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By Lisette Davidson on Tue, 05 Apr 2016

What a lovely start the showery month of April for me. A DM arrived just today from Warrens Bakery in Cornwall to tell me I had won a huge box of every flavour of their special Brit Crisps - see the lovely picture they sent me. I was so pleased as both of my children, although over 20+, take packed lunches every day, and its nice to be able to give them something special!! In fact I created a little rhyme as well as my RT and Follow and maybe that was what "bagged" it for me! Pity I didn't remember to take a note of it. Thank you Prizefinder for bringing this comp to my attention!

By Jemma Webster on Sat, 02 Apr 2016

I stumbled upon a lovely creative competition for our old Yakult bottles which wanted to see you upcycle your old bottles for their birthday celebrations. There were £1000 worth of vouchers up for grabs, £500 for the winner and 2 x £250 for runners up. Me and my little one got stuck in and had great fun and were delighted to discover we were runners up! We ordered lots of crafts bits, nature kits and even some Play Doh and Lego for lots of Easter holiday fun!

By yvette morgan on Sat, 02 Apr 2016

I have been a member of prize finder for many years and won many fantastic prizes, but the best has to be 2 tickets for an intimate gig with the luscious Usher, with Mastercard Priceless surprises, we went to the gig in St Lukes London, with just 300 others, including other celebrities, the gig was amazing and we were right at the front. When the gig ended we decided to wait out the back until Usher came out, we were delighted to meet the man himself and have a photo taken :)

By Sophie Marie Cartwright on Fri, 01 Apr 2016

I love entering competitions and have been a member of PrizeFinder for a couple of years now. I have been very lucky over the years but had my favourite win of them all this month - A £1000 hen party with Corkys! My sister is getting married next year so this has been amazing - We have been busy selecting our venue and choosing activitys to do - Something we wouldnt have been able to afford without "Comping" I love being able to share my prizes with family and friends - Be lucky everyone!

By Natalie Crossan on Fri, 01 Apr 2016

March has been lovely. Been winning lots on the Walkers instant wins, won a lot of make up and a great fitness bundle and only today I won a £350 security system (as pictured above) which was a huge surprise as I never expect to win anything big on the last day of the month. Hoping April will be successful too! Thank you March! :)

By Gillian McDonald on Fri, 01 Apr 2016

Thrilled to be a winner from Sunday Times Travel Magazine
I experience life in Colombia’s beautiful coffee region Armenia, staying in a traditional hacienda overlooking beautiful gardens with large flowers, and the most colourful birds. After a La Cabaña breakfast, a cornucopia of tropical fruits, eggs, cheese and arepas (corn cakes), I head off to Salento with its colourful buildings and pretty town square. Walking up the coloured stairs I experience a beautiful view of rolling coffee trees and banana fields in the surrounding valley and mountains.

A hike through the Corocora valley in Los Nevados, renowned for its wax palms, (the tallest palm tree on Earth), with their slender trunks reaching up to 60 metres high made an astonishing spectacle.

Next a neighbourhood orientation tour of the barrios (Spanish for neighbourhoods) in Medellin, Colombia’s 2nd largest city with shops, green parks, churches, museums and delicious cuisine it gave me a good insight into how the locals live. I also got a unique opportunity to see another side of Medellin, electric outdoor escalators, ( Comuna 13). These are the longest outdoor escalators in the world and have transformed a Colombian neighbourhood. More than 12,000 residents used to have to hike a very long way up to their poor hillside homes (favelas) until the government installed this 384 metre escalator.

I join in a controversial Pablo Escobar tour where I’m reminded of the devastation of the city’s terrible past and how it is now transforming.

My final destination, Cartagena, a World Heritage Site. My goodness the people, the Old Walled Town of 16th-century plazas, cobblestone streets and the most colourful of colonial buildings were all picture perfect and breathtakingly beautiful.

A fitting end to my winning tour of Colombia was the most spectacular sunset, witnessed by the port in Cartagena as the sun went down in spectacular style on the Caribbean coast

By Deborah Mackenzie on Fri, 01 Apr 2016

My second year of comping has been amazing; have had 3 large wins so far. Trip to London to see The Who, accommodation, travel and £500 spending money. A wine fridge, an oven and flights to Geneva. But that is not all: each week I have won something small, a pizza voucher, nail clippers, books, film merchandise and yesterday £50 iTunes voucher. I love my hobby as it has given me new friends, something to focus on other than my disability and have received lovely prizes!

By luckylew on Sun, 15 May 2016

My Husband had been complaining that I never win anything for him - so when I had three wins in the first week of March, I told him that I had won three lovely prizes especially for him -

A Bundle of Cleaning Products from Spontex (for him to clean the house)

A Greased Lightening Car Valeting Kit (for him to clean the car)

And a packet of vitamin tablets from Holland and Barret (to help him recover all of the above duties)

Needless to say he cheered up a bit when I went on to win some Bargain Booze Vouchers (he had a nice few beers out of that!!)

Seriously though as the picture shows I have had a great month for wins, also getting a pack of Natures Finest Fruit pots and a Hozelock Sensor Watering System for the garden (both from facebook) - and all thanks to the Prizefinder so many many thanks and good luck to everyone x

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