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A win at last - even though I cant use it!
By michelle k on Fri, 12 Jun 2015

Ive had my first win in months. It was a runner up prize in Heart FM competition and im absolutely thrilled because it was my first photographic win (albeit runner up). We had to take a picture of some food which was different and I took a picture of a dish I had in Cambodia which was different fresh vibrant and presented nicely. It was chickpeas with cucumber and tomato which sounds boring but it looked so pretty on the plate. The first prize was £500 and a gourmet meal for 4 but I won a BBQ and 6 sauces. The sauces haven't arrived yet but the BBQ is large and I cant use it as I don't have a garden and ive got no space in my flat for it!!!! Anyway, its intact in its box so the shop it came from said they will give me a credit note. It was £40 so that's nice.

Hiking Shoes
By Samantha McDonough on Fri, 12 Jun 2015

Over the summer I like to spend lots of days taking my nephews out - and at aged 5 and 3 I need to be on my toes. Luckily I've just won a pair of Merrell hiking shoes, which should help with all the running around. I won them on the Ellis Brigham website and they came really quickly - they are so light I thought the box was empty. Now I cannot wait for our summer adventures to start.

A win a month
By Gemma Hendry on Fri, 12 Jun 2015

New to entering competitions, it all started when my fiancé n I won tickets to wwe in London a couple of months ago, since then I have applied for loads and I have now won a spy experience in London and money off coupon as a runner up for clothing so very lucky

2x pair of Woodmy designer sunglasses
By Jamie Glover on Fri, 12 Jun 2015

I finally managed to get a win in the form of a couple of pairs of lovely sunglasses. They are quite unusual looking in that they are made of wood which seems to be the new trend going about. The win came just in time as I was getting disillusioned with the whole comping thing as I hadn't won in ages, it was also just in time as I needed new shades for the summer, and the good weather has finally arrived.

Another £500 clothes win
By Rachel Stephenson on Thu, 11 Jun 2015

Last week I received an e-mail saying I was the lucky winner of a £500 pounds e-gift card to spend with Free People! amazing I have now placed my order and can't wait for it to arrive, took me ages to decided what I wanted. A couple of years ago I won £500 to spend at Barbour. Without the Prize finder this would have never have happened. Thank you and everyone one of us that love this past time!

Happy 3 year compper :D

Double win!
By Sara Friend on Wed, 10 Jun 2015

As a primary school teacher, I always like to win prizes for me and for my class/school. Well, this month I have won a Russell Hobbs mini oven and blender for my school which will be brilliant for doing cookery with the children (and gets me in the head's good books!). I also won two copies of 'Wonder' (which is a brilliant book by the way), one for me and one for a pupil I nominated for a Kindness award in a competition. So I am very happy and it is only the 9th June. Who knows what else might arrive in the post!

First win!
By Dawn Gould on Tue, 09 Jun 2015

I started comping in the new year and have been using prizefinder daily to try to track down that elusive first win. I finally received it today! A big box arrived with a years supply of tea, a bumper bundle of tea selections and Tetley tea goodies! All courtesy of a Puzzler competition. My husband was very impressed :-)

Putting smile on my little one's face
By Oli Marshall on Sat, 06 Jun 2015

Two days ago I walked in to my home to find a big box sitting in my porch. It was even more puzzling when my daughter read her name on it. As it happens, her nanny and granddad were with us when we opened the box to discover this fantastic prize that my daughter has been talking about forever! She screamed out of joy and it all ended up with hugs, jumping up and down; it was just one big pandemonium :)! The prize was of course fantastic, but seeing my little girl's face lit with joy... priceless. Thank you ThePrizeFinder.

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