderbirds blu-Ray DVDs, a free nights camping.. Perfect for keeping the kids busy this summer. And I also won a nice treat for me, nearly £100 of Burts Bees products, really impressed! Role on August wins! X

great prize
By Tracey on Mon, 03 Aug 2015

Had a lovely email come through from Poundland in their health and beauty promotion and surprise surprise! I won a Ipad - Great prize i would say!!!
I wasn't expecting something as lovely as this.
I have been comping for years with breaks in between and then got back in to the swing of it again, Now i'm totally addicted!!

Summer Sucess
By angela hedley on Sat, 01 Aug 2015

Reading through inspirational posts peoples wins was lovely, but couldn't help wish this was me. Months had passed by without so much as a free perfume sample. Maybe this is my cue to quit comping? Or maybe good things come to those who wait? ...
Phew it was the latter!
I have had an AMAZING month!
Firstly I won tickets to Tatton Park food festival , where my partner and I enjoyed a free day with the kids plus treated an elderly couple behind us to out spare 2 tiCkets- they were made up!
Then I won Flower show tickets that I wanted for my cousin. THEN I won a KFC Selfie comp, bagging a free bargain bucket, £80 of Seeticket vouchers, I also had a twitter win of 2 cineworld tickets meaning I ould afford to take my sons to the cinema. Waw, winning feels amazing, especially when others benefit too!
Now-this got my Mo-jo back when I received an email to say AO were giving me a washed dryer! I have been really struggling with getting washing dry since my dryer broke and was over run with washing, I have 4 sons, 1 of which is a weaning baby! This was the absolute icing on the cake! Carry on comping guys! <3

Family Bonanza
By Buddie on Sat, 01 Aug 2015

July began with a selection of Garden products from Garden Answers on 1st but this was quickly followed by a selection of baby products, a pack of Seabands, a win on the Biscuiteers daily instant win and a Shaun the Sheep goodie bag.

I thought it could get no better but then an email came to tell me I had won top prize in a Sacla competition, a beautiful hand-crafted briefcase. Things went quiet for about a week and then another DVD turned up and this week I have learned of two wins from crafting magazine giveaways which have yet to be delivered.

Not only has this been a bumper month but it is great to think that there is something for all the family from the youngest to the oldest. Many of these I would not have heard about had it not been for Prizefinder. Last year I had my first win on the daily instant win comps but four of these this month were from the daily entry category which include magazine comps that allow daily entry. You really do need to be in it to win it - a phrase that predates the Lottery by a long way!

Best Month Yet
By Tracey Tedford on Fri, 31 Jul 2015

This has been my best month yet with my biggest prize coming from a local competition run by Magners Cider. The prize was £1000 worth of garden furniture. I got a phone call on the Monday morning saying I had won and the prize would be sent as a £1000 Amazon voucher and I could spent it how I wished.
Also this month I won -

My choice of football shirt from Budweiser
A Kindle from Sudocrem instant win
3 pairs of sandals from Secretsales
Potty Training pack from rafflecopter
£5 Bernard Matthews voucher instant win
Men's Nivea moisturiser instant win
Inflatable Turtle, Turtle Wax instant win.

Thanks and keep up the good work Prizefinder.

By Jane Green on Fri, 31 Jul 2015

Well I was delighted to receive an envelope that needed to be signed for last Saturday morning, to discover I have won a years supply of shoes! Always interested to note what a years supply of anything consists off, in this case it was 4 pairs of shoes to the value of £50 from Brantano.

So school shoe shopping looming, we headed into town yesterday, and instead of constantly uttering, no they are too dear, I started to utter, no they are too cheap(no change given)

The staff were more excited than me to have a winner in store, and actually told me to go and sit down and they would sort out the school shoes, so not only did I get free shoes, I got them without tears too!! My son impressed the staff by describing his shoes as being like a bed for his feet (bring back the slogan comps)

Managed to sneak a new pair of Go walks for me, and my phone beeped during the process to tell me I had won an outfir from Klass too!

ride along with Lewis Hamilton!!
By Jodi hill on Fri, 31 Jul 2015

Had a phone call from monster energy, and I've won a meet and greet with Lewis Hamilton, and ill get to be driven a lap with him as my driver!!!!!!!!
The best thing about comping is that you get the opportunity to do things that you wouldn't normally get to do!!!
It's absolutely fantastic!!
Love you guys at prize finder, you put in so much hard work!
Other july wins
2 pairs of Boden shoes for me and my best friend,
An emozioni diamond ring of my choice,
Fruit bowl goodies
Assassin's creed duvet, mugs etc
£10 Amazon voucher
£10 Selfridges voucher
Ministry of sound car speakers
£10 nandos voucher (they ran out of £10 so sent £20)

Starting to pick up
By Lorna-Jane Holland on Fri, 31 Jul 2015

I haven't had much time for comping this year as I had to focus on my last year of uni, then almost as soon as I graduated I was straight into a job and an internship. My life has been a bit crazy recently so I haven't been able to comp much, hence I only got one win this month.

I was one of the winners in the June giveaway on Julie Dodsworth's Facebook page, winning a goodie bag. It arrived yesterday, and was much better than I was expecting. The prize included 4 lovely mugs and a handbag (picture is from the website).

Here's to a lucky August!

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