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By Gwyn Sharps on Fri, 01 Jan 2016 0 comments

2015 has been a particularly successful year for me on the comping front, with some of my bigger wins including an iPad Air, a holiday to France and a long weekend to Southern Ireland. The last couple of weeks alone in December has been especially lucky for me - not for advent wins, but for regular comping and my prizes have included a Bosch dishwasher worth £429, a Bosch vacuum cleaner worth £370, and Interflora Bouquet with Belgian truffles, a £500 cheque from TV Choice mag, a £100 Hotter shoes voucher, tickets to the Halle Orchestra and 6 bottle of Crabbies with 3 chalices! Can't believe I won all these in a space of two weeks! Thinking positively for 2016 now. Good luck to all and Happy New Year

By Nicola Rowson on Fri, 01 Jan 2016 0 comments

I started Comping November 2014 I needed something to keep me occupied while staying home due to illness. I've had a fantastic year my best win was a Twitter win of £2000 to spend on hotel and flights to Amsterdam, it made a great 10th wedding anniversary trip for me and my husband. I've won iPads to trips to WWE wrestling live it's always best when I win for my children without Comping I would never be able to afford the wonderful stuff I've won. Here's hoping for a lucky 2016.

By Vanessa Humphries on Fri, 01 Jan 2016 0 comments

I have had such a slow 2015 as far as winning is concerned. After a big win in March to the Glasgow Comedy Festival, with all expenses paid, I have only won one DVD. Not counting a rugby ball which has never arrived lol. Then in December I got a text to say I had won a £50 ASDA voucher courtesy of Lucozade. I was delighted and am going to spend it at the sales.

By greig spencer on Fri, 01 Jan 2016 0 comments

The advents had just started and i found that Krispy Kreme were running a pass the parcel type Advent where you open a box and can win prizes!!

I played it for a few days with nothing but BOGOF 'wins' and then one morning. I won a box of free doughnuts!!!

12 FREE doughnuts and they are the best doughnuts i have ever tasted!!

My Faves!!!

here is a pic of them!!!!

good luck for 2016 folks

By Sylvia Gill on Fri, 01 Jan 2016 0 comments

I won one of the Three Family Trips to Sydney, Australia in November.. it was an On-line Comp... and must have had thousands and thousands of entries, so was VERY lucky. Australia has always been on my Comping 'Wish List', and I have never given up hope (Winners never Quit and Quitters never Win - with help of course from PRIZEFINDER) - We are planning to go in November 2016 with out close friends, and as it is for 10 nights in a 4 star hotel, with £1,000 spends and a Helecopter Trip over Sydney and a Harbour Bridge Climb and Sydney Pass I'm sure it will be an OZ-standing Trip of a Lifetime!

By Doc McStuffin Lunch Bag on Fri, 01 Jan 2016 0 comments

Ever since I started comping I have won several prizes but recently I haven't won anything, even throughout the advert calendar competitions and I was feeling a little disheartened as if my luck had run out.
When I enter competitions I don't only enter for me I enter for my family as well.

Today I was browsing through facebook and Disney Junior were giving away several different prizes. I entered them all and luckily I won a lunch bag which I'll give to my young niece. They were giving away five and luckily I got one.The prize will arrive in 28 days.

By Kaya Corbridge on Fri, 01 Jan 2016 0 comments

This month I have had some good wins! hope everybody else has had some fantastic wins too.

instant win - forrero rocher hangable star via forrero rocher facebook site game - this was a star decoration that came with three ferrero roche inside.

X2 Tickets to the converse winter christmas party in london through schuch/asos - free bar and jackmaster playing/ I gave these to a friend who livd in London I didnt realise when I entered that the party was the next day so I couldnt travel down to london from MCR as such late notice. They didnt go to waste though !!

Twinings tea set comp via Facebook includes silver spoon worth £16 - Was a lovely pressy I saved for my grandma.

Whittard of chelsea mini tree houses filled with tea , cofee , and confectionry through facebook worth about £20. Looked fab on my tre.

x2 rude christmas jumpers worth £80 for pair - Won through a facebook comp.

WEM from VEGGI magazine - I won there duvet day comp which came to more then £200 worth of things ( some pictured) which meant I won some pyjamas from HUSH worth £49 pound

A vegan sweet treat hamper worth £45 from the Flow box ,

Faith in Nature premium gift hamper worth £40 includes lots of pamper treats

and an eclect design throw over worth £59

Finally the last thing from the duvet day comp was a hamper from divine chocolate.

The day my duvet day comps arrived I got another WEM from craft beautiful to say I had won £50 paper chase vouchers - Im still waiting on these to arrive.

The latest prize I have won is ; Stop & Protect Cold & Sinus Relief tablets through fabeook comp - wasa runner up prize.

I always look forward to reading winners stories and they really make me want to enter more. Im hoping to win a break/ holiday some time soon - these are the ones I keep entering.

Hope everyones had a wondeful christmas and all have a happy new year !

happy comping- Kaya

By Wendy butcher on Mon, 28 Dec 2015 0 comments

I started comping this year after deciding that I would never earn enough to buy nice things. I have had a bad year with having two surgeries the cat needed surgery the dog then needed surgery it left us broke with wanting to get married being put on the back burner. So I have had some lovely wins 500 pound of Armani from beauty base this year. This week I won 500 pound of dappad clothing which will be great. I won 100 pound tesco voucher which helped towards Christmas. I won a dinner to dine in with hamper a quilt a champneys break and lots of small things. This week I also got a lovely book from classic fm through your site. I am so grateful for the help which is making life a lot easier and a bit more enjoyable. Thankyou

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