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The luck keeps coming!
By Jade Walsh on Thu, 02 Jan 2014

I posted that I had a bit of beginners luck a few weeks ago and my luck has kept on going :)

Since then I've won;

Portable North Pole Package
Pack Of Peanuts
2 x Championship Boxing Tickets
2 For 1 Sea life Centre Voucher
Elasticiser by Phillip Kingsley
Full Lulu Kennedy Hair Meets Wardrobe Collection (pictured)
Breathless on DVD

The DVD just turned up in the post it was a lovely surprise! :)

I've spread my good luck it seems to some friends who are currently serving in Afghanistan who have taken up comping when they have some free time and one has just won an iPad :D

Thanks Prizefinder!!

A Great Month but no advent wins!
By Laura Vitty on Thu, 02 Jan 2014

I've had an excellent month of wins, but am possibly the only member to have been entirely unlucky in the advent comps!

This month I've been lucky enough to receive a beautiful bunch of flowers, some sheepskin slippers (which I now seem to be surgically attached to), a Ted Baker iPad case, some luxury olive oil, a £50 John Lewis voucher and an £80 hamper of Divine chocolate.

I've also had some smaller goodies including a sea monkeys gift set, some beauty products and a breastfeeding set.

My family know me well and on Christmas day when they asked how many of the presents I'd actually paid for, I replied very proudly 'only one!'. I love being able to treat my family to gifts I know they will love and that would normally be way out of my price range. Plus a chocolate hamper to share just tops it!

A GRAND Advent
By Jeremy Andrews on Thu, 02 Jan 2014

I always look forward to Advents as they are usually fun and full of stocking fillers. Soon into the Advents I won a Heinz tea towel in a metal Ketchup Tin.

Thinking this was a good start to the advents I went on and entered all I could including a photo competition for American Express.

No wins for many days then out of the blue. "Congratulations!

You are a winner in the 12 Faces of Christmas bonus game, brought to you by American Express® Gift Cards.

Please email ... to claim your American Express® Gift cards, worth £1000."


A little luck
By Lorraine S on Thu, 02 Jan 2014

2013 hasn't been a winning year for me. Mostly because I've had a lot less time on my hands with the arrival of our first baby. From the start of December I started to get back into comping and have had some nice little wins to show for it. I won two hand creams from a Palmers photo comp on Facebook. I love their stuff and the little handcream is the perfect size for your handbag. I won a knitted hand warmer from trade radiators by finding a hidden image on their website. I won a selection of goodies from the Telegraph Stella giveaway including root lift spray, two hand creams, Topshop highlighter and bath oil. My favourite win of all was an Asda instagram comp. You had to enter a pic of a product from their bakery. I entered a pic of my daughter with their yummy star waffles and scooped £100 in Asda vouchers. A nice win for the end of the year.

What a month!
By Naomi Buchan on Thu, 02 Jan 2014

I've been comping on and off for years but since April I've been on a mission. I had some lovely wins including lots of event tickets (attending the Premiere of Red 2 was a highlight - see pic) but the big wins eluded me till this month. It began on the 3rd with £1250 worth of kitchen Aid goodies followed by a spa weekend, £100 internet voucher for a homeware site and some smaller gifts. To top it all on the 19th I received an email to say i had won my wedding worth £5000! I am overjoyed and without a doubt this is the best hobby ever! I can't wait to plan my wedding and my aim for 2014 is to win my honeymoon. My advice to anyone feeling blue is stick with it and enter as many comps as you can, I never thought I could win something this big but it does happen! Good luck everyone for the next year. xxx

Prizefinder Secret Santas Little Helper?
By peggyros on Thu, 02 Jan 2014

Well, Christmas time and the age-old question, what to get my husband for Christmas. Well thanks to ThePrizefinder, a fully loaded Worx QBit arrived, courtesy of Argos. Present sorted and hubby surprised and delighted. What to get an older granddaughter? - a set of three classic books - excellent. What to get for stocking fillers for grandchildren who like making things? - a set of 6 mouseloft Christmas cross-stitch kits. Excellent. Everyone happy! Thank you Prizefinder. Hope you all had a Merry Christmas and wishing you a Happy and Healthy New Year, and lots of luck for 2014! Fingers crossed for a win with the Advent calendars.

Kindle Fire win!
By Joy Dehany on Thu, 02 Jan 2014

My mum is deaf and going blind and she's been after a Kindle for a few years because she can't read normal books anymore. I entered as many comps as I could for one and finally won a Kindle Fire HD on WE BUY BOOKS on FB, in October after you had listed it.
I wish you could have been here on Christmas day when I gave it to her. This photo shows her delight at opening it. If it were not for you and We Buy Books it wouldn't have happened, so thank you. x

A night of luxury
By Andrea Johnson on Thu, 02 Jan 2014

I was lucky enough to win an amazing trip to The Savoy with afternoon tea and skating at Somerset House with the London Evening Standard. Skating was something of a disaster since I fell on my bum and had the biggest bruise I've ever seen, however the Savoy is utterly amazing. The room was stunning, tea was lovely and the staff were great. There was an awards ceremony that night too so we spotted some stars - Hugh Grant, Billie Piper, Kevin Spacey and Boris Johnson. Fab experience, thanks Prizefinder for finding these comps :)

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