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What a month
By Rosie Holloway on Mon, 20 Apr 2015

April, so far, has been my best month for prizes. I won a personalised painting from Bella's Beautiful Makes, £50 voucher from Sew and So and £50 voucher from Brantano shoes. However, my best win has to be £150 voucher from Wigwam holidays which has meant me and my family get to try our first glamping experience for 2 days in the Summer. Can't wait.

Best month this year
By Kiran Parry on Mon, 20 Apr 2015

This month as been a superb month for me. January was a bad month, February got better and then March I had some nice wins but April as been kind to me.

Here is a list of my prizes so far.

Book - Goodreads
Book - Goodreads
Book -Goodreads
Life, love and the archers book - Hodder books
Notebook - Web
71 - DVD -Film juice (Email)
Free fish and chips - local fish shop (TW)
Voucher - Facebook
Pendant - Facebook
Book - Goodreads
Tuna snack - web
Personalised phone case - Twitter
2 key rings - Facebook
Chocolate - Facebook
Surprise - Facebook
Skincare - Instagram
Chocolate car - Twitter
Oxo prize - Facebook
Seeds - Web
Book - Goodreads
6 passes - web
Broadchurch DVD - Web
100 Tesco club card points - Web
Vanilla table - Rafflecopter
Spray - Instagram
Book - Goodreads
Book - Goodreads
Vosene - Facebook
Sweet jar - Facebook
Dr Pepper - Twitter
£25 Amazon voucher - Facebook
Box of chocolates - Instagram
USB pen - Twitter
Book - Goodreads
Total - £900
No - 34

As you can see from above that there is a mix of where I have won my prizes from this month but most of my prizes have come from Facebook and Goodreads. Even though I haven't had a very big win this month I have had some nice wins which include a jar filled with retro sweets, £25 Amazon voucher, box of chocolate, £50 voucher and a few DVDS. I also came across a Twitter rt comp for my local chip shop. I found this on ninja win but it still only got 27 entries so a good chance of winning. I have also started doing Instagram comps this year and have already had six wins from there so it is sometimes worth doing something different.

Create, email, tweet, repeat!
By Aoao on Wed, 22 Apr 2015

You've got to be in it to win it!..... That's my new mantra! So whether it's a creative competition, email prize draw or a simple retweet, I know that if I don't enter then I'm not in with a chance. So I love the variety of competition entries on the and the easy to use menu and listings. I'm into my second year of comping and discovering new ways to enjoy this great hobby everyday thanks to this site. Recent wins have included health and fitness goodies and show tickets which have all been on my wish list of prizes to win.

Winning and Loving It
By Ellie Spider on Wed, 22 Apr 2015

Hi guys, back at the end of November last year I decided to give comping a go. Since then I have had lots of wins some big and some small. Using the site daily I enter loads of comps and I am winning 2-3 prizes a week which is fab - lots of the prizes I have given away to family and friends and its a great feeling to be able to do this. I have read through the various blog posts and following the advice to keep it local I have entered lots of local comps. This month I won a lovely Easter Hamper from my local Garden Centre which was fantastic as I could give parts of it to my family for easter gifts. I also won a gift voucher to a local optician and got myself some amazing new glasses. I'm really enjoying my new hobby and now look forward to checking my e-mails and post! Thanks for all your hardwork.

An Alpine Ski Adventure
By Laura Vitty on Wed, 22 Apr 2015

This month, some friends and I enjoyed the best prize I've won to date - a week long ski holiday for 4 people in the Serre Chevalier Vallee resort in the French Alps.

The competition was with Ski Club of GB and included accommodation and ski lift passes for 4 people, worth over £1,500! I won this back in November but took the holiday over the Easter break.

The resort was lovely, we spent each morning on the slopes and the afternoons exploring the local area. The local people were really welcoming and we had a brilliant time. We found a lovely artisan gelato place and a superb creperie. In fact… the whole week revolved mostly around sampling the superb regional foods for me! Tartiflette is something I think I now need to master in the kitchen.

I had never been skiing before, so this was one of the many new experiences that comping has given me. I would never have taken the risk in spending so much money on a ski holiday to find out that I perhaps didn't like skiing… turns out, I do enjoy it and would very much like to go again!

Good luck everyone, I love reading all of your winning stories :) x

A Few Treats
By Jessica Powell on Tue, 14 Apr 2015

I had a quite a few small wins last month which have really kept me going, such as a t-shirt, a Seascape shower gel set, and a funky designer jumper from Kopparberg and Leutton Postle. I've also won a few books from Goodreads and a DVD of the TV shows Babylon which we kept meaning to watch. Pictured is a facebook win from Organix, the baby food company. The tin is so cute and is now home to a collection of crayons and colouring pencils! I love that my hobby can provide the whole family with an occasional treat.

A Win In My First Week!
By Sarah on Mon, 13 Apr 2015

I just started putting time into entering competitions last week and I've had my first win already!

I thought I'd give comping a go because I've been stuck at home ill and it's a fun (and free) hobby. So far getting that you've won email is such a high! I think this is the start of a lifelong hobby for me.

I can't wait to use my party set from Feather Grey via a blog comp. Thank you Prize Finder for all your hard work that makes it so easy for all of us to enter competitions, and win!

By Kirsty Connell on Mon, 13 Apr 2015

I have always entered radio competitions and been very lucky, I have won an i-pad mini, tickets to concerts, pantos etc, holidays, cash and vouchers. My family and friends always use the phrase "if you fell in a puddle of $#&%*, you would come out smelling of roses". After reading magazines and Prize finder blogs I have been very dubious, but enjoy the thrill of entering and anticipation of receiving a winning e-mail. I have been using Prize Finder for around a month now, it is early days, but I am hopeful in my 450 entries into various comps. I love the way your site is laid out, you know what you have entered and can ignore ones which are pointless entering due to location. So fingers crossed that in the next few months I am writing on your blog again telling you all about my win. Thanks Prize Finder, I love it.

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