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Proud Mummy
By Anne on Wed, 01 Oct 2014

It's been another quiet month for me as I've not had the time to enter too many competitions. However I did receive an email yesterday to say that my little boy was picked as one of the Tomy SuperTots. I've never entered his picture in any competition before or even put anything about him online but I was tempted as they were looking for children that had interests in different areas. He was picked as a 'Musical Marvel' with the picture of him 'in the zone' strumming a guitar. He is very musical (and obviously very handsome!!) so I was so pleased that he's won himself a bundle of toys. The poor child is only 2 and a half but suddenly I've convinced myself he's going to be a supermodel!!! x

2 brilliant wins
By Rachael on Tue, 30 Sep 2014

I've entered very few competitions this month, maybe around 100 and as usual my 2 wins have come from effort comps (photos this month).
I won a pair of shoes for my little boy which are super cool, Lego kickers ones!
The best prize I think I've ever won for several reasons was a 6 day food plan, all meals! Worth a fortune but saved me so much time and effort cooking, welcome as I'm on maternity looking after a new baby! I love useful prizes, and these are the competitions I go for, I don't bother with anything I don't want or need and it works really well because when I get them through the post I'm delighted!

Thank you

Best competitions
By Oli Marshall on Tue, 30 Sep 2014

I've been using the site for over a year and I've won soooo many things: 3 pairs of Converse shoes, tote bag by Nigella Lawson, grooming products, 4 different bundles of toys, feeding things, children's books etc. My latest wins are: Furby and £100 worth of products from Ideal World which I won in the last couple of days. I am very grateful to you as I am a mum at home who doesn't work, so all these wins are either my treat or my family's birthday and Christmas presents. Thank you ThePrizeFinder for all the amazing competitions you have for all of us!!

£100 Wilko's Vouchers!
By Greig Spencer on Tue, 30 Sep 2014

I recently was the winner of a £100 Wilko's voucher in their "selfie" competition.

You had to take a selfie in thier menswear beauty isle and send it to Twitter.

There was going to be 100 winners so i thought why not give it a go!

This was my first Creative comp win and I will be trying to do more of them in future!!!

Cheers all and good luck!

Within a week
By Adelle Dornan on Tue, 30 Sep 2014

I started comping again last month after about 6 months away from it all. The 1st week I started I got a chap at the door with a lovely barbie bundle I had no idea I won from MADE FOR MUMS, then a few days later I also won a FB comp and won a £30 one 4all gift card. I haven't won anything since but then again I have been offline, it just shows you win when you put effort in.

Best win of the year
By Caroline Kelly on Tue, 30 Sep 2014

My best (in terms of monetary value) this year has been my Swarovski screwdriver. It just arrived in the post one day with a little note! Going through a little dry spell at the moment so hoping for another win soon. I have been busy planning my daughters' birthday party so the comps have taken a backseat for 2 weeks. Back to the computer tonight :)

Quiet month
By Jodie baker on Tue, 30 Sep 2014

So I started comping at the beginning of August after reading success stories and it's now my hobby :)
So far I havn't won anything to boast about apart from a happy eggs wildflower seeds packet and activity book. A win's a win and my girls enjoyed sowing the seeds and doing the crossword.

Vouchers All the Way!!
By Natalie Crossan on Mon, 29 Sep 2014

Well, last month was the big one - my biggest win since I started comping in June 2013, the trip to Las Vegas and I came home to a mountain of comps to catch up on and decided to up my game! Well, it's definitely paid off and I've so far won (with one day of September still to go...!) 68 prizes.

I found that this month, the majority of my prizes came in the form of vouchers... The vouchers I've won have included...
£300 John Lewis Vouchers
£150 Sunuva Vouchers
£50 Stuck on You Vouchers
£25 M&S Vouchers
£100 Wayfair Vouchers
£30 Brewers Fayre Vouchers
... I've also won a DAB £150 radio, a £200 gadget bundle, hundreds in beauty products and some other great and quirky prizes too! I won in Holly Willoughby's twitter competition - I've attached my winning picture to this months story :)

Another lovely month, hoping for a very lucky October and Halloween :)

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