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  • Twitter win

    Posted by tinytina

    Saturday, February 9, 2019

    I have only won on Twitter a couple of times since I have been comping so it was a lovely surprise to have won this week with Dorothy Perkins TuesdayShoesday competition. They were very prompt in contacting me and when they realised that the shoes on offer in the competition were sold out in my size they offered me a choice of one of the other two colours available. As you can see I chose the black pair and they arrived today. They fit perfectly and are very confortable so I am a very happy bunny. I have won some lovely prizes over the years so a big. thank you to The PrizeFinder and all the lovely companies who run the competitions.

  • 2nd Win for 2019!

    Posted by sweet_ting_nb@…

    Friday, February 1, 2019

    I was contacted by Wickers Gift Baskets last week and delighted to win a luxury gift hamper filled with goodies worth nearly £100!

    It arrived within a few days, the hamper alone is high quality and can be used over again and all the goodies were of great quality including some hand made Cornish cookies, botanical cola and my favourite Belvoir pink lemonade.

    Thanks Prize Finder for this amazing website, it's so easy to use and track comps, filter through what's not appealing etc and just look at the results. Let's see what other wins 2019 has to offer.

  • Florida?! OH OK THEN!!

    Posted by natalielara

    Thursday, January 31, 2019

    My dream came true with Magic FM - I won a holiday to Florida. It wasn't easy though! I had to go on the radio and play a generation game style game where I had to try and remember as much as possible in 10 seconds - against another player. I scored higher and was pronounced the lucky winner! We are staying in Universal and have tickets to all the Universal parks... I am so excited - we are going for my daughters 8th birthday in August :) She is super excited and now thinks she has the coolest Mum ever!

  • Dry January

    Posted by Racho

    Thursday, January 31, 2019

    I find January is like a hangover, nothing much good usually comes out of it and I tend to take a break from entering anywhere near as many comps, as well as lose motivation at the same time!! Of course if you plant a few seeds in November and December there’s always that chance something might come to fruition. This month my only 2 prizes came from exactly that.
    A £10 entertainer gift voucher via surprise post and a £100 cheque, both were entry form competitions. So that is lovely and perhaps I’ll get back up to speed in the coming month!
    Good luck all.

  • Advent Calendar Win - Cirio

    Posted by redsdad

    Wednesday, January 30, 2019

    A hamper of CIRIO goodies. As an avid cook, these are ideal for me. I feel a pasta bake coming on. This was also second time lucky, as I won a similar box of goodies last year, complete with a Mocha Pot, which has had it's fair share of use. Admittedly, I did have some breakages (very messy), but the helpful guys at Cirio dealt with that very quickly, and I soon had replacement products delivered. Food related comps are always a big draw for me, as a win very rarely goes to waste. Best of luck to everyone in their endeavours to win prizes.

  • Pringles Odeon Cinema Tickets

    Posted by Ahharashley

    Tuesday, January 29, 2019

    Last October, I entered the Pringles Odeon cinema tickets draw. What I need to do was to buy a tube of Pringles of any flavour and enter the special code number printed at the bottom of the tin. I bought 10 tubes from the supermarket and start typing them in one at a time to enter. I finally received an email telling me that I had won 4 Odeon cinema ticket codes. I was over the moon because I love going to movie. With the four tickets, my husband and I went to the cinema twice. We went to watch “Mamma mia! Here we go again” at Odeon at the Trafford Centre and also we went to watch “How to survive Christmas” at Odeon Manchester. What a treat. Lovely night outs for free. What can be better? It was not a high value prize, but it was a fun prize to win. Absolutely fabulous.

  • In the Pink

    Posted by cotswoldlass

    Monday, January 28, 2019

    First win of the year was an email from the Coop to say that I was one of the 30 winners of a Mateus Rose Gift Pack and last Friday the prize was duly delivered. - Perfect for the weekend !
    When wins are thin on the ground I always search for comps with a larger pool of prizes to give myself a better chance of a win. This time it worked and it's given me the motivation to keep trying for the bigger prizes which do seem to be harder to win these days.
    Wishing evryone else the best of luck for 2019.

  • Lucky January

    Posted by amanda77

    Friday, January 25, 2019

    2019 has started out fantastically,in the same week,i won a delicious hamper,full of Yorkshire produce,the next day came the pièce de résistance-An Xbox one S courtesy of Burger King. I was absolutely over the moon to win this,I certainly wouldn't have spare to be able to afford this console. Needless to say I've got an extremely happy family. I wouldn't have spare money to be able to afford this console,so this really was a dream to win. I appreciate all the prizes I win,no matter how big or small,but this really did,blow me away.

  • Ski holiday win!

    Posted by bevmcomp

    Monday, January 21, 2019

    Won a amazing skiing holiday to the St-Martin-Belleville through Prize finder holidays section, it had activities,food and transport from the airport all catered for, unfortunately i couldn't go because of a long term health problem, but my stepson and his girlfriend went and had the most surreal experience ever, they sent me a video and photos,their food was cooked by a 5* Michelin chef & they catered for holly's vegeterian diet too.. i was so so jealous! lol. It just goes to show, perseverance pays off as i entered this in Febuary

  • Lucky site!

    Posted by Barbarella110

    Wednesday, January 16, 2019

    Thanks to I joined Psydro and it is proving very lucky for me! I joined in November and was delighted to win a £20 love to shop voucher in their monthly draw. This was my first win for over 12 months and then at the end of December I won a £10 voucher! They give loads of prizes each month to people who write reviews on the site. It is well worth joining as it is fast becoming the number one site for reviews. So Thank you prize finder for introducing me to this brilliant site:-)