Christmas Advent Competitions 2024

We hope that ThePrizeFinder will be your one-stop shop for all your Advent comping! To make it easier for you this year we have split the Advents into different categories:

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Make life easy entering Advent Competitions
with ThePrizeFinder’s Competition Tracker

Remember if you are registered with ThePrizeFinder you can use our competition tracker to help you manage your Advent Comping.

Entered Facility - If you like to track your competitions, so you can monitor what you have and haven’t entered, simply click the “Entered” button, underneath the competitions you have entered. That way, you know how many comps you have entered that day, and at midnight this gets reset, so you can enter the next day’s competitions afresh!

Ignore Facility - If you have no interest in a particular promoter’s comp (for example, an advent offering daily pet prizes, if you have no pet), simply click the “Ignore” button under the competition, ThePrizeFinder will remember this and you won’t see this particular advent appear in your list again.

ThePrizeFinder Christmas Advent Competitions

Also, if you are new to Advent Comping,
here are our top tips:

  • DON’T PANIC! Advent comping is supposed to be a fun, enjoyable experience. Don’t get too stressed about it all. Keep Calm and Carry on Comping
  • DON’T DO THEM ALL! Accept the fact that you can’t possibly do them all. Be selective about what prizes you really want to win.
  • GET ORGANISED! Browse through the advents section on The PrizeFinder and make yourself familiar with what is available. Then set yourself up a simple spreadsheet, or a folder in your bookmarks to make a note of which advents you want to try and enter every day.
  • LOOK AT T&Cs.; Remember some comps have different opening hours. Some will open at midnight for example, and some at 9am or later. Try and check Ts and Cs too to see when the closing times and dates are.
  • WARN YOUR FRIENDS. If you use Facebook it might be worthwhile posting a message to warn your non-comping friends that their feeds may start to clog up with your comp entries over December. Advise them to “unfollow” you, as it means you still stay on each other’s friend lists but they won’t see your statuses or shares on their feed.
  • CHECK FOR PRIZES. Check your emails regularly, including your spam folder, as well as your Facebook and Twitter messages and any spam and “other” folders. Try and get into the habit of using Social Searcher regularly too, to check for any winning announcements you may have missed.
  • OTHER COMPETITONS. Don’t forget about all the other, non-advent competitions. A lot of compers focus all their efforts on the advents at this time of year, it means the entry levels on all the other comps usually go down.

Best Wishes and Good Luck from ThePrizeFinder Team.

ThePrizeFinder Christmas Advent Competitions