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By Deborah Mackenzie on Thu, 05 Nov 2015 0 comments

I can hardly believe it that I have won an Eve Mattress worth £500! Plus it is a fancy one with a story printed on it. Plus, I won tickets to go to the Good Food Show in Glasgow, with super theatre passes to see Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood.
I am sitting on the ceiling I am so high with delight!

By Karen Parry on Tue, 03 Nov 2015 0 comments

When I entered the competition for two tickets at our local theatre I thought I could not miss the opportunity to go to a live burlesque's show. When I heard I won the two tickets I was so please. It saved me £20 that I couldn't afford to pay for.
My mother has been diagnosed with Lymphoma so she was my first thought to take with me.
It was amazing to see the old theatre transformed as a few years ago it was basically falling down. The theatre looked stunning and took our breath away even before the curtain opened.
The show itself was a mixture of acts from modern and classic burlesque dances but the star of the show was Pi the mime. A male performer that was breathtaking with his form of modern and classic dance. You could tell he was professionally trained and you could hear a pin drop while he preformed.
Made a great treat for my mother so thank you for posting the link here.

By Rachael on Tue, 03 Nov 2015 0 comments

After returning to full time work after maternity leave Ive found it so easy to lose motivation and as a result have totally lost my mojo as well as my focus...BUT I'm determined to get it back and this month I've dedicated some time to getting back into my old ways (with the help of half term time)
I've won with mumsnet A prize draw for a £100 voucher and another £100 John Lewis voucher from British Gas on Twitter. Such fab wins for this time of year! I'm more focussed than ever on spending time on fewer comps but prizes I really really want.

Thanks PF

By Susan Freeman on Tue, 03 Nov 2015 0 comments

The year started off pretty good with several wins including £100 Itunes gift cards,Race for Life Goodies around the same value, 4 Wasjig jigsaws, a T-shirt from Ray Quinn's tour at a local theatre which when I went to pick it up turned into tickets for the show instead which was brilliant, all via the Prizfinder, and thirteen books via Goodreads. I ended October with another book from Goodreads and the best one yet a Light up handbag from via the Prizefinder - worth $225 (about £150) - I love it :)

I look forward to hopefully finishing off the year on a further high to match or improve on last year's tally of £1100's worth of prizes.

By Lisette Davidson on Tue, 03 Nov 2015 0 comments

You could have knocked me down with a feather when I got an email to tell me I had won the Somersby Cider free prize drawn for submitting a review about their cider. I was so delighted, it was £50 worth of John Lewis vouchers - they arrived only two days later in a recorded delivery envelope! My biggest win this year to date! Thank you Prizefinder!

By Gwyn Sharps on Tue, 03 Nov 2015 0 comments

I won an amazing 4 day, 3 night holiday to France with Brioche Pasquier Croissants, which I entered through Prizefinder. It truly was a 'money can't buy' experience! The holiday included travel through Paris to Nantes, where stayed in the Mercure with a fantastic view of the marina. I did lots of sightseeing including the chateau, gothic cathedral and botanical gardens. We were then taken by taxi the next day for two days at Puy de Fou theme park (see picture), which is a historical theme park with lots of outdoor plays. This included tickets to cinescenie, which was an outdoor night time show with a cast of 3000! I stayed in Il de Clovis, which is a medieval village with each little house on stilts over a lake! For the final leg of the tour, it was back to Nantes and the Mercure hotel, where I was able to do more sightseeing. It truly was an amazing experience!

By Rachael on Tue, 03 Nov 2015 0 comments

I've been entering competitions for some time with a little bit of luck. This year I started entering competitions on Twitter and have been waiting nervously to see if I could win anything. This October I was very excited to see that I will be mentioned in a tweet confirming me as the winner. They had also sent me a direct message, so I was really pleased to know that it was easy to find out when you win on Twitter. My prize was a £100 voucher for my phone top up, they got in touch to check which network I was with and sent it out very quickly. The best part is I can now phone all my friends and tell them about it, it will certainly keep me connected! It has also make me keen to try more competitions on Twitter especially as it's so easy. I'm now really hoping to win some prizes that I can put away for Christmas, so I better get moving!

By Laura Vitty on Tue, 03 Nov 2015 0 comments

This month I won 4 prizes, they are all awesome!

First came £100 to spend at, which went towards a friends' camper van restoration project.

Next I won a vintage style polka dot dress from Bitter Lollipop, I can't wait to receive this one as it is definitely my kind of thing.

I then won a MAC lipstick with Katie Jane Online blog, I got to choose the colour so I picked a gorgeous pinky shade called Patisserie.

FINALLY… my entry into a competition with Smooth Radio and NS&I was chosen as the winner as I described something I had used the internet for recently. The prize was personalised to your entry and I said that my partner and I had used the internet to find a hiking route for us and our dogs in the Northumberland countryside.

The personalised prize package included a short hiking break to the Lake District, in the cottage I've shown here. It is dog friendly so the pooches can come along too, plus two pairs of hiking boots of our choice and a Garmin GPS hiking device.

This is such a great prize, we really can't wait to use it. I was disheartened when the original email said that the prize could not be used during school holidays, as both my partner and I are teachers so this is the only time we would be able to use it. The company were very understanding and not only are we now booked to go during February half term, we are also going over Valentine's weekend!

Good luck for the start of the Christmas comping period everyone x

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