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Free Listing* – For a basic competition listing, you can add your competition to our site for FREE. You won't have any control over it's position in the listings.

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Premium Competition Listing

With a Premium Listing we can offer you the opportunity to drive more traffic to your site by featuring your competition more prominently on ThePrizeFinder site, you can also get your competition included in our newsletters and mentioned on both Facebook and Twitter.

  • Brand Awareness – By taking advantage of the Premium Listing, your Brand will gain maximum brand exposure.
  • Website Traffic – We will drive significantly more traffic to your site, introducing thousands of new people to your business. You can expect to get a huge number of people entering your competitions enabling you to develop and build your database.
  • Collecting Data – You will be able to collect specific data from the traffic we direct to your site when they complete the competition entry form (email address, mailing address, profile data, etc - dependent on your requirements). This will enable you to develop an on-going relationship with future customers.
  • New Customers – By showcasing your business to thousands of new potential customers and developing on-going communication with them, this could lead to future sales and an on-going customer relationship.
  • Accountability – You can track sales and directly resulting from ThePrizeFinder by referring domain theprizefinder.com in your analytics package.

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Important information*

• If your site specialises in discount codes, competitions, voucher, offers, loyalty points or lead generation, your competition will not be accepted as a Free Listing, please contact Michelle Young, our Affiliate Manager on +44 (0)1923 340789 or by email at webmaster [at] theprizefinder.com, if you want your competition to be featured on the site.
• Only free-to-enter competitions will be accepted on ThePrizeFinder.
• Facebook competitions must comply with the latest Facebook Promotion Guidelines.
• Please allow up to 3 days for your competition to appear on our site.