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London Eye Win
By Laura Walker on Tue, 10 Jun 2014

I recently managed to use a heart radio prize I won towards the end of last year, I won attraction tickets together with a £100.00 towards travel, I used the £100.00 on train tickets to London and chose tickets to the London Eye. I love comping! I have had a few small wins still holding out for the big one but reading stories on here keeps me going!

Pretty in pink
By Alex Wenham on Fri, 06 Jun 2014

I was having a dry spell like you do when I was tagged by a friend that I had won a bottle of Gallo pink moscato.
I was over the moon as this is my favourite new BBQ must have after sampling it last weekend.

It arrived today and a gorgeous pink box with a personalised label which made it even more special.

By Mel Temple on Fri, 06 Jun 2014

Couldn't believe it when a parcel arrived. I gave it a good feel and had to think long and hard to remember if I had ordered anything recently before I allowed myself to get excited. No, I hadn't ordered anything and the feel of the parcel was unusual, so it was great to open and see a Hozelock hose, a fancy one you can wind up and everything:) It's great to win and will enter more comps with gusto, thanks Prizefinder and thanks to Telegraph media group for the comp.

Finally I may get on the winning wall..
By Karen Wellman on Fri, 06 Jun 2014

I never count how many comps I go in for, I just like wondering what if I won? Dreaming may be one day. My wins... The Millers on DVD, Walking with Dinosaurs movie goodies .. and I became a fan Ambassador for Maeve Binchy and won a copy of Chestnut Street and 5 copies of a Week in Winter to share with friends, which was the best part to share, to put a smile on someone's face like it did mine when I won them. And I am going to put that I became a fan Ambassador on my CV lol..

New York and Premiere Win!
By Pam Manley on Thu, 05 Jun 2014

I recently entered a comp on the last day for entries. The next morning I had a phone call to say I'd won two places at the premiere of Tom Cruise film Edge of Tomorrow.
We were to travel to London, stay at Trafalgar hotel, next morning go to the premiere, then straight to the airport to fly to premier in New York. We then had 4 days stay at The Hudson, very trendy hotel!

We travelled to and from the airports by limo. Have been back for a couple of days now but it still feels so unreal!

The photo is of the hotel we stayed at in New York. It would not have been on our wish list of places to visit but we really enjoyed our trip.

A Lucky May
By Kim Plant on Wed, 04 Jun 2014

Well may was a very very good month of wins. I won 27 competitions. I can't say there was a massive ITV win in there but lots of lovely well wanted wins like chocolate hampers, tickets to shows, makeup,shoes, perfume and many many more prizes. I'm hoping to have a very good June but with the kids just going back to school I have sadly fell behind on ThePrizeFinder but am now trying to catch up again, missed 100's of the ending of the month competitions, but who knows, just 1 big ITV win all month will do me!

Fabulous prizes
By Eva Vida on Mon, 02 Jun 2014

I started to enter into the competitions last year. I do them every day and hoping to win something always. I've been quite lucky to win small gifts, so I can't complain. My last win was about 2 weeks ago when I got a 'congratulations' email and they asked my address to send out the prize. I didn't even know what I've won because I've entered into so many competitions, that I forgot. My prize arrived after a couple of days and they were two boxes full of dental hygiene items and a teddy bear,a mug and a bag. I was really happy. Thank you for helping me with the competitions.

Small Beginnings
By Riely Coleman on Sun, 01 Jun 2014

I only began entering competitions at the end of March 2014, and quickly stumbled upon Theprizefinder website through my searches. It became a fast favourite - storing a whole host of contests together in one very easy to use and navigate space.

I didn't win anything over my two or three days of comping in March, but did manage two small wins in April! First, I received a set of boxed Belvoir cordials from the Belvoir Fruit Farms website via the Lovely O'Clock game. And second, I won a 100ml Schwarzkopf OSIS SESSION Finish hairspray from LayeredOnline!

I haven't had a chance to enter very much in May at all, so I'm not expecting any (big, or otherwise) wins at all this month, but I did get an email a few days ago saying that I had won a set of Monster DNA headphones from John Lewis Electricals worth £170! They are due for delivery on Monday, and the news has inspired me all over again to find and make the time to get entering!

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