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What a month!
By JulieT on Thu, 28 Aug 2014

Well, what can I say? I have had another cracking month. I received £300 Laura Ashley vouchers (2 x £150) and a pack of Tena products which I would have to say arrived very quickly indeed through Goodtoknow. I was told about it on 18th Aug and it arrived 5 days later, how’s that for speedy delivery. Including the above prize I have won 21 prizes altogether in August – so far. I have been really lucky on the Happy Eggs site with 10 wins – I have received 5 of them so far (2 X pack of seeds + 3 x Activity books). I couldn’t believe winning two lots of Biscuiteers Spotty Dotties (a couple of days apart) and will send a photo of them both when they arrive. Five books from Mumsnet (1), Gransnet (1) & Goodreads (3). An Aldi food and drink hamper worth £50 – again I have had the £30 vouchers so far but not the products yet. And also a ‘Kettle and Toaster’ prize, again I am waiting for this one. Finally received through the post (no email) was a Nude Audio M (Portable bluetooth speaker & speakerphone) from Capital fm. Like I said, what a cracking month!!!

Homepride winner
By Helen Huxley on Wed, 27 Aug 2014

I entered a recipe for a cake I had created to the Homepride 50 favourite recipes competition after spotting it on ThePrizeFinder. It was to celebrate their 50th birthday. Much to my amazement I won! Not only do I get to see my photo of the cakes and my recipe in the Homepride 50th birthday cookery book, I also got £150 to spend at an online cake decorating store Cake Craft World. This is a photo of the goodies that I spent it on.

Viva Las Vegas!!
By Natalie Crossan on Tue, 26 Aug 2014

Well, I've finally gone and done it.
After comping since June of 2013 and winning well over £30K in prizes in that short 14 month span, I have won a 5 night trip to Las Vegas including flights, transfers, spending money, tickets to see Britney Spears AND a meet & greet with Britney. I'm so excited, we leave on Thursday and this is one of the biggest thrills I've ever been given. I'm so happy! :D Comping has changed my life :)

Winning summer
By Simon Hardy on Mon, 25 Aug 2014

I started getting into comps thanks to a friend of mine who enters (and wins) a lot of them. I spend about 30 mins to an hour every morning entering and usually enter between around 50-200 a day. In the last month I have won a few smaller prizes like books, aftershave, food vouchers and dolls but I have also won 2 bigger prizes. My wife, 4 kids and I enjoyed a free family weekend to Sports fest thanks to Debbie and Andrews which was worth over £400! Then last week I recieved 10 early ride tickets to Alton towers thanks to Goodfellas again worth over £400! None of my family had ever been to Alton towers before so it was an awesome experience. I now LOVE comping and ThePrizeFinder makes it so easy to eneter the comps. I would recommend it if you have a spare 30 mins a day! Thanks for the great site!

Garmin Edge 1000
By Kayleigh Main on Sun, 24 Aug 2014

I started comping last year after watching a TV show about it. My first ever win was 4 tickets to Alton Towers, then I won some hair products. I stopped comping for a while after that as I just didn't have the time.

After Christmas I decided to start again. This year I won a few bits and pieces, beauty products, football stuff etc.

Then last week I received an email to tell me I had won a Garmin Edge 1000, this is my best prize so far, my partner is a keen cyclist so this is the ideal present for him and will be putting it away for Christmas.

Unbelievable 2014 so far! Newbie Luck?
By Sophie M Cartwright on Thu, 21 Aug 2014

I started comping in February and can not believe the amount of wins I have had! I would hazzard a guess at around £4000 worth of prizes!! From a £1000 photography package for our wedding, V tickets, Sony Experia phone, 2 x £250 cheques, make up, perfumes, steam cleaner, cake pop maker, ice cream maker, shoes and clothes! You have to be in it to win it & it's all thanks to Prize Finder so THANK YOU! I love my new hobby!

By Jess McGuire on Wed, 20 Aug 2014

I've been entering competitions for a while and have won a few prizes now and then. I haven't really shared a winners story before so I thought now would be a good time as I have just won a swingball set which the family have been having fun with!
I've also won a cheese hamper from Castello which hasn't arrived yet but am looking forward to when it does!
Thank you to The Prize Finder for all these lovely competitions! x

A winning flurry
By Caroline Kelly on Wed, 20 Aug 2014

I'd had an average start to the winning year with the odd prize here and there, the best being a product of the year goodie bag worth £180. Then last week I seemed to have a bit of a streak winning - a Kindle and a Sudocrem goody bag on the Monday, tickets to Lollibop on the Tuesday, then on the Wednesday a package arrived that turned out to be a Swarovski encrusted screwdriver worth £300 which I'd entered months ago! The odd world cup prize arrived too and everybody seemed to want my new cool bag :) Here's hoping it continues :)

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