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Ginger Grouse
By S.Sanders on Fri, 27 Jun 2014

June has been my best month ever for wins and they have all been from Facebook like and share posts. I have won:

.x1 Case of Ginger Grouse (pictured)
.x1 Biscuit Hamper
.x1 wooden croquet set
.x2 Vegan Lipsticks

I am still eagerly awaiting the last 3 prizes to turn up. I am still hoping for what I would consider a big win, such as money, vouchers or a holiday but for now the small wins trickling in are keeping me happy!

All about the tunes in June
By Tracy Cook on Fri, 27 Jun 2014

After a bit of a lull in comping for various reasons I have just started to get my groove back, and have had a brilliant run of wins. My first win of the month was a fabulous pendant lamp, perfect for the new house we should be moving into in a couple of weeks. I also won a scarf on a Facebook competition.

However the highlights of the month have been gig and festival tickets. Him indoors and I love Hudson Taylor, so I was over the moon to win tickets to their gig, plus access to the soundcheck and a meet and greet with the boys. We had an amazing night up in London and the gig was fantastic.

That was a priceless win, but in terms of actual cost I had my biggest win ever when I got a call to say I won 2 weekend tickets including camping for Latitude festival in July! It's one I'd had my eye on but couldn't afford so I'm now counting down the days.

Anyone who doesn't give comping a try is missing a trick.

Amazing Experiences
By SamanthaJerome on Thu, 26 Jun 2014

I have been comping for about 10 years now and my most favourite prizes are the once in a lifetime experiences this wonderful hobby gives me. One year my husband and I got to celebrate Valentines Day on a luxury trip to Paris. That same year we were whisked away to LA to see Beyonce in concert, where we stayed in a 5 star resort. We have been to several film premieres. A special preview of a horror film which we watched in a spooky run down chapel. We got the chance to take our kids to Camp Bestival and Wychwood festival. And most recently we have won a stay up in Alton Towers, with fast track to all the thrill rides. Thank you ThePrizeFinder for helping me win so many fantastic unique life experiences.

Beginner's Luck
By Sam Toms on Wed, 25 Jun 2014

I started comping in July 2013 and I didn't really know what I was doing. I was literally searching Google trying to find competitions. Then I discovered this site and the power of social media. I had a few small wins, a case of organic wine, and £100 John Lewis vouchers from an instant win, in the run up to Christmas but I wasn't keeping a record of my prizes, so this year that's what I started to do. I had a great start to January when my first win was a Jamie Oliver grillpan, swiftly followed by a Candlering and an iPad Mini. I also won a £50 Amazon voucher from my first creative comp on Facebook, and then a few more small wins after that. Then in April I received an email from You Magazine saying that I had won a 7-night Norwegian Fjords cruise! Not only was this a fantastic surprise, it was from a competition that I entered back in July 2013, when I very first started out, so I guess it was beginner's luck! Since then I have won some more lovely prizes including a Nivea set, a Lancaster suncare set, £250 worth of pet supplies and a BBQ! It's been a great first year for me and I love my new hobby!

By Chantelle Gould on Tue, 24 Jun 2014

I have been using ThePrizeFinder to enter competitions for over a year now and haven't had much luck in winning. But I saw a Facebook page called and saw they were doing a competition to win a Green & Blacks chocolate hamper so I decided to enter it.
I checked after a few days to see who the winner was and in disbelief I saw my name, I couldn't believe I finally won something. The chocolates didn't last very long but I hope the luck of winning will!

Comping ups and downs!
By gwynnington on Tue, 24 Jun 2014

The reason comping is so addictive is that you never know what is round the corner. The beginning of June was very quiet, and I was starting to lose my comping mojo a little. After a much needed break, I used the ThePrizeFinder's tips to get some motivation back and tried to shake things up a bit.
It seems to have worked, as the end of June has made this one of my best months. A £200 John Lewis Voucher, a Canon Camera, 2 x £50 restaurant vouchers, a family day for the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, £100 Westfield Shopping voucher, and various smaller wins have restored my faith ploughing through the lean times!

And I'm making so many new friends too through this hobby, getting to know so many lovely people that always put a smile on my face, that it makes all the effort worthwhile when things are slow!

Waiting for a surprise!
By Vicky Easton on Tue, 24 Jun 2014

Won twice this month after a long dry spell!
I won a package of goodies that include champagne, chocolates, bath goodies and a year's subscription to Vogue. I was really happy!
Then I had a message from Twitter - I have won a BBQ! I have no idea if this is a £10 disposable one or a more expensive gas BBQ - Looking out for the postie every day now!!
Thank you ThePrizeFinder for helping me "find" these prizes!!

I kicked, I won!
By Hayley D on Tue, 24 Jun 2014

Had a slow start to the year with my wins. When I don't get a nice or big win for a while, I feel very down and almost to the point of giving up.

I was entering my usual dailies when I saw a mobile only one called 'Kick to Win'. I had forgotten to play it the past few days after not winning on my first go.

I started playing, and I got the ball into the goal, as I clicked to see my prize (thinking it was a voucher for a coke) imagine my shock when up popped a picture of a PS Vita!

I screamed and entered my details in before I could forget!

My prize is turning up this week to my local store, I cannot wait to play!

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