ThePrizeFinder In-house Competition Winners

In addition to searching the web for competitions, we also run our own comps and this is where we announce the winners. Did you get lucky?

If you are new to the site, don't forget to check out our blog for our latest ThePrizefinder in-house competitions and winning advice.

  • To celebrate Afternoon Tea Week, we gave away a hamper on our Facebook page

    Congratulations to our winner(s):
    • Tim Graham
  • To help your child get ready for the new school year, we gave away a £50 voucher towards a school uniform.

    £50 voucher towards your school uniform
    Congratulations to our winner(s):
    • Diane Radford
  • Every month we award a £50 voucher to the a winners' story submitted to the site. Submit your own story here.

    £50 Voucher
    Congratulations to our winner(s):
    • January - 2019 Zoe Graham
    • February 2019 - Patricia Bond
    • March 2019 - Amy Briscoe
    • April 2019 - Aimee Charbonnier
    • May 2019 - Tina Underhill
    • June 2019 - Brian Surrey
    • July 2019 - Emma Coull
    • August 2019 - Lisette Davidson
    • September 2019 - Susan Campbell
    • October 2019 - Tracy Astwood
    • November 2019 - Rona Wynne
    • December 2019 - Caroline Cordery
    • January 2020 - Jo Orr
    • February 2020 - Suzie Moore
    • March 2020 - Karen Houghton
    • April 2020 - Nadine
    • May 2020 - Emma Coull
    • June 2020 - Lewis Pettit
    • July 2020 - Emma Coull
    • August 2020 - Emma Cummings
    • September 2020 - Rosemary Jones
    • October 2020 - Emmaline Bach
    • November 2020 -Beverley Duckworth
  • In our Summer Competition, we offered you the chance to win a Chiminea for your garden.

    Congratulations to our winner(s):
    • Alice Dixon
  • Earlier this month we ran our very first competition on Instagram! Keep an eye out for more competitions by following ThePrizeFinder's Instagram page

    Wimbledon towel and flannels
    Congratulations to our winner(s):
    • Catherine Bell
  • We gave you the chance to win a cabin-sized suitcase, perfect for your summer holidays!

    Cabin suitcase
    Congratulations to our winner(s):
    • Maureen Sadler
  • 8th June was National Best Friends Day and to celebrate we gave away a £25 Amazon voucher to you and your BFF.

    2 x £25 Amazon voucher
    Congratulations to our winner(s):
    • Lorraine Polley
  • Friday 17th May was World Baking Day! To celebrate we gave away a baking hamper on our Facebook page.

    Baking hamper
    Congratulations to our winner(s):
    • Becca Walton
  • To celebrate Star Wars Day, we gave our Facebook friends the chance to win 2 Star Wars Funko Pop figures.

    2 x 2 Star Wars Funko Pop figures
    Congratulations to our winner(s):
    • Emma Hastings
    • Yvonne Roy
  • With April being Home Improvement Month, we decided to give away a £50 John Lewis voucher on our Facebook page.

    1 x £50 John Lewis voucher
    Congratulations to our winner(s):
    • Heather Reading