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First raffle copter win
By Rachael on Thu, 30 Apr 2015

I've fallen out of love with Twitter recently and this month I've rediscovered and been concentrating on blog competitions due to having virtually no spare time. My focus this year has been for home bits and pieces for when we move and baby toddler stuff and I've got to focus on things I want due to time restraints. After last months nursery furniture win, I got a surprise email saying I'd won a gorgeous kids book shelf and I'm delighted! It's the second ever rafflecooter/blog win I've had so it's spurred me to search out blog comps for things I want. The odds are usually good and I find bookmarking is a great way to up your chances.

slow start but fantastic finish
By Jodi hill on Thu, 30 Apr 2015

I had a rather slow start to the month, just down to luck and being out of the country for a week ( not comping for that long nearly killed me! Haha)
I've been a lot of your Twitter comps lately due to not having a lot of time, and they're quick!
So after a dry 2 weeks, I get an email saying I'd won an I PAD AIR!!!! SO HAPPY!!
Wins since
Urban decay make up
A zbox(superhero goodie box)
Transformers dvd
Broadchurch dvd
Co-op voucher
A case of poshcorn
A nip +fab set
Yves rocher skincare set
A wine and cheese hamper
A glow in the dark world map
7 nails,Inc polishes
2 tickets to live in Leeds!
Best month ever!! Thanks prize finder

By GREIG SPENCER on Wed, 29 Apr 2015

Sometimes its the "little" wins that excite us the most lol

The other month i won " free breakfast for two people @ frankie and bennies!

Now i lovemy food and this win made me shout for joy!!

we wnet the other week and it was yummy!!

so good luck peeps and im still hoping for an ITV win lol

Finally - A tablet!!
By Natalie Crossan on Wed, 29 Apr 2015

This month was a nice month for wins. A steady stream of little bits and bobs. Today, I got a WEM for a £20 The Works voucher... I've won 36 prizes this month and my favourite was a tablet... FINALLY!

During my almost 2 years of comping, I've won all sorts... Holidays, washing machines, televisions, money, make up, toys, even 2 beds but never won an electronic tablet... Until this month! I've finally won a lovely tablet and it's my daughter's new favourite thing! She loves watching her favourite movies on it and I haven't even had a look in!

Here's to another great month, hoping for an even better won in April.. I'm itching for another holiday! Or a car! ;)

Help for Revision
By Julia Linsley on Wed, 29 Apr 2015

I'd like to share a win that I had with Cawston Press. You had to nominate someone for a Month's supply of their delicious drinks. In the middle of the mini heatwave my daughter was revising & complaining about lack of teenage friendly refreshment in the fridge.This comp came up & I snapped her revising and made my plea. Not only did we win but thank - you Cawston Press - 2 heavy boxes were delivered the day after messaging me to say we'd won. Here she is enjoying a can. Can't complain there's nothing in the fridge now!

Shoe Heaven
By Catherine Bell on Wed, 29 Apr 2015

I have been comping on and off for over 5 years now and have won quite a lot including a Michael Kors watch, diamond earrings and necklace, lots of beauty products etc,but this month has been the best by far . I got an email to say I won 100 pairs of designer shoes, I read and re-read the email about 5 times and then rung the company to make sure it wasn't a hoax and sure enough it wasn't, I imediately rung my mum and friends and told them to get choosing shoes. I've been getting a delivery of about 20 shoes every week for the last couple of weeks and still have lots more pairs to choose. I doubt I'll get another win like it for a long long time but it won't stop me trying.

boys toy
By adelle gow on Wed, 29 Apr 2015

I entered a competiton on gransnet facebook page that i seen on prize finder. It was for farm vehicals thought this would be great for my boys for christmas. I remeber entering this on as thought i would love this. A couple of days after it closing got a winning email telling me i was one of the winners and that my prize would be out in a few weeks. Arrived the same week items now safely away for christmas.

thanks prize finder first of many i hope

My first big win! A fantastic holiday to florida
By Antony webb on Tue, 28 Apr 2015

When I first read an email telling me I'd won a holiday to Florida I thought it maybe spam or a time share as I could not recall entering until I spoke to someone by phone.

This is the third prize i have won since i started comping,First a Sat Nav then some chocolates and now a fantastic 7 night holiday for 4 to Kissimmee Florida in a villa which includes-
Car hire
Digital camera
Hot air ballon flight
Fun spot tickets
Air boat ride Legoland
Round of golf

All courtesy of OCEAN FLORIDA

The family can't wait for this one as its our first time to America

so many thanks to for these fantastic comps.

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