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Merry Christmas to me
By Carina Edwards on Sun, 12 Jan 2014

It was Christmas Eve and there was a knock at the door. My husband went to open it and when he returned he had a rather large parcel in his hands. It was addressed to me but I hadn't ordered anything so I was rather excited when I opened it. I had every right to be because I had just won £300 worth of Paul Mitchell hair products. What a fantastic Christmas present, especially as I don't receive presents very often. This would have been quite enough but a few days later I was reading through my email and found the email from Grazia regarding the prize. I had won the top prize and had also won a haircut/colour in the Headmasters flagship salon in Mayfair. Merry Christmas to me :)

By Rebecca Nisbet on Fri, 10 Jan 2014

You know when you enter those competitions knowing you won't win it, well I did that but I won it! It was a Rafflecopter competition for a £350 bangle! I would never spend that much on a bangle and it isn't that bad either! Now all I need is to find an excuse to wear it! Happy new year everyone.

Amazing start to 2014!
By Caroline Clarke on Fri, 10 Jan 2014

I have been entering competitions like crazy and managed to enter 300+ comps a day all throughout December, on top of advents! December was amazing but January has started off even better! On 2nd January I won a £150 Monsoon gift card. On 3rd January I won a £100 spa voucher and 8 tubs of lovetub sticky toffee pudding! Also on the 3rd of January, I won the Ultimate LG Gadgets in the Wuaki Christmas countdown. I am still awaiting to here of the exact details but it contains a 55" LG SmartTV, 3D Home Cinema System, G2 Smartphone, and G Pad Tablet! Then, on 7th January I won 5 tickets to a Chloe Howl gig in London plus a Nokia Lumia 625, Nokia Purity stereo headset by Monster, and JBL Playup Portable speakers. Also on 7th January, I won a £200 Virgin Experience Days gift card! The best start and most amazing first week of 2014! Good luck everyone!

A good few months
By Kirsty Partridge on Thu, 09 Jan 2014

At the start of October I received an unexpected parcel which turned out to be a set of Olly the Little White Van Die Cast toys from Corgi. Then a couple of days later another unexpected parcel (a rather large one) was a Fisher Price Newborn to Toddler Rocker worth £64.99. Then I won a Derwent Academy Tame & Wild Drawing Tin and a Sennelier Watercolour Box, some personalised Walkers Crisps. Then came the start of December and I won a 72 Tin of Artbar with accessories on the Derwent Facebook page, then a Derwent Academy A5 Black paper pad and a Derwent A5 Sketch pad, a Box of After Eight Mints and then last but not least, a case of Dorset Cereals porridge. No wins so far this year but I'm keeping my Fingers Crossed. Good Luck everybody :) Countries Unluckiest Person
By Gary Gemmell on Thu, 09 Jan 2014

I had an inkling my story might win as my nickname in my last few jobs have been ranging from "the jonah" to "dis-gazter" - suffice to say I was delighted at my first big win of an iPad Mini. I won a waste disposal earlier in 2013, I also won the Aldi barbecue and a £100 free shopping competition and a few minor ones like Toothbrushes and some food wins!

I've been comping since Compers Weekly first came out over 20 years ago and haven't really ever won anything big yet.

My eye is set on a car really (anything will do, even a Robin Reliant would suffice) as I lost my job a year ago and have to walk everywhere with my disability, and getting older is not going so well so I've recently taken up the website you see usually at airports, "Best Of The Best", where you can win a sports car or Range Rover etc by playing spot the ball. Being a computer engineer, I use my computer to analyse the picture and eyes of the footballers etc to plan where the ball is - almost won with my first try!!

I enter probably about 1000 competitions a month - sad I know but it passes the time whilst waiting for my giro!

A win everyday In January so far!
By Carrie Talbot-Ashby on Wed, 08 Jan 2014

So far I've been lucky
whilst comping this year
I've done really well
as you will soon hear!
Its been a tough month
we've been really broke,
so when we heard we'd won
we thought it a joke!
First on the Bingo
a £400 win!
The next from Honey Monster
made from stuff out of the bin!
Then a great big chocolate haul
not really needed
but when I saw how much well,
I kinda conceded!
But my favourite so far,
is the huge bouncy castle
I can't wait to see the
hugeness of this parcel!
Today I have won
from Bunches, some flowers!
So beautiful I could just
look at them for hours!
I have also won books, a Boost and some pens,
right, I think I'm off to do some more comping again!
So thank you Prize finder, for the prizes you found,
Us compers are all so glad you're around!

Clothes show win!
By Emily on Wed, 08 Jan 2014

Having only entered 10 competitions, I received an email saying I had won two tickets to the Birmingham NEC clothes show. I had an absolutely fantastic time and spent a lot of money but it has given me the urge to enter more competitions since then. I had a fantastic day, met some amazing celebrity's such as Kirk Norton, TOWIE stars and had my make up done as shown in my photo. The whole experience was amazing. Thank you. xx

3rd January 2014 - my first win of the year
By Heather Cain on Mon, 06 Jan 2014

The first and second of January came and went and I didn't win despite having entered loads of competitions on and Facebook and Twitter.

I was checking my emails constantly (a terrible addiction) and there were no WEMs. So I had a look at the junk inbox and there was a CONGRATULATIONS so I got all excited and opened it to find it was one of those where it says you MAY be a winner if you enter these competitions! lol

Then I saw another one but didn't get my hopes up because of the last one.

I have to say that even when I read it, I wasn't convinced it was a real email so I went to check out the blog address (which I entered through and YAY its real!! It's my first rafflecopter win so I am dead excited about that and now know that it is worth doing despite all the hard work some of them are.

And what a win it is! It's worth around £100 when I add it up! Its a group of bloggers who have all put in a prize each so there are some really lovely prizes in there.

So thank you and thank you Jades blog too for my wonderful first (and only so far) win of 2014.

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