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A monster win (sort of)
By Natalie Hurst on Mon, 01 Dec 2014

I joined ThePrizeFinder about 6 months ago and spent a week entering a few competitions but quickly lost interest. I decided to try again a couple of weeks ago having been spurred on by a colleague who regularly enters and wins competitions including about 4 holidays/weekend breaks in the last few months. I was however surprised when 2 days after I starting entering again I won a facebook competition to win a Dr Who book. It literally took seconds to enter and all I had to do was the like the page and say which was my favourite Dr Who monster. The win came just at the right time as I was about to buy something similar for my Dr Who mad daughter's birthday which is in a couple of weeks. Although it's only a small prize, it has spurred me on into giving comping a proper chance this time.

Won my Name in Lights! ( sort of)
By greig spencer on Mon, 01 Dec 2014

A few weeks ago I was told I was one of the lucky winners of the co-op/coke competition where you had to txt to win a prize!

The prize was your own name or names printed on Coca Cola bottles!!!

Now my name is very unique and its hard to find ANYWHERE as it is spelt differently!

This was a fab thing to win for me and I won 6 bottles of each of our names as you can see in the picture!

Love my hobby and good luck in the advents peeps!

Santa Came Early!
By Natalie Crossan on Sun, 30 Nov 2014

My month had been... well, pretty slow! I have been winning still but I usually always have a "big win" which hadn't seem to come. Up until last week, I thought my biggest win was going to be the sunglasses I won, RRP £100. Still a really brilliant win and I'm really pleased as I never buy that sort of thing for myself but in recent months I'd tended to have a whopper around halfway through the month...

Then whilst sat at my desk on Friday at work, the phone rings! A courier with 3 huge boxes asking if he could leave the parcels somewhere safe. I knew it'd be a prize! And a whopper of a prize it was. As pictured, a huge bundle of Fisher Price toys - all now stashed away for Christmas for my daughter (3 years old) and other friends children who are younger and can really appreciate them.

I've estimated the toy bundle to be around £250 and I'm mega chuffed with that. Nobody left a note so no idea where the toys came from, wherever they came from though... thank you! :D

A case of fizz for Christmas!
By Sparklyblue on Sun, 30 Nov 2014

I haven't won very much this year, but I'm sure my luck must be about to change in the run up to Xmas! I was really pleased last week to receive a message from Lambrini on Twitter to say I had won a case of lambrini in any flavour I would like from their range. I chose the peach flavour and it arrived earlier this week and is delicious!

It may not be the biggest of prizes but it is the little wins that always keep me going, and are little treats to myself that I wouldn't otherwise have. It will be perfect for sipping on as a wrap my Xmas presents and decorate the tree and of course enter lots of advent competitions!!

Golf at the Celtic Manor
By Veronica Horman on Sun, 30 Nov 2014

I might not be as much of a golf addict as my husband but I do enjoy a game of golf when the weather is fine. Most of all I enjoy sitting in the fresh air being treated like royalty, while some excellent golf is played in front of me. It was a short life competition where the winner would get phoned on the Thursday and had to be free the following weekend. I could not believe my luck when phoned as I had always fancied staying at the Celtic Manor. We arrived early and were given a lift from the hotel car park to the hospitality suite where breakfast was being served. A gentle stroll on to the terrace and we waited in comfort for the players to start arriving on the 18 th green in front of us. Staff came round with Pimms, the players were all on form - we watched in amazement, a superb lunch was followed by more golf. A night in the hotel followed by breakfast really rounded off the weekend. I felt refreshed and could not believe we had only been there for 24 hours. Priceless.

Finally won - delicious meal for 2 in top restaurant
By Gemma McCombe on Sun, 30 Nov 2014

After entering competitions for about a year I finally received an email to tell me I was the winner of a meal for 2 in a top restaurant in London thanks to Hot Dinners.

The meal was three courses and we got a bottle of wine and a cocktail each. The restaurant was amazing, great atmosphere fantastic service and delicious food. It was a fantastic treat for me and my husband and a great way for us to celebrate his birthday in somewhere we wouldn't normally be able to afford to go.

Baking Days Ahead!
By Nickyh173 on Sun, 30 Nov 2014

Been comping for a few years now, and have won a few small things which keep the kids busy. But this was one prize that topped the rest as there was something for everyone. And they are certainly going to enjoy having fun as an activity that all the family can do.

Well, what a lovely surprise for the kids...when the delivery man knocked on the door and delivered a huge box! After ripping into the cardboard, tearing off the bubble wrap, and opening the beautiful wicker basket - they discovered a hamper of wonderful baking goodies. Many tubs of decorations, several sets of baking sets, some moldable icing, packets of flour, and

So now the kids can't wait for the Christmas holidays as they want to get baking. Shall we make the gingerbread cookies, or the chocolate gateau first? But many thanks to the Co-operative website for this prize which we are all going to enjoy :)

Chocolat Heaven
By Crystals1 on Sun, 30 Nov 2014

I hadn't won anything for ages and got a bit disheartened with entering hundreds of comps daily to receive nothing. I had a break for a few months then on a lazy Sunday morning I saw a comp pop up for Hotel Chocolat in the Sunday Times, one prize an hour, a selection of chocolate goodies and a £250.00 gift card to spend online or in store at Hotel Chocolat. So I entered and guess what, I won!!!. The parcel was delivered whilst I was on holiday, what a lovely welcoming home gift. Of course I am now back comping away!!

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