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By Ashleigh H on Sat, 23 Jan 2016

I had a very unlucky 2015 and won a grand total of ONE prize! I decided that my luck was going to change in 2016 and after some perseverance, it has! I have already exceeded last year's total and won two Twitter prizes. One was a case of Kettle bites crisps which I am still waiting for to arrive and another was a voucher for Breakfast at the Handmade Burger Company (pictured)! I had thought about giving up Comping but I feel like these are signs to continue, long may my luck last!

By Emily Clark on Thu, 21 Jan 2016

I had a real shortage of cosy jumpers during Christmas 2015, and hadn't found any that really called out to me whilst shopping. During Christmas Jumper day at work I decided it was time to get a nice, unique Christmas jumper that I can wear this year and will last me for future Christmases!

But - I decided I was going to win one. I entered all the Christmas jumper competitions I could and one came up trumps - but perhaps it wasn't exactly what I wanted. I won a jumper for two people - so a huge, thick sweater that two people can fit into!

My sister and I were wearing it constantly over the festive season and it got more than a few laughs. It was a great useful win!

By frilly_tilly on Thu, 21 Jan 2016

After comping full on in 2014I decided to stop for a while as my prizes didn't really justify the hours spent!! I have now decided to only enter competitions for prizes I actually want! And today an ASUS ZenPad and case turned up out of the blue, no note, but checking back its seem to be from the Mirror. Hoping for a good year with a lot less effort!!! :)

By Fifi Butler on Thu, 21 Jan 2016

I used to be an avid comper, but had a year off last year as it was taking up a lot of time and I have several kids to look after and devote my days and nights to, however, I decided that this month would be the time to start entering competitions again. I think I entered around 1000 competitions in the last 3 weeks, but to my complete amazement won some Sisley face products (value of approx £230) and a fantastic Mountain Buggy stroller, RRP £189.99. I am really happy with my January wins and will keep on going all year now. It's very encouraging when you have a good win :)

By Suzanne Brown on Tue, 19 Jan 2016

I was a little worried that January was going to be a wash out, but at the weekend I received a surprise win of a bundle of clear stamps and a few cut out dies from a craft magazine entry. I don't know the exact value, but worked them out to be roughly £90 to purchase at full price, so I was very pleased. I'll be getting on with making some new cards this weekend!

By Daryl Gott on Sat, 16 Jan 2016

This month I've won a Fish Slice on Twitter, tickets to watch Liverpool Train and a Barbie pop up camer van for my granddaughter. I googled the camper van and was amazed to see it costs £95 to buy. The camper van is huge and is going to have to go in the loft until next Christmas!

I'm planning on winning all the presents for next year...... I wonder who's going to get the fish slice?

By simon hardy on Sat, 16 Jan 2016

I had a pretty good December. Won quite a few prizes on advent comps. tickets to see Santa, Ice hockey and go-carting (below). Also won a basketball ring, some toys and a cashmere sweater. Approx value was over £500. I won a few prizes every week which kept me motivated!

By Catherine Furness on Sat, 16 Jan 2016

I started entering competitions last January and went for 6 long months without any luck at all. During which time I received lots of comments such as “why do you even bother?” and “nobody ever wins you know!” Then in June I won my first competition – it was a lovely KLM Trunki which I gave to my niece. I then went on to win some wool from Just Knit and an aquabeads carry case!
With renewed enthusiasm I entered the Advents with a vengeance! I missed them the year before and had heard lots of great things about them! Anyway, I could not believe my luck. During December I won

A haircare bundle from Andrew Barton (facebook)
A New Years Eve bundle from Celia (facebook)
Two gorgeous china mugs from David Price(facebook)
A Cheese and Cider Gift from Cornish Orchards (facebook)
A Title of the Month Leapreader book from Leapfrog (facebook)
A Harry & Jacks Adventure Pack
A case of Dorset Cereal (facebook)
A fab Jacket,Fleece & base layer from Sprayway twitter)
A £10 Aldi voucher (twitter)
A Colouring Calendar from Bluebella (facebook)

And it doesn’t stop there January has been luckier still! So far I have won a £100 Tesco Voucher& Picnic Rucksack from Esso on a facebook competition and yesterday I received an email to say I had won a £150 winter wardrobe for my son from Half Pint Chic! which was a rafflecopter competition with 16,230 entries! I cannot believe my luck!
The competition winner’s stories always kept me going when I had won nothing and I really wanted to share my luck with other readers! Don’t give up or be put off by negative comments – your time will come! xx

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