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Amazing win!
By Jacqueline Roberts on Fri, 02 May 2014

Yesterday I submitted my win about a chocolate hamper that I won, although delicious it was a small win in what was turning out to be a quiet month.
I sat down to plod on with the lots and lots of competitions on Prizefinders end of months when I received the first notification of a win. I had won a £100 from Hotels 4U. Fantastic I thought, I then plodded on. I then received a phone call to inform me I had won a £50 to voucher. Could this get any better? I then received an email I had won a deluxe hamper from Selfridges worth over £300 with Emerald Street. I then ended the day with an instant win with Echo Falls! Turns out April turned into a great month for me. Thanks Prizefinder.

New York New York!
By Olivia Kirby on Thu, 01 May 2014

I haven't won much this month but was away for a few days on an amazing win that I had in March. I won a trip to New York! We had flights, hotel, spending money and Miley Cyrus tickets!
When I read the winning email I was shaking!!! I told all my Facebook friends before I told my husband as I couldn't speak!!!
My husband had always wanted to go and we really wanted to go last year for his 30th birthday but it just didn't happen.
We absolutely loved it, every single second.
Our hotel was a stunning Art Deco style boutique hotel with a massive bed in our room!
We were opposite a church and a TGI Fridays! The TGI was handy for cocktails.
We saw all the sights, Times Square, Grand Central Station, Macys, Empire State Buildin!, Central Park...I want to go back!!
And Miley can sing! Who knew?!

April treats!
By Natalie Crossan on Thu, 01 May 2014

Another fantastic month in April. A total of 68 wins but mainly small wins this month. A lot of the wins were OXO instant wins (an oxo tin, oxo cubes and herbs in each prize) and lots of Heinz Tomato Seed wins but I did also have some really great wins.

I was sick from work in March so had lots of time at home to comp and therefore won some very high value prizes but this month, as I was back to work and enjoying the sunshine with my daughter, I have entered less and naturally won less but I'm still smiling because I'm still winning :)

I always tend to win at least one "Wow, I really needed that!" sort of prize per month and this month it was my daughter's gorgeous bed frame that I won from Coombe & Mills. It's still in the box in my bedroom but I did giggle because I won myself a new bed frame in February. Perhaps next month we'll win the mattresses? Other wins also included children's puzzles, Peppa Pig Live tickets, Foodies Festival tickets, a Degustabox, silk nightie worth £60, Jewellery, DVDs & Blu Rays, cookbooks and many many more lovely things.

I'm hoping to step it up again in May so I'm really really happy at the moment. Thank you to theprizefinder again for helping me win so much :) My photo this month is the bed I won for my daughter. Naturally, we chose the princess version!

Chocolate at last
By Jacqueline Roberts on Thu, 01 May 2014

After winning an Easter egg earlier in the week and it being scoffed by the Children I accepted the fact I would not be seeing any more chocolate this month. I saw a competition for a Facebook like and share and voila, I won a fabulous chocolate hamper from Flavourly.com. It was filled with a fabulous selection of high quality chocolate products even drinking chocolate. Delicious. Thank you Prizefinder.

Baking Mad!
By Michelle Bruce on Thu, 01 May 2014

A large parcel arrived at the house recently. It was opened with great excitement and found to contain 3 different types of blender and a massive selection of baking goodies from Dr Oetker! After school that day my 2 kids were let loose on the kitchen - BIG mistake!

Lots of cakes were made, lots of fun was had decorating them, and lots of mess was left.

Craft Kits and True Blood DVDs
By Laura Vitty on Thu, 01 May 2014

This month I've received two surprise wins in the post. One large cross stitch sampler kit from Cross Stitch Gold... and a variety of Clover knitting accessories from Let's Knit. These will come in handy next winter when the weather is bad and I get my craft stuff out!

My favourite win this month is a box set of True Blood seasons 1-5 from the fan site True Blood UK on Facebook. I've seen the first 2 seasons so now I can watch the rest!

Happy comping everyone x

Gross but nice as well
By Neil Parker on Mon, 28 Apr 2014

It has been a little while since my last win but I came home the other day to a gross surprise. There was a parcel addressed to my son but neither my wife or I could remember ordering anything for him. On opening it we found a Gross Magic set courtesy of one of your comp links. This was the second time I had won (on his behalf of course) from the same company. Could it be magic? The only downside, he wants to try them out on us all the time. Gross.

April Prizes
By Sara Hill on Mon, 28 Apr 2014

I had a lot of success with advent comps but did not manage to "spend" my winning restaurant voucher until April. I took my husband and a comping friend to Bistrot Pierre in Nottingham where we had an excellent meal with specially selected wine with each course. (We travelled by bus of course!) I attach a photo of my delicious lamb course.

In the last 2 weeks I have done quite well with a selection of prizes. Firstly a sewing basket (runner up prize) and then £100 Pizza Express vouchers. (More food!!)

Today I have won a £25 voucher for the local Factory Shop, Bargain Traders and only a short while ago I found out I have won a book from Hodders and it has already been posted to me!

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