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By Kelly Mobbs on Thu, 31 Mar 2016 0 comments

After a very dry start to March, winning next to nothing it ended with a bang. I got a call on the 24th March to let me know that i came 3rd place in a competition. It was a mother and baby competition which i couldn't remember entering but i obviously did as i checked. Well the lady on the phone went on to let me know that i have won all the Mother and Baby awards Bronze winning items with a value up to 2K, including pushchairs, car seats, highchair, baby monitor and so much more. I was shaking, this is by far the most pricey win i have received and am over the moon. I'm now going to be the best auntie/sister ever as i share out the winnings with my nieces and nephews. I so love this hobby!

By Buddie on Thu, 31 Mar 2016 0 comments

After a quiet couple of months March got off to a cracking start with three prizes notified on Day 1. By Day3 two more items had been notified and I began to look out for the postman. A couple more small wins mid-month and then yesterday I was informed I had won a £100 Fuel Card in the Lucozade Energy drink daily competition. So far three DVDs from separate contests, some headphones, a bottle of perfume and a selection of Frankenstein goodies have been delivered along with an apron from Just Milk's pancake promotion. Prizefinder has certainly done me proud highlighting these simple to enter contests and there are some very happy people amongst my family and friends as a result. I think the fuel card will be mine though. Many thanks for your help.

By Simon hardy on Thu, 31 Mar 2016 0 comments

Had a slow month and was feeling quite discouraged but kept going anyway. Eventually got a nice prize bundle of toys! Just goes to show that perseverance pays off! I have recently started my own FB page and have started advertising comps on here as well so its good for both things! Thanks to prize finder for all the great comps!

By Yasmin Walmsley on Wed, 30 Mar 2016 0 comments

I started comping as a hobbie mid February 2016. Did alot of research for the genuine sites and bookmarked them all. I go through of an evening on a daily basis of all my comping sites. The best one I've found so far is prizefinder, quick, easy and straight to the point. So far I've had a tefal opti grill, nail Inc London set, cookbook, false eyelashes and a lego friends DVD. I'm soo chuffed and just proves you've got to be In it to win it :-) thank you sooo much prizefinder xxx

By Greig spencer on Wed, 30 Mar 2016 0 comments

I love winning trips and event tickets, it makes my life so exciting and having something to look forward to is brilliant

I won some tickets to the Races recently in a local competition>

I took my partner and we had such a fun day trying to pick some winners!

In the end we came out with a few extra quid to our name!

Looking forward to see what April brings

Good luck compers

By Amanda Brett on Sun, 27 Mar 2016 0 comments

Well 2016 started off quite slowly-until last week that is,Firstly i won a Kindle fire tablet(this was on my wish list) from a competition on Facebook,the same day i got a notification that i had won another competition on Facebook-This time it was a selection of vintage Signs for the house,included was a miniature vase and flower.The next day I won a hamper of Dutch foods-again from Facebook,Finally I won a selection of foot and face masks via a competition Superdrug was running on Twitter(not shown in picture).

The motto here is even when you're having a "dry spell" Don't give up,keep going-after all "you've got to be in it-to win it".
I love my Hobby and Prizefinder makes things so easy to enter.

By Cheryl G on Sun, 27 Mar 2016 0 comments

I started comping again in January & can't believe my luck. I've had 3 amazing prizes in just a few weeks. Prizes have included

- £100 cash from new cashback website Earnaway
- An awesome Shard experience from Capital FM including unlimited entry this year, a yoga class at the top of the shard, facials at a nearby spa and a goody bag of REN beauty products
- A 7 night skiing holiday in the French Alps for 2 including ski lessons, lift passes, ski hire and 1st class travel from Top Sante magazine.

We've just come back from the the holiday & it was out of this world. Thank you PrizeFinder for finding me these competitions to enter!!

By Cynthia Massey on Sun, 27 Mar 2016 0 comments

Every day I enter the daily competition at for the daily give away of various prizes, my first 2 wins came within 10 days of each other, one was a mans watch valued at £110 and the other was a ladies watch valued at £80, I just couldn't believe it, the watches arrived within a week of being notified! Then only 4 months later on Feb 14th this year I was notified that I had won yet again another prize which was a DKNY ring valued at £70. I have also recently won £100 pounds worth of Fuel in the Lucazade daily prize draw. It proved to me that the daily prize section of is well worth entering and you can win more than once.

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