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Ellas Kitchen bundle!
By Mrs S Morris on Thu, 27 Nov 2014

I have been comping for a few years now and have been lucky enough to win all sorts of amazing prizes....all thanks to Prizefinder! however I was beginning to think my luck was fading after having quite a long drought on prizes! However, quite recently I was delighted to get a knock on the door to be greeted with a huge box full of Ellas kitchen goodies including pouches and two cookbooks - perfect for our baby daughter Lola! My faith in competitions has been newly restored and I'm back entering with a vengeance!

One Year WOW!
By Aoao on Wed, 26 Nov 2014

This week marks my first year comping all thanks to! Family, friends even the cats have enjoyed the joy of some of my wins which have included:

Cinema, show and foodie festival tickets
Bottle of whiskey
Gift vouchers
£200 bar tab
Cook book
Concert tickets
Fitness passes
Luxury chocolates
Bouquets of flowers
Wine tasting experience
Basketball tickets
Beauty products
Skype credits
Pizza Express vouchers
Pet treat box
Holiday vouchers
Fashion show tickets
Baby gift products
The list goes on......!!

I've had small wins - a pack of almonds! And bigger ones - flights to Athens! But they have all been wins all from entering online an hour or so a day. THANK YOU to all those who post the comp links and for the great comping community and stories. Advents are coming & this will be my first year of entering them...... So Good Luck ALL & keep comping :)

From the wonderful to the weird (but still wonderful)
By Heather Tinkler on Sun, 23 Nov 2014

I love winning things that I wouldn't normally treat myself to (or even think to get). Recently I won a competition for a skeleton bones morphsuit. I have seen morphuits before and they look great but they cost soo much I would never have thought to get one. I couldn't resist the urge to try it on when it came! Its soo quick and easy to put on and that's pretty much every Halloween costume ever sorted!

The win is all thanks to prizefinder and the ease of use of the website is great, as well as the ability to track what I entered. Sometimes I get things in the post and I have no idea who it is from. I search the prizefinder competitions (finished comps) to see find out who they are from.

I took a bit of a dip in entering and no surprise the prize tally plummeted but I'm getting back into the swing of things again and have lots of lovely prizes to be thankful for from DVD's and games to autographs and trainers. I even won a model steam train that has real smoke!

Thank you prizefider and good luck to everyone entering.. ps... CHRISTMAS ADVENTS (will be my first year of them)..

Comping highs...
By Jacquiann on Sun, 23 Nov 2014

My biggest and best win has to be a cheque for £1,000 just as we were moving home which helped sooo much!

I have won other items too a signed dart board, exclusive gift sets and beauty items, a few things for the kids but what I am really hoping for (like most of you) is the big holiday or cash prize!

I have decided to spend more of my free time comping and less watching TV shows! Good luck everyone!

Winner's Massage
By Lish2013 on Fri, 21 Nov 2014

I was going through the closing soon list and I saw a comp for a VIP Spa package worth over £200. Going through a dry spell, my subconscious said just enter it you won't win anyway. On my wishlist is to win Spa treats of any kind, so entered it along with the rest of you thought nothing about it.
Two days later had an email to say I was a winner!
Made my morning :).
Spa got in touch and arranged it all, when we got there (package was for 2 people), the spa was situated in a top notch Hotel I wish I had a prize to stay there too.
Was very tranquil and plush, the treatment was amazing and even though in writing it does say what treatments to expect, when put in to practice it's seems I received a lot more (not that I am complaining.) They offered nibbles and fresh water.. I recommend this Spa/Hotel to anyone who wish to go (Westminster Plaza/Mandara Spa).
Thanks Prizefinder :)

Huge TV win!
By Holly Goodyear on Thu, 20 Nov 2014

I have been comping on and off for around a year and never really won much but this month I have won a few good things! I got my first ever Twitter win which was the packet of Renshaw icing, £100 Amazon voucher from capital FM, a family swim pack with goggles etc worth around £100. The biggest win of all wasn't actually mine. My partner doesn't enter competitions and this is one of the first he had entered. He entered a one off competition on Mr Green where he deposited £20 and had one entry in to the draw. The max amount of entries was 20 each. The next day he had an email to say they had a special gift for him so we got in touch and waited for a phone call where he was told he was the winner of a Samsung 55 inch curve TV! It was due to be delivered on a Saturday and it didn't come so we had a little joke that maybe it was all a practical joke! Then it turned up on the Monday so we now have a brand new shiny TV. I even now have him signed up to ThePrizeFinder ;-)

Mum's first holiday abroad
By Julianne Joyce on Thu, 20 Nov 2014

I'd been entering competitions for months and not won anything, then one day I received an email to say I'd won 5 nights at the Carlton Ritz hotel in Singapore for two people. My mum, in her 50s had never shown any interest in going abroad, had never had a passport, and never stayed in a hotel, yet she seemed a bit put out when I was discussing who to take. I asked her if she wanted to come and she jumped at the chance. So, her first holiday abroad involved a 14 hour flight with champagne, tropical weather and a 5 star skyscraper hotel. We've been abroad together several times since, but I was worried that the budget holidays to Europe that I can afford wouldn't compare. Luckily she's caught the travel bug and doesn't mind. I've won a few small prizes since, but nothing so exciting!

Life's a picnic
By Hayley Knight on Wed, 19 Nov 2014

When I was getting ready for outings at the beginning of the summer I found our much used cool bag had been left in the shed and was mouldy. So we spent the summer eating warm sausage rolls, sweaty sandwiches and drinking juice at room temperature.

With a bit of time to spare during the August holidays I was able to enter more competitions than usual. So I entered a competition on gransnet that involved completing a short survey. I was thrilled to get an email from them telling me that I had won the third prize of a picnic cool bag. This arrived in a beautiful parcel and included 10 carton of juices from the "Cracker" company. The bag is a much better quality than I would have bought. So now we are looking forward to sunny days again when we will be out and about with cool food and drinks to refresh us!

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