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First Xmas Advent
By F Matthews on Sun, 28 Dec 2014

I have been doing competitions for a few years and never won a Christmas one until this month. It was via a Facebook one and found out very soon after entering by email that I had won. I was lucky enough to win a big box of posh crackers and biscuits. Perfect for visiting family, friends and us munching on, we've never tried them before and are very nice. Many thanks always to the Prizefinder the best comping website around and Happy New Year xx

Preparation Prevents Poor Performance...
By Laura Marshall on Sat, 27 Dec 2014

Well the last few months have been difficult for me to put any quality time in on the comping side and it's shown - I've not had many wins lately. I decided to try some of the advents instead...sadly I was not one of the lucky ones who won on the Charlotte Olympia instant but I did win on the Accessorize one...I won a lovely little purse! Unfortunately that was the highlight of December...

I did also win a magazine subscription with Diet Coke but just went to redeem and the code has now run out! Oh dear!

So my New Years Resolution is to be a bit more prepared for comping and hopefully glory awaits!

Keep up the good work compers, and thanks as always to The PrizeFinder for all the best tips!

my 2014 wins all thanks to prizefinder
By emma brown on Sat, 27 Dec 2014

After starting comping again in February 2014, I very quickly won 2 tickets to a film premiere, a new york winter's tale but was unable to attend due to work.It spurred me on. As a result,during the year I have won, 2 tickets to a premiership football match with sky sports, a signed novel by joanna trollope, with emma Bridgewater, a golf t-shirt, 2 tickets to the ladies golf open. The 4th August was a very lucky and exciting day, I won a gm cricket bat, another nove, 2 weeks use of a personal trainer, and an audi r8 driving experience all.I'm one day. There was a quiet spellandto but to round the year off £150 to spend at Seasalt, arriving on Christmas eve, all thanks to prizefinder :-)

A prize from Delia Smith!
By Carolyn Joyce on Wed, 24 Dec 2014

I have been in bed with a nasty dose of flu and so it was a lovely surprise yesterday afternoon when I checked my messages and had a "congratulations!" email from the Delia Smith website informing me I had won a digital thermapen (professional cooking thermometer) worth £57!
I was even more surprised when it arrived so quickly in the post this morning.
My win has spurred me on to keep going with my comping!

Trip to the hairdressers
By AnaGoncalves on Tue, 23 Dec 2014

I am very grateful for being a member of PrizeFinder because I have won some wonderful prizes in the past. I had just got back into comping this year and I entered a last minute competition and I won a trip to the hairdressers this past weekend which I was very chuffed about. I had been desiring to go to the hairdressers in a while so this made my day! Thank you PrizeFinder.

The December advents
By Kim Plant on Mon, 22 Dec 2014

Well this year is my 4th year of entering advents and normally I have a very good month for wins which normally includes at least 1 biggy normally worth around £200 but after a week of entering the only wins I was winning was a few prizes from November comps and although they were lovely prizes I was starting to wonder why I was entering all these advents daily and not winning 1 ... then it happened about 7 days in I won on the Charlotte Olympia instant win and won some £500 shoes. Then wins were coming in from lots of advents like a rc helicopter and an iPod shuffle but also still had wins from my normally non advent comps and one of my best wins this month was a email to say "CONGRATULATIONS YOU HAVE WON THE TECH BUNDLE WORTH £766". I couldn't believe it there was over 10,000 entries and I got picked :) I have received 1 box already but still waiting for a gaming bundle .... so this December my wins have come to nearly £1500 ... not a bad Xmas after all.

End of a lean spell...
By Rich Hill on Mon, 22 Dec 2014

I have had a really lean spell with no wins for at least 2 months. Then I won a brilliant Tactus iPad case for my wife & that seems to have broken the hex. Since then I've won two prizes for the dog and a toiletries set, all within a week! It just goes to show that you have to keep plugging away when the wins dry up!

A change from last year!
By James D on Sun, 21 Dec 2014

A change from last years 0 wins on the advent competitions. So far I've won:

- SENNHEISER Momentum M2 in-ear headphones that retail around £100.

- A pasta maker from Zizzi which my girlfriend and I have been wanting to get for a while.

- A pair of spiderweb earrings from Charlotte Olympia which my girlfriend loves.

- 50,000 Avios points to spend on theatre trip/hotel stays or flights. I might save them for flights to somewhere like Venice, which seem to cost only 30,000 points for two return tickets!

Good luck everyone!

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