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More March Wins
By Sarah Smith on Tue, 18 Mar 2014

Another two March wins so far this month. I won 4 tickets to the Sci-Fi weekender worth a total of £360. I then won £100 to spend at I got an email a week ago to say I have won a copy of a new book, and tonight a message to say I had won a bottle of Champagne.

One word to describe March - AWESOME!

Meeting the England rugby team topped them all
By Corina Cullen on Wed, 12 Mar 2014

I started comping in January this year. So far I have won a pair of theatre tickets, expensive organic skincare products, a bra, a beauty hamper, VIP tickets to a screening of ride along where we met Ice Cube and we also met other VIPs from Eastenders. The best prize I won was for my son to be a mascot for the England rugby match last weekend when they played Wales. It was priceless and we both got to meet all the players and my son had his photo taken, shirt and ball signed with most of the players too. It was an amazing day and I'm busy entering more as we speak. Thank you ThePrizeFinder, what a brilliant site.

After Eights Nescafe Dulce Gusto win
By Kay A on Tue, 11 Mar 2014

I was over the moon to receive an email informing me that I had won one of the Nescafe Dulce Gusto coffee machines they were giving away daily on their Facebook page. I sometimes get quite bored of entering daily competitions and never winning anything so I was really glad that my persistence finally paid off. It arrived really quickly too with a box of After Eights!

One For The Kids
By Mark Jack on Sun, 09 Mar 2014

I only started comping via ThePrizefinder in January. I've entered comps for anything that would benefit family and friends, all to no avail. Until this week.

What should arrive all nicely bundled and addressed to my youngest daughter but the complete series of Mysterious Cities of Gold on DVD. Quite a throwback to the eighties but I`m sure she'll have hours of fun. In fact it even seems to have caught the eye of my eldest son.

Thanks Prizefinder. Hopefully this will be the first of many wins.

By Erica Field on Sun, 09 Mar 2014

I've won 4 tickets to the sci-fi weekender event at the end of this month. The tickets are worth £360!
I might not know the difference between 'trek' and 'wars' but I will be #gettingmygeekon

I've also won tickets to the Creative Crafts show (twice!) as well as coffee and a bath book for toddlers.
I love comping. xxxx

Not Giving Up This ime
By Sarah Evans on Fri, 07 Mar 2014

I started comping in October and won my hubby a lovely coat with Very, but the prep for christmas soon took up all my spare time. Once things had calmed down I started again at the beginning of January and so far I have won:-
A valentines hamper full of goodies which the hubby enjoyed
A desert island dishes cookbook
A one month tastecard (everyone who entered got one i think)
Cloudy with a chance of meatballs DVD
...and my favorite so far is a BAFTA nominee goody bag stuffed to the brim with amazing prizes including designer makeup, a bottle of champagne and a night in a posh hotel. So this is it, now I'm never giving up comping again. It's such fun and you never know it could be you.

My Wins
By Sarah Smith on Fri, 07 Mar 2014

Hi Guys,

I started entering comps via prize finder in late 2013 and I won a few things -
A Handy Manny toy set and DVD from Disney,
A Hotel Transylvania DVD.
A Scotland rugby T-Shirt.
A Disney Teddy & Sippy Cup.
A cupcake maker machine, with measuring and mixing bowls, a small hamper of sauce mixes and a little chef apron and hat.

I stopped comping as I didn't have much free time but recently started again in Feb.

My first win was x4 Sci-Fi weekender tickets worth a total of £360. (Unfortunately I wont be able to go, due to appointments with my son's doctors, that I cant miss)

I then won £100 to spend on
I got to pick 20 items. So I split this win with my family and treated them all to 5 items each.

I have got my comping spirit back,

Fingers crossed for more wins in 2014 :)

Thank you ThePrizeFinder for running such an AWESOME website.

My First!
By Sarah Broady on Thu, 06 Mar 2014

Entering competitions over the past couple of months has become a fun little hobby, but with the thousands of other 'compers' out there, I didn't realistically expect to win anything.

But I have! I received an email today congratulating me on winning a £150 Amazon voucher - my first win! It absolutely made my day, and the timing couldn't be more perfect as my husband's birthday is in a couple of weeks and I'm thrilled to be able to buy him an extra special gift.

It's definitely spurred me on to keep entering competitions, and especially those that take a bit of extra effort, as there are likely to be fewer entries to compete with.

I'm looking forward to more wins in the future and being able to treat those I love with some of the spoils. Thank you, Prize Finder, for all you do!

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