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  • Lovely New Chair

    Posted by hdh74

    Friday, February 17, 2017

    I won a new sofa a couple of years ago, in a national newspaper competition. I love this sofa but I really wanted to win an amrchair that would go nicely with it. Not something you see all that often in competitions, a single armchair. I also wanted quite a high seat one as i am recovering from a serious accident which makes getting in and out of a chair difficult. I was delighted to see a facebook competition to win an arm chair. My sofa is beige and navy. The chair was beige and burgundy - not a perfect match but I thought it might look ok. I was delighted when they messaged me telling me I had one. Imagine my surprise when they told me that someone had accidently sold the giveaway chair so could I please choose an alternative. Naturally I chose one to match my sofa. So my furniture in the living room is sorted!

  • Fabulous February

    Posted by Lindz0201

    Thursday, February 16, 2017

    February has been a great month firstly I won a box of wax melts on Facebook, then I won a local comp to have a curly blow wave, and lashes and make up. Then I won a valentine twitter comp which was some roots crisps and lindor chocolates and last but not least an amazing double pram worth at least £500.

  • Christmas Not Over!

    Posted by saintuk

    Thursday, February 16, 2017

    Thinking that the Advents had passed me by yet again, I had a WEM mid January from Godiva, informing me I had won one of their £100 hampers, so long any dieting New Years Resolutions! haha!

  • new years eve party

    Posted by fitwell

    Saturday, February 11, 2017

    normally in bed as the clock chimes midnight , last year  I won a party with Tesco and Bacardi worth £1,000 including a years Spotify account and a polaroid camera. The food and drink started arriving after Christmas, enough to feed a small army, and on the night we were joined by our own mixologist , Colin, who demonstrated his juggling skills with various bottles and concocted some mean and very potent cocktails, a great night was had by all the family,we are still eating leftovers

  • My first ever win

    Posted by dottydott

    Saturday, February 11, 2017

    I have only been comping since 1st Feb, and just had my first ever win.. of some glue dots which my made other half laugh because my user name is Dotty Dott

    I am still so shocked to win something.. thanks to Prizefinder



    Posted by becjames18

    Friday, February 10, 2017

    I posted on here recently about my win to Gran Caneria (going on Monday) and I was over the moon about this prize as top of my comping list!!

    I then looked at the winners stories and saw someone had won two holidays recently and I thought that's very very lucky and how funny would it be if I did too.. Late that day in the post office que I checked my emails to find I HAD WON ANOTHER HOLIDAY.


    I re read the email 100 times as its to the MALDIVES AND DUBAI!! Maldives location pictured :) the trip costs over £12k!!


    I still can't believe my luck and it just shows you have to keep going as I won this through CNtraveller in NOVEMBER and only found out .. so you never know when your emails will make your day!!


    We are sooo excited!! I recently won £25 through a local facebook comp which helped the January blues!


    Good luck all and happy valentines <3 xx

  • Kidzania tickets & Film premier tickets!!!

    Posted by sweet_ting_nb@…

    Tuesday, February 7, 2017

    In the autumn last year I won 4 kidzania tickets to the attraction my niece was desperate to visit so went with her friends in Nov for her birthday treat followed by a nice dinner. This week I've just been told I won 3 tickets to the 50 shades darker film premier in London with the stars!!

    So exciting to be attending a red carpet event (via a heart radio comp) with my sister and best friend and be able to share experiences with those around you is great.

    I started regularly comping about a year ago and enter the things that make my eyes light up- I think this site is brilliant for helping you keep track of the entries and great variety of prizes out there. Thank you Prizefinder!

  • Theatre Trip

    Posted by Buttons23

    Monday, February 6, 2017

    Only had two wins so far in 2017 but both have been really good. I won £150 worth of expensive luxury toiletries and then this week I have won a red letter voucher worth £100. I have put it towards afternoon tea and theatre tickets to see Wicked. Have booked it a couple of days after my mum's birthday so will be a great birthday treat for her! 

  • Fantastic prize

    Posted by susan21

    Monday, February 6, 2017

    I am new to comping but have won over £4,000 worth of prize in 2016 most only them have only been small but they all add up I've won quiet a few voucher for love2shop and M&S a F&M hamper and lots of meals out, just won a FitBit smart watch on Twitter from a comp I found from prize finder. And I have a notepad on its way to me.

    This is a wonderful site.

  • Veetee rice recipe won £2500

    Posted by Ahharashley

    Wednesday, February 1, 2017

    It was early last year I found this Veetee rice recipe competition on the Prizefinder  website. I sent in a Salmon Parmesan Arancini recipe together with a photo of the dish.  I was so thrill when I found out that I have won the top prize  £2500 Thomson Holiday  gift card. . There were other smaller prizes like  two £1000 and five £500 Thomson Gift card too. As well as the gift card Veete also printed all the winning recipe on their recipe book. What an honour.

    Last October my husband and I spent my gift card on a week luxurious holiday in Las Vegas. We stayed at the Bellagio. Everything was top class. We did a bit of gambling, played on a lo of the fruit machine and we watched a show. We hired a car and went to the desert. We had a really good time. We enjoyed every minutes of the holiday.

     Thank you Prizefinder for putting this lovely competition on the website.