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  • £150 Sundried Sports Fashion Vouchers

    Posted by LADYJANE

    Saturday, April 30, 2022

    I won an amazing prize recently with Women's Health Magazine, £150 worth of Sundried Sports vouchers to spend on their website. I shared my prize with my cousins and got myself a lovely sports outfit. I'm very happy with my prize, as sportswear can be very expensive. For those who don't believe anyone wins from the click & win competitions on magazines, believe me, they do, so keep persevering and enter daily. Good luck to everyone!

  • Flowers, flowers, flowers!

    Posted by lennieface

    Saturday, April 30, 2022

    This month has been blooming amazing with 3 competition wins for bouquets of flowers thanks to PrizeFinder. All three wins were thanks to mothers day competitions. One of my prizes I donated to my mum as an extra Mother's Day present and the other two are pictured. One of my prizes is actually a 3 month subscription to bouquets so will be nice to have two more delivered in the next few months! I also won a selection of teas this month thanks to National Tea Day on Twitter and a few books for my daughter. Thank you Prizefinder for all your help!

  • Easter creative competition win!

    Posted by SKnightley

    Saturday, April 30, 2022

    During Easter week I entered a competition on Facebook run by an appliances business, for the best decorated eggs. Me and my little girl used an egg dying kit to make our eggs different colours, and then covered them with bits of silver leaf. They looked really pretty! And we won! Our prize was a pan set - we got to choose which set we wanted - and they filled one of the pans with lollies which my daughter was very pleased about! She was very good and shared them out with her brothers. I like entering creative competitions as it gives me ideas for activities to do with my daughter, so we have a good time entering them even if we don’t win. And often, especially on Facebook, the creative competitions are quite low entry.

  • Trip to Dominica

    Posted by spage

    Saturday, April 23, 2022

    A few years ago through The Prizefinder, I entered a competition on Wanderlust magazine to win a trip to Dominica for 4 nights. Out of the thousands of entrance I was very lucky to win. I got to stay in this lovely guest house with Tom and his wife. They were the most amazing hosts and Tom showed us all the best bits of the island including this chocolate factory. We got to see the most beautiful sunsets and fell in love with Island and its inhabitants despite living through the devastation of the hurricane. One trip I will never forget.

  • Blooming marvellous

    Posted by rosejanes

    Friday, April 22, 2022

    April has been blooming marvellous. I won a bundle of plants from Perfect Plantings Nursery. The plants are for a shade border and include a couple of foxgloves which I adore. My husband Brian was ecstatic as he loves his flower garden.
    My big prize was a £2000 voucher for an EasyJet package holiday courtesy of a Walkers Crisp competition. I have booked a holiday in Spain for later in the year and have enough credit for another holiday next year!
    I also won some pot noodles from Mr Lee’s Pure Foods and a £25 Tesco voucher from Gift Better.
    My friends were excited by my holiday win and have now started comping to. I of course told them about The Prize Finder. Thank you so much for the competition listings.

  • Electricity Help!

    Posted by Supersonicwoman

    Thursday, March 31, 2022

    My Monday morning was brightened considerably when I received a DM on Twitter telling me I was the lucky winner of Boiler Centrals £250 cash to help with rising electricity costs.

    As I live in Scotland, here in the highlands it has been snowing in the last few days, and having been notified on the Monday, the money was in my bank on the Tuesday and it went straight into our electricity account!

    Price rises are affecting us all but this was a very timely win for us as SSE had just put my monthly DD up from £210 to £314 and this was a big stretch for our finances.

    Isn't comping amazing! Now we are all nice and warm!

    I found the comp right here on the Prizefinder too!

  • Runner up prize

    Posted by compmad-mel

    Thursday, March 31, 2022

    I recently entered a competition to win a spa break and when I got an email quoting that competition I got so excited as I thought that I had finally done it at last after trying to win a spa break since I first started comping way back in 2008! Sadly, I was a runner up in the competition but once I knew what I had won my disappointment faded away. I was lucky enough to win a recycled tartan blanket of my choice, a Love Cocoa hamper full of lots of chocolate goodies and a copy of the book The Sanatorium. I have shown them here they in the photo. I WILL win a spa break one day I am determined.

  • Self care package for 2

    Posted by remcmillan

    Thursday, March 31, 2022

    This was a competition to win a self care package for you and a friend. There are still some edible delights that are on their way as part of the prize. I will be sharing it with my good comping friend Alison as we tag each other in many competitions. Lovely timing as having both lost our mum's and it being mother's day recently we deserve some self care and pampering. It all smells so lovely. I can't wait to try the products. Just need to make sure my teenage daughter doesn't nick them off me.

  • Winning month

    Posted by beemer12

    Thursday, March 31, 2022

    March has been a great month firstly won £96 on the lottery, then won my cousin a JCB VIP Factory tour, also won my niece a merlin pass which would have cost £100 then £50 crossword. Also won champagne afternoon tea for 2, then cinema tickets for 2 have won tickets for beer festival a dominos pizza! tasty, so in all a very good month
    Love comping and priizefinder is one of the best websites i have seen love to see people win nice prizes and making them extremely happy!
    Steven Veasey me having a pint at the festival!

  • If at first you don't succeed

    Posted by ckelly2304

    Wednesday, March 30, 2022

    I started comping when my daughter was little and would comp in the evening when she was in bed. I won lots of lovely prizes in the first couple of years, one of which was a Product of the Year Goodie Bag worth around £200. I was determined to win another one of these and each year I would enter all competitions I could to win one. This year I finally won another one through a netmums competitions found on
    I have a dog now as well as a an 11 year old and Dolly liked mummy's hobby as much as the 11 year old does when she receives treats that I've won for her!