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  • Raining prizes in April

    Posted by rosejanes

    Wednesday, April 28, 2021

    My first win in April was some Bose Sport Earbuds. Then I won £10 with Viewsbank. On Instagram I won from Healthy Twist lots of cereal and a £25 John Lewis voucher.
    My other wins were all via Twitter. From Bella Magazine “Death in Paradise” DVD. White Owl a book called “Dogs” by Mike Loades. This will be fabulous present for my friend who loves dogs.
    Lastly my favourite win this month was some wellie boots in purple my favourite colour from Grub’s Boots. I am looking forward to some rain so I can wear them!

  • Dreamies

    Posted by KARENMH

    Tuesday, April 27, 2021

    Prizes come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes the smaller prizes just keep us motivated. This month I have won with Dreamies- a large packet of cat treats with a £15 Netflix voucher. Also a scarf, some coffee and a mug. All really useful prizes . Loved browsing through Prizefinder and making my entries. Sometimes I share the prizes out with friends/family. So if I think I can't use some of the runner-up prizes this does not deter me from entering. Charity shops are also welcoming to any runner - up prizes that can't be used. Hoping to report more wins soon . You never know when the postie will knock on the door.

  • Won the perfect spring summer dress!

    Posted by sweet_ting_nb@…

    Monday, April 26, 2021

    I entered a competition to win a blue ruffle dress from the clothing store Peacocks. They run them often along with some other clothing stores on their social media for a Friday freebie giveaway.

    It was simple to enter just having to enter a particular word under a post and just 3 days later on Monday afternoon I got a message from them to email my details so I could claim my prize!

    This is perfect timing for me aa I'm currently adding a few new pieces for the season and as I've put on lockdown weight need some staples to add to my wardrobe that fit and look fabulousm

  • Icon Outlet £20 gift card

    Posted by Tabbycat1

    Monday, April 19, 2021

    Entered a competition to win a £20 gift card for Icon at the O2, which is fairly near me. Got an email saying I'd won a gift card, so I printed out the email, went down there and claimed the card.

    Decided to spend it on the day as the cards had an expiry date in early May. It turned out to be one of my typical shopping trips where I go there looking for a particular item of clothing, but none of the shops have what I'm after, so I end up spending money on other things (but not CDs as is my wont, because the Icon outlet had nowhere that sold them). Was looking for light blue jeans to replace a worn-out pair, but couldn't find a pair I liked in my size. Instead, bought a coolbag from the Regatta store, because until the government stops trying to take down details of anyone who eats out at restaurants, picnics are the order of the day.

    Tried to be good and spend the rest on healthy things at Holland and Barrett, but that didn't work as their IT wasn't set up to take the gift card, so instead, I wound up spending the rest of it in Hotel Chocolat. Still, nice stroke of luck. Was interesting to go back to the Icon Outlet, but will only return there when they start taking cash again: I don't spend any of my own money at places that don't take my cash, because anonymity is essential for privacy, which in turn is essential for liberty.

  • Story books and Vodka

    Posted by vodka

    Wednesday, March 31, 2021

    I have been lucky enough to win a few books from Toppsta over the last month. Great for the grandchildren and I donated one to the Community Fridge Easter Raffle. My Vodka win/gift came from pointing out on twitter that a comp a firm was running for an Easter Egg bundle actually closed after the event. I was very nice about it and they took it in good `spirit` and sent me a bottle of vodka. The little note they sent said `We took notice of your twitter handle and sent something we hope you enjoy` My twitter handle is Vodkawitch88. How good is that!

  • The Easter Bunny is branching out

    Posted by Lukesmummy

    Tuesday, March 30, 2021

    It's been a while since I believed in the Easter Bunny but my faith has been restored thanks to this lovely little instagram competition win.

    On the Prize Finder I stumbled upon a competition being run by L'Occitane beauty and Krispy Creme doughnuts.

    Now I usually ignore instagram competitions but the idea of free doughnuts was too much to resist - never mind all the beauty products too

    They were giving away to ten lucky winners a dozen doughnuts and two beauty Easter eggs full of body care.

    And I was one of them!

    Roll on Easter, no stealing chocolate from the kids, I'll have to get these hidden before they try and nick them off me!

  • Comping through Lockdown

    Posted by rosejanes

    Sunday, March 28, 2021

    Throughout lockdown I have tried to keep busy and enter as many different competitions on different platforms as possible. I had a win from Twitter a book called ‘Both of You’ by Adele Parks.
    Then I had my first telephone call win with a company called Two Keys. You had to ring on Margarita Day and answer a question. The prize was a cocktail kit. You can see what I won in the photo!
    On a web competition I won a book called ‘The Winter Promise’ by Rosie Goodwin. The prize was from Yours magazine. I also won with Abakus Food. The prize is some seaweeed crisps and some doughlicious goodies. I am still awaiting delivery of them. That was an Instagram competition. Happy comping everyone!

  • Childrens game

    Posted by KARENMH

    Friday, March 26, 2021

    The children just love post turning up out of the blue addressed to them. The latest March win was a game called Windy knickers!
    Described as the Silly spinning, granny giggling , windy washing game it certainly lived up to its name. Good family fun all round, kept everyone distracted and busy all evening.
    With all the current events you have to take your fun when you can.
    Keep listing the competitions Prizefinder and we will keep entering. It's a nice keep me sane diversion.
    To anyone awaiting a win - keep entering and the wins will come.

  • When you really need a little boost!

    Posted by vodka

    Friday, March 19, 2021

    When all your efforts seem to be wasted, and even the £1 Spar win isn`t even in your area, the comping fairy having flown right on by. You get a little email that cheers you right up. This prize is a letterbox Mothers Day hamper won from the Weekend Pages which was listed here on

    It has really cheered me up and just shows you that even the smaller prizes are very welcome. I have also won a Toppsta book this month on there website. I usually donate these books to the local school so every prize finds a good home.

  • Olive oil win

    Posted by Mini9

    Friday, March 5, 2021

    I entered a competition through the Sussex Magazine in January as they were promoting the local Gay Farmer, the prize being tins of olive oil.
    It looks very special packaged in very sturdy tins and is organic extra virgin oil from the Farmer's Mother's small holding in Murcia in Spain.
    We do lots of cooking using olive oil daily.
    The package of two tins of olive oil arrived a couple of days ago, we are looking forward to using it soon.

    This is my first win through the Prize Finder site and it is so exciting to receive a prize, it made my day, thank you.