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A Good Start To 2014
By Mark Milsom on Sun, 02 Mar 2014

January started the year off well with an e-mail from Gallo Vineyards informing me that I had won one of their £50 Lakeland shopping vouchers draws. Very handy win as I am a very keen home cook!
here then followed a few quiet weeks but as regular compers know...patience pays! I received a phone call from the Daily Telegraph newspaper to congratulate me on being the winner of a pair of binoculars in a travel competition, not just any binoculars either, they are made by Swarovski and cost an astounding £540!!! Just for knowing the name of an African river.
Two days later a copy of The Trevor Nelson Collection 2 on 3CD popped through the letter box. It's not my style of music so it looks like someones birthday pressie has been sorted! Ha Ha .... So February ended very well.
I REALLY hope the rest of the year carries on in the same way, if it does I'll be one happy comper!

Cloud Nine
By Christine Tracey on Sun, 02 Mar 2014

I have been away from comping for 18 months and took it back up again on the 9th of January and within days I won tickets to Disney film Cloud Nine at the Soho Hotel in the West End. A posh breakfast was followed by the preview of the film which was introduced by the star of the film. On the way out my daughter had the opportunity to meet one of the contestant from Britain's got talent (don't know her name), she played the piano in a onesie.
Great prize and a great chance meeting for my daughter, she keeps telling people she met someone famous.
Thanks ThePrizeFinder and here's hoping there more to come, got to be in it to win it!

1 down 49 to go - With Thanks
By Andrew Bailey on Sun, 02 Mar 2014

Recently I entered a competition through with The Lady magazine - not a publication I'd normally consider paying a great deal of attention to, admittedly - however in this case, the prize was too good to resist! Next month, it's my wife's 50th birthday and I thought I'd give her fifty small presents, as she'd be cross if I spent what she'd consider a lot of money on a big gift! One of her favourite actors is Liam Neeson, and The Lady were offering five pairs of tickets to see his newest film the day before its official release! Amazingly, I was lucky enough to win, and so last night I was able to surprise my lovely wife with an evening out at The Prince Charles Cinema, just off Leicester Square, seeing not only the new film, Non-Stop, but also a previous one, Unknown. Needless to say, she had a marvellous evening, and so did I - so thank you, ThePrizeFinder, for helping with one of my fifty gifts!

State of the art fridge freezer...yes please
By Debbie Burfoot on Sun, 02 Mar 2014

After a few small prize wins in January, February was beginning to look like no wins at all.Then a phone call changed it all. When would you like your new fridge freezer delivered? I hadn't ordered one but knew that the competition I had entered on ThePrizeFinder in January was a state of the art Grundig fridge freezer worth over £600, so after a few days and a few phone calls, my new fridge freezer was now mine...excited I certainly was!

Four Wins Happy :)
By Gemma Matthews on Fri, 28 Feb 2014

I won the equivalent of a prize a week this month which I'm delighted about as January was so win free.
I won a gorgeous Bouton charm bracelet in time for Valentines Day and I got to choose my own charm, it really is beautiful!
I won a pair of Cloud Nine C9 touch hair straighteners which was amazing as my GHD's broke the same week. I'm a little bit in love with my new straighteners.
I then had a smurfs DVD which I gave to my little boy as an extra birthday pressie.
Then this week I won a £50 Asda voucher from The Work Perk.

I'm four wins happy this month. :)

Started Comping Again
By Kim Sly on Fri, 28 Feb 2014

I stopped comping for a little while after life just seemed to get in the way, but I found I really missed the communication from friends and people I had met through the comping world.

I have taken up comping again and in the space of a week I have won:-

A microwave (one very happy monkey with the win)
A free Pizza
Plus a 60 minute Areo plane flying experience

Not only is it great to win, but its also nice to have that communication with people whom have the same interest.

January :( February :)
By Kirsty Partridge on Fri, 28 Feb 2014

I've had a slow two months. I didn't win anything in January and February was slow at first until last week when I won a Rustlers Burger on their Facebook page, an Ecover product on their Facebook page and then on Tuesday I won a James McCabe Watch worth £189! And that was on Facebook too so Facebook has been very good to me lately. I get a bit disheartened when I don't win for a while but I read all the winners stories and they keep me going. :)

Books! Yippee!
By Kate Sabin-Burns on Fri, 28 Feb 2014

I have recently got into entering competitions on, after being a member there for years. I now add it to my daily routine of comping, and so far I have won 3 books.
I am an avid reader so while it may not be a car or a holiday, I love a bookie win, and the best of the 3 was a signed copy. It's a little geeky, but I love my prize!

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