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By Lish2013 on Mon, 28 Dec 2015 0 comments

My last win was in October. So it was kinda like a ghost town with a few tumbleweeds. Then came the advents thinking there would be hope of alot more winnings meaning xmas presents all round. How wrong was I.
One day I saw a notification saying 'congratulations', I didn't get my hopes up as it could have been one of those casino spam emails. Low and behold finally I had won and it was an advent win, a winter bird came in the silver Pandora form. I was so relieved as this was one panic over for me. Like many say now winning is becoming harder as alot more are jumping on the ban wagon but keep trying as the suprise emails, calls, letters and deliveries are a nice welcome! Good luck a happy winning and new year!

By Janine Laker on Mon, 28 Dec 2015 0 comments

I won a competition with the English Cheesecake Company for a After Dinner Mints cheesecake. I didn't quite anticipate the gigantic size of it - 15 inches!!! And it came frozen so I had a mission to try and cut it up as it wouldn't fit in my fridge to defrost! Needless to say I've probably got enough cheesecake to feed my entire village.

By Lindsey carter on Mon, 28 Dec 2015 0 comments

Three wins in December including one advent win which was a Twitter win including a set of doisy and dam organic chocolate, three scentered balms,and a full set of savse smoothies. Then I won a bundle of baby clothes from Lucy and Sam worth £67. I also won a years subscription to CBeebies and hey duggie magazines worth over £100. Love my wins this month bring on January.

By fiona cullen on Fri, 01 Jan 2016 0 comments

I had an amazing win with a2 milk competition where you had to send in a creative selfie with their milk-I won £100 Tesco voucher which I used to cover my Christmas food shop so that was lovely!I am also pictured with an outdoor blossom tree from Christmas trees and lights where I sent in a creative answer to their "Where's Santa" competition.Other wins this month are from Facebook with a box of Thornton's chocolates and a pizza voucher from Goodfellas.Also received 2 embossing rollers for cake making that will help with my baking hobby,so a really good comping month and heres to more exciting wins in 2016!

By Bec James on Mon, 28 Dec 2015 0 comments

I won this huge haul from rock and rags through the prize finder!!

It's amazing and the perfumes alone are £100s worth :) feel soo lucky

Also just had a wem to notify of a 3d blu ray player :) soooo exciting just need to win a 3d tele now ;)

Merry Christmas all and good luck :) xxx

By Louise Hutchings on Sat, 19 Dec 2015 0 comments

After taking a long break from comping I started again on December 1st just in time for advents.
I made sure I just entered things I really wanted but also that I didn't neglect the regular comps like blog entry ones as I thought I might stand a better chance with these while everyone else is busy doing advents.
I had 4 small wins on advents in the first couple of weeks, Lego, A book, A sim card pre loaded with £10 credit (That I'm going to use up on text comps)
Then I had a lovely blog win of a Dog Hamper. It was great as I really wanted to win stuff for my dog Rufus and its perfect for his Christmas Present.
All in all I'm really enjoying comping again and already have the comping bug back again.
Here's to the Prize finder for making it so simple and quick and here's to many more wins I hope.

By Janice Skelton on Sat, 19 Dec 2015 0 comments

I've had a really quiet year this year on the prize front but over the last month or so my luck has really picked up and I have won a few small prizes, Monster N-tune headphones courtesy of Pringles, £100 Wilko vouchers, £100 love to shop vouchers from Mullerlight Yoghurt, £25 Country Basket vouchers,£15 Co-op vouchers, a rugby ball, a selfie stick, four tubs of Anchor butter and four snoopy prizes. Some of the prizes are in the picture attached. I have also just won my first ever advent comps a £25 Argos voucher and a Bubble Santa from M & S, let's hope these are the start of bigger things to come!! That's the joy of comping, you never know what may be coming through the letter box next and I am now looking forward to a little spending spree with my vouchers in the January sales!

By Suzanne Brown on Sat, 19 Dec 2015 0 comments

I have been lucky enough to win a giant case of Poshcorn and a Vtec Toot Toot Police Station in the advents so far this year. Then I won some silver earrings on a like and share Facebook competition a few days ago. They arrived today, which was so quick and were beautifully packaged. I do hope December wins aren't over yet, but I am very pleased with how it's gone so far.

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