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New comper
By Sonia Reynolds on Tue, 24 Jun 2014

I have only been doing competitions since May and I was sceptical at first but I have to say I was proved wrong and since winning I am a super fan of competitions and now I am hooked and keep entering every day. So far I have won a large jar of vanilla cup cake candle, a spice mix, magnets with personalised pictures for my fridge, a bag, a garden tool box and my biggest win today 23/6/14 is £150 purple watch made by pocket. I'm a very happy lady.

Year To date
By Ian Barnes on Mon, 23 Jun 2014

2014-06-11 Givenchy Gentlemen Only [House of Fraser] £ 47.50
2014-06-03 X-men goodies [Showcase cinemas] £ 10.00
2014-05-09 world cup sticker album [continental Tyres] £ 3.00
2014-05-09 world cup stiker chart [continental Tyres] £ 5.00
2014-04-26 Mini World Cup Ball [continental Tyres] £ 10.00
2014-04-28 Adidas NEO gear (Pictured) [Heat World] £ 380.00
2014-03-26 World Cup Ball [continental Tyres] £ 20.00
2014-03-13 World Cup Keyring [Continental Tyres] £ 2.00
2014-02-02 Robocop Goodies Horror [Cult Films £ 10.00]
2014-02-02 Justin and the Knights of ... [Disney £ 10.00]

Comping Couple
By Jamie Radford on Mon, 23 Jun 2014

I've seen my wife win many things through comping over the last few years, so I thought it was about time I gave it a crack. We are fast becoming a comping couple with anything she can win I can win better (well or just as good)! It all started with a win from Glorious Foods, one week Di won a £25 voucher and then the following week I did too for our food puns. Next we made "Devilish Hot Dogs" for Casillero del Diablo winning 2 x £250 Weber BBQs plus tools, 2 x 6 Bottles of wine, 2 x wine glasses and 2 x aprons. Finally we both each won Walls goth onesies for our "songs for Breakfast competition". It's nice to share the wealth - dishing out wine to family and the other BBQ to friends for a fancy wedding pressie!
It's a fun hobby for us both now. We love coming up with ideas together for captions, photos and food creations. We are now a "comping couple."

Finally, a break!
By Sara Friend on Mon, 23 Jun 2014

I have been comping for over 10 years and love it. 2010 was a particularly good year with holidays, an iPad etc. This year has been rather sparse on wins until this month when I received an email telling me that I have won a two night break at the Grand Hotel in Brighton (where Margaret Thatcher was bombed apparently!). Really looking forward to getting away for my birthday with my husband! As I haven't gone yet, I have uploaded a photo of what I did when I celebrated my win :)

Volcanic Rock For My Garden
By Andy Kadir-Buxton on Sun, 22 Jun 2014

The soil quality of my garden is not the best, and my wife's herb garden is a failure every year. I have tried various treatments to improve the soil but they seemed to make very little difference. So it was a nice surprise when I won, not one bag of ground volcanic rock, but two; in two separate competitions. I had so much of the stuff that I could also treat my fruit bushes, with some left for my trees. It takes a few weeks to work, but is full of all the nutrients that plants thrive on. I might get green fingers at last.

A timely prize
By Daniel Reid on Sat, 21 Jun 2014

As a regular comper I know how frustrating it is when a few months pass with no luck at all and this is how this year had been for me.

I came home this week to a missed delivery and went to pick it up knowing I hadn't ordered anything and lo and behold I had won a £200 Sorted kitchen set given away by Good Homes magazine. It's so funny because I had thrown a couple of my pans out over the last few weeks because they were past their best and now I don't have to spend any money replacing them!

Keep comping even if you aren't winning because you never know how far away the next win could be and anyway why would you stop when it's so easy thanks to PrizeFinder!!

I had given up!!
By Angy Pangy on Wed, 18 Jun 2014

I started out with ThePrizeFinder almost a year ago now and didn't get any wins for the first few months, then just one week apart I won a James Martin cookbook and free ice cream from Mackies and then a totes umbrella through a Facebook competition. That was back in February this year and it gave me some enthusiasm to continue so I entered loads of comps every single night.

Recently I started to feel like my luck had already run out and became less enthusiastic and haven't entered anything for about a week now. Then today it all changed, I casually checked my email to discover I have just won £2,000 through Virgin Active. I cant believe my luck and am absolutely delighted. It's good to know the nights spent comping have paid off and will certainly be keeping going now, who knows what I could win next??

Baby Wins!
By Stacey Le Page on Mon, 16 Jun 2014

There is nothing like a win that is relevant to you at the time so I was so happy this month with just two weeks to go until my imminent arrival to win two baby competitions. The first was some NUK teething products which I am sure will come in handy. The second larger prize was a Storksak Leather baby change bag worth £200!!! I would never buy anything so extravagent but LOVE it so much. I can't wait to waltz around pretending to be a yummy mummy! What was funny is there was no winners letter and my husband had just thought I had been spending. Needless to say my second hand baby change bag will now be relegated to the back of the cupboard!

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