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A very very good June!!
By Natalie Crossan on Wed, 01 Jul 2015

Wow - this month! It's been one amazing prize after the other.
The best prize this month is as pictured. Here's a snapshot of my prize list, I recently won a Spongebob competition with Pizza Hut! My daughter will have the best looking Pineapple-under-the-sea bedroom! - Including a television!!

Other super prizes this month included a beautiful Tiffany necklace, a solid silver spoon (personalised and engraved), kids toys, MAC makeup, dresses, vouchers and many many more.

In total, 65 prizes this month :)

Here's hoping July is as fantastic as June has been :)

June Wins
By Kirsty Partridge on Wed, 01 Jul 2015

I've only had a couple of wins this Month, the first was a surprise win of a Cinderella Doll, unfortunately it's box was damaged so I sent an email to Made for Mums and they contacted the promoter who sent me another one so I got 2! Brilliant service. My second win was a FB win of a bottle of Schwarzkopf hair oil. It has been very quiet for wins the past few months so surely I'm due a month of lots of wins. Fingers crossed for July :)

Opihr Gin Prize Came Just in Time!
By Joseph Lynch on Wed, 01 Jul 2015

So I've haven't won much over the last few months. I won a bottle of vodka a few months before that but otherwise I hadn't made any major wins. I was a bit worried that maybe I was just not going to win anything significant afterwards.

That was until I got an email from Mostly Food and Travel in early June saying that I won one of their Opihr Oriental Spiced Gin Rucksacks! It included two 70cl bottles of Opihr gin and two 5cl miniatures. Being as my friend had returned from Asia only two days beforehand we had some serious catching up to do, which would be perfect over some cocktails! The Opihr came in beautifully over that. In the end we went for strawberry and black pepper gin sours and they were delicious! Unfortunately the gin proved a bit too useful for too many people and we're down a significant amount. It was good while it lasted though. My partner loves the rucksack: it's of a really good quality and the design is fab.

Thanks ThePrizeFinder!

Suspicious Minds....Super Prize!
By Aoao on Tue, 30 Jun 2015

June has been a very busy working month, but I've tried to keep up with my comping and the result has been a few lovely prizes. A case of Dorset cereals (at last!) and VIP tickets to the fantastic Elvis Exhibition at the O2 to name a few! Thanks again Prizefinder.....I'm off to see 'the King' & will be treated like a Queen!

Two Wins in June
By Laura Vitty on Tue, 30 Jun 2015

I had two small wins this month, so it has been relatively quiet.

First, I won a copy of Multiply Your Money from MoneyWise, it arrived really quickly and is a really useful guide to savings and investments. I'm really looking forward to sorting my finances out later this year so I can get into this kind of thing!

Then today in the post I received a lovely Woolly and Tig backpack from PDSA, it's so cute and will make a wonderful present for my friends' little girl who is a big fan.

Good luck in July everyone!

Surprise, surprise...
By Nickyh173 on Sun, 28 Jun 2015

Life is amazing someimes...I have recently won a fabulous crafting prize from Mojomums. I've not opened it despite it arriving last week.

The reason is that my daughter had major facial surgery a few days ago and is feeling absolutely naff. She won't want to go out of the house for a few weeks - so the prize will be a surprise, surprise for her. When she is feeling more alert and looking for something to do, then I shall give her the package :)

I have added the picture from the competition - as she hasn't opened the box yet :)

By Diane Wood on Sun, 28 Jun 2015

I was eating my lunch when my mobile rang, thinking it was yet another PPI, Life insurance or car accident call, I was quite um, not particularly friendly when I answered. The lady said she was from Capital FM and I wondered what she was going to try and sell me - but no! I had won a £750 beauty product haul of CEW nominated items! My daughter was in in product heaven when it arrived a few days later and declared it to be like Christmas!My oldest nephew benefitted from the mens' products and has now asked me to pass on any comps I think he might like!

Fantastic June
By Louise Whittaker on Sun, 28 Jun 2015

This month has been fabulous with several amazing prizes including a cordless Dyson, Baileys shortlist of books with a bottle of Baileys, a cheque for £250 from a Morrisons survey, the Onken prize pool 2 and lots of little bits inc a £20 odeon voucher and a shaun the sheep goodie bag. With 3 days to go I do hope the postman knocks twice ;)

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