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Winning what you need is sweet!
By Rachael on Mon, 30 Mar 2015

This month I won one amazing prize. Not entering many comps at all these days due to being back at work full time and having a little one to look after in my spare time, but I am hugely focused on what I am entering.

I needed a cotbed, these don't come up often unlike the KitchenAid mixer type comps, so this possibly wasn't going to happen unless I won vouchers to spend on one. Alas!

Mamas and papas ran a competition across instagram and Twitter, which required a copy of the catalogue to take a photo of the items you wanted to win, you could enter to win all 16, but I only wanted the cot bed so just did that one...and I won!

Best of all it was the 3 piece set with matching changing table and wardrobe too! Amazing!

So grateful! It's going to look stunning in my little ones first nursery!

Wow what a win!
By Kate on Mon, 30 Mar 2015

I joined the prize finder in June of last year. I was beginning to give up hope of winning anything as it had seemed I had been comping for months yet to my surprise after Christmas the prizes just started rolling in.
My best win so far was an I phone 6 plus from a lucozade and Ribena Competition I had entered; I wasn't notified it just turned up in the post a few weeks a go. I was having a rotten week so it made my day to discover I had won.
I have won some other little prizes such as some cowshed body scrub, a discovery rucksack, some moisturiser and a chocolate organic star. I am so glad that I found the prize finder it gives us all the opportunity to win great prizes at the click of a button.

Don't give up entering these comps it will eventually pay off. I am off now to enter some more! :)

Good luck Everyone!

By greig spencer on Mon, 30 Mar 2015

I love my hobby and ive ahd soem fantastic wins over the years, and some weird ones too

But the one i won the other month was weird and wonderfull in one!
I won a huge bottle of heinz ketchup! its so big it will take me ages to use , but i love this stuff so im a very happy comper lol

god luck in your comps guys and fingers crossed

Say "Cheese!"
By Jessica Threlkeld on Mon, 30 Mar 2015

This month I entered the VisionDirect #blinkwinkthink Mother’s Day Competition on Facebook and Twitter. It was a photo competition. I took a quick selfie with my toddler daughter and it just so happened to be the one they were looking for. Not only did I win a huge bunch of flowers and scrummy bottle of Laurent-Perrier Champagne from Interflora (worth £99), but the photo itself has a lot of meaning too. I took it whilst my mum was visiting from Africa and I remember the day clearly. Knowing that she was in my house at the time makes for a happy memory. I had a wonderful Mother’s Day - spoilt rotten with cards, candles and FREE flowers. My husband was quite impressed at the saved expense. The flowers have now sadly died, but my bottle of champagne is being saved for a special day - perhaps for the next win!

Great First Winning Month using Prizefinder
By Kathy Wilkinson on Mon, 30 Mar 2015

I have entered many local competitions over the years and enjoyed winning some lovely prizes for my family, mainly days out, cinema tickets and rugby tickets.
I decided to take my comping to the next level at the beginning of March 2015 and came across the Prizefinder site which has made entering comps so easy to do and I find myself getting quite addicted!!
I am pleased to say that I have won four lovely prizes this month, and fingers crossed that there are many more to come.

Tickets to the Essence of Ireland Show (So Glos)
Kids Rugby books (Primary Times)
Family ticket to Extreme Stunt show (Mumsnet)
Mothers Day Goody Bag and Flowers from the local shopping centre ( Kings Walk Shopping Centre/ So Glos)
This was an amazing prize of flowers, teddies,candles, chocolates and perfume. I was able to share the gift between my Mum, Mother-in-law, myself and my daughter.T.
The men in the family were happy to share the chocolates!!
It was a wonderful prize to win and made for a lovely Mother's Day.

Thanks Prizefinder x

Desired prize
By Clara on Mon, 30 Mar 2015

When it comes to my comping, I didn't have a good March....or February in that matter; then, yesterday, it all changed. I was in the middle of decorating our home for my husband's birthday when I got an e-mail from Onken that I've won a KitchenAid blender and Joseph Joseph goodies! Wow, I'm so pleased with this prize, as I've really wanted a good quality blender (started to make smoothies lately and our cheap blender can't even prepare a strawberry one) - and it's always such a great feeling when you win something off your wish list! Not to mention the other JJ goodies. A few days ago hubby said that all he really wanted for his birthday is sharp knifes...and guess what, a brilliant set is included in the prize. Couldn't be happier and it's just the kind of boost I needed.

beginners luck
By Melanie on Mon, 30 Mar 2015

I started entering online about 2 months ago. I love entering the creative ones especially.

On the 6th day of entering online I won a holiday of my choice by entering a photo of the most romantic holiday picture. I was over the moon when I won it. Weve chosen to go Venice in July.

I also won 100 free Instagram prints from entering a spring photo through Instagram.

I will defiantly be keeping an eye out for more photo competitions. However I have also been lucky enough to to win tickets to the BBC Good Food show at the NEC and Knitting and Hobby craft tickets at the yes I feel very lucky :) I will continue to enter more competitions.

Baby wins
By Louise Overington on Mon, 30 Mar 2015

I began using the prize finder in March just after I found out I was expecting. So using Prize Finders advice I only entered comps I wanted to win so focused on baby related times. I had the odd win here and there including a monthly subscription of items for each month of my pregnancy. I began to comp even harder come Decemebr when my baby was born. I even won my baby change bag which I love from an advent. This year has been great and I had my biggest win a Rangemaster cooker from a Facebook competiton celebrating the company making their millionth cooker. Could not believe it. Comping is so exciting and my friend and family have started too!!!

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