Win Creative Competitions

Prepare to dazzle yourself! This guide will give you hints and tips about how to increase your chances of winning creative competitions. From writing a caption, or taking a photo, inventing a cake, to sending in films caught on your phones – we have something for you!

The guide pages are split into categories (Photography Competitions, Kids Competitions, Slogan and Tie Breaker Competitions, Longer Writing Competitions, Video Competitions and other creative competitions). Each skill section will give ideas and handy tips and hints to give you a great start.

Ready to start winning creative competitions?

Read our beginners guides to winning the different types of creative competitions:

Please remember CREATIVITY WILL WIN – not necessarily the skill level. In fact, in most cases – a badly executed idea that will win over an expertly produced rubbish idea – these guides are to help you become confident in improving your skills so that you can enter more effortlessly and so get more enjoyment out of them.

Variety is the spice of life! Random winning in prize draw can sometimes go in our favour, and sometimes not. A dry run is the perfect time to enter creative competitions because it shakes you up!

Not Creative? Pah! Everyone is creative in some way! Everyone has ideas. Everyone can win creative competitions. Most creative competitions only require a very little effort. You can spend a dreary morning learning one skill that you fancy having – and you will NEVER HAVE TO RELEARN IT! Once you have learnt a small skill – you’ll want to test it out!

Weapon of Choice? Once you are in touch with your skillset – use your particular passions to win! Maybe you like general things like gardening, cooking, interiors, outdoor pursuits, watching TV, comedy or news or cakes?

Feel Good Factor! Whatever your weapon – use it to win! Winning a prize based on your efforts has the feel-good-factor. The feeling a creative/skill-based prize is very different from randomly winning. Try it and see!

Slowly, slowly, catchy monkey! Have you heard that phrase? If you are new to creative competitions, start with the lower effort ones. Build your confidence. Maybe choose a skill you are already familiar with like photographing and build on that first.

Boost Your Wins! Creative competitions tend to have a lower entry rate than prize draws. If you can do twenty randomly drawn competitions – why would you concentrate on one? Well! You are counting on that attitude! That attitude makes the entry count lower!

So… what are you waiting for! Have a browse through the creative competitions now, and then come back to the guide for a heads up – or read through the guide for some inspiration – the choice is yours! Good Luck!