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Tickets to Wembley Arena!
By Maxine Owen on Fri, 30 Jan 2015

I recently won 4 tickets to the Hockey 5s Indoor Finals at Wembley Arena via ThePrizeFinder on the AllInLondon website.
I play hockey as does my husband so we were both very excited! We got to take two fellow hockey playing friends with us too.
We all had a great day out watching some great hockey!

And just found out yesterday that I am a winner of two tickets to London Fashion Week via ThePrizeFinder on the Vodafone Twitter page.

Thank you so much for your continued hard work - could not imagine comping without this site!

January wins
By Kay A on Fri, 30 Jan 2015

I have had a great start to 2015 thanks to The Prizefinder.

My first win of the year came from The Prizefinder's lucky new year comp and was a £10 Amazon voucher. This was followed by:-

£25 Debenhams voucher
£1000 Amazon vouchers
£500 furniture vouchers
£20 Fuel card
£10 itunes voucher
And a Cambridge Satchel

I cannot believe how fortunate I have been already this year and just wanted to say thank you, as all these comps were listed on your site.

Good luck to everyone this year!

Go local!
By Tracey Anne Gwynne on Thu, 29 Jan 2015

I always read the advice given from The Prize Finder, and try to take notice to improve my comping. One great tip was to look locally for competitions. I had always wanted to go on an old fashioned steam train, as my late Dad loved them, so this was a prize on the wishlist.
I scoured the small free newspapers, and saw that there was a text draw for a day trip to York on a vintage steam train with dining included.
I made my text and forgot...about 3 weeks later the company rang me and told me I had won! A day trip to York on the train and back with 3 course breakfast on the way there, and dinner on the way back. We had a wonderful time - the food, service and views were wonderful (and the free Champagne!). A real treat that I wouldn't have bought for myself, but that was out of this world!

Pukka win
By Lisa Miller on Thu, 29 Jan 2015

I enter all sorts of competitions through this site, always with the hope of winning something. When I entered a competition on the Pukka Pie Facebook page I didn't think anymore of it until I received an e-mail saying that I had been picked as one of their 100 Pukka Pie-oneers. I was sent 30 pie vouchers and part of the deal was you had to post a picture of your pie dinner on their Facebook page and your details would be sent to your local newspaper as part of the promotion. My local newspaper did get in touch and ran a story with a rather cheesy photo of me biting into a Pukka Pie! Cue the "Who ate all the Pies" jokes from everyone at work when the newspaper was printed. The great thing about this prize was that I was able to give some of the vouchers to friends and family so they could enjoy the pies as well.

ASUS 'Spot the Orc'
By trevcro on Thu, 29 Jan 2015

Slightly belated HNY to all. I entered the ASUS 'Spot the Orc' Comp a little while ago (can't remember exactly when, or how I found it). Basically, for those that didn't find this comp, it was a picture from the game (I assume) with a tiny little Orc hidden in it, and you had to give the grid reference it was in. I had completely forgotten about it, as I had no record of entering. Received a WEM last week to say that I had won a copy of the Shadow Of Mordor game, so I was expecting the usual Jiffy bag to arrive. I was puzzled today, when I returned home to find a largish, soft package. When I opened it, you can imagine my surprise when it contained not only the game, but a Hobbit 'Battle of the Five Armies' tote bag, cap and bookmark, along with an ASUS pen and jotter pad.
Not a bad start to the year, with a win, and a better than expected prize. Happy comping and good luck to all.

By Chantelle Gould on Wed, 28 Jan 2015

I never usually win much but luckily I kept comping. December/January have been the best months for me as I won a fair few prizes. I won an Oreo treat box from which was lovely and didn't last very long.

I also won a DyeForYarn bundle from Letsknit. It had 4 skeins of yarn worth around £20 each. Now I just have to find something to make for them but there to nice to use!

My best prize which was from the December advents was a Magnitone Lucid Exfoliator brush by Pixie Lott worth around £60 from The Hut which has been the biggest prize I've won so far.

Won some fab trainers!!
By greig spencer on Wed, 28 Jan 2015

Won these fab trainers in December! They are amazing and are very comfy too, and I love the fab colours on them :)

These awesome new trainers will deffo help me stick to my new year's resolution to get fit. lol

Good luck for the rest of the year people!!!

January has been a very poor month in wins wise, but I'm going to stick at the comps and see what Febuary brings!! Hopefully a nice big win.

Two in one day!
By Nicky on Tue, 27 Jan 2015

I've never won anything really and started entering competitions seriously just after Christmas. Today I won two tickets to London Fashion Week and then an hour later I won a Cath Kidston lunch box! I'm delighted - such a buzz! I was starting to wonder if I was wasting my time but I'm definitely going to keep entering competitions now! And all thanks to .

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