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  • Trash into Cash

    Posted by Supersonicwoman

    Saturday, October 14, 2023

    I was a lucky Jackpot Winner with the Litter Lotto app and their partnership with Keep Scotland Beautiful and I won £250. I found out about the app on the sister site of the Prizefinder, Chatterbox, and downloaded it.

    One day while I was binning litter as I was wont to do during my walking commute to work, a ping went on my phone and it was a message telljng me I had won TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY POUNDS which incidentally was in my bank less than 7 days later. I became a local celebrity and was featured in the Highland Times online, and the Green Hive Nairn blog, and people stop me in the street and say well done.

    I have also to some extent put Nairn on the map, but best of all I was a press release in which I was interviewed and was able to share the benefits with everyone of binning litter. Keeping the world a greener, cleaner place has become a joy to me with the most amazing reward!!

  • Gin and Chocs

    Posted by vodka

    Friday, October 13, 2023

    I was absolutely thrilled to receive the hamper containing a bottle of exquisite gin with mixers a selection of delectable chocolates, and a set of elegant glasses .A truly delightful surprise win and even better if was from a creative comp listed on Prize Finder for Grandparents Day. You needed to write about a memory or something you enjoyed doing with your grand parents.
    I do like creative writing and these sort of competitions are very much my favourite. This will be another Christmas present and I know the person who will receive it will be delighted.

  • Dreams can come true!

    Posted by clackc

    Thursday, October 12, 2023

    Found this competition on here early this year to win a trip to the Maldives including your holiday wardrobe from Phase Eight! Could not not believe my luck as had only just started doing comps through here and have never really been lucky. I was also very sceptical this was some sort of scam!
    £500 of vouchers came through which I gleefully spent in store with a promise that the resort and airline would be in touch. I waited several months and sent several chasers to the organiser and still thought the Maldives part of the prize was not going to happen. I suspected I would be told sorry but time had elapsed.
    Then in June I got asked for suitable dates and the resort and airline followed up with confirmation and tickets respectively. It was actually happening!
    My husband and I have just returned from this once in a lifetime trip and we had the most amazing experience with memories that will last forever. Bucket list tick!
    Proof that "you've got to be in it to win it" and "dreams really can come true"!

  • An unusual but beautiful handbag!

    Posted by SKnightley

    Saturday, September 30, 2023

    I entered a competition last month from the Prize Finder listings to win a beautiful handbag worth £150 from a boutique in London. I usually enter the closing soon competitions, so received a message only a day after entering to say that I was the lucky winner. The bag is so beautiful … it’s vegan which is great, and came beautifully wrapped in a special box that made it feel like opening a Christmas present! It’s very unique and I get a lot of comments when using it, I like something a bit different!

  • Pressie Time

    Posted by lennieface

    Tuesday, September 26, 2023

    Last month I posted that I had won some wrapping paper and birthday cards which I was planning to use for my nephews 1st birthday in October. I mentioned I now just needed to win a present to use the wrapping paper for. I went through Prizefinders children's listings and entered all the suitable competitions but didn't receive any win notifications. The day before I was planning to go birthday shopping a surprise delivery from the postman bought me a selection of Bluey books - perfect as my nephew loves Bluey! I do love when a suprise win turns up - thank you Prizefinder!

  • Life is Sweet

    Posted by vodka

    Tuesday, September 19, 2023

    Life is sweet with free rum and chocolate treats! After a dry spell with just a few very welcome U2U wins along the the way a `sweetener` arrives. Won though a comp on Instagram and listed on The Prizefinder. I usually use the search bar and enter that way rather than go through all the closing soon listings. Very happy to start my Christmas present list with this welcome prize. Hoping to add quite a few more! I usually manage to win a few toys or books that are always useful and I`m still hoping for that holiday prize.

  • Hot wheels toy cars

    Posted by KAhoughton

    Monday, September 18, 2023

    This lovely little set of toy cars from Hot Wheels arrived today. It will make one of my nephews really happy. Entered because the competition had 50 prizes , so that gives you more of a chance of a win.
    Also won a cute little Paddington Bear earlier in the month. This was from a competition where you had to buy a product from Go Go Squeeze. A sort of fruit pouch product. When there is a requirement to buy a product it gives you a good chance of a win, also a good incentive to try a new product.
    I am trying to look out for comps like this in your listings where an extra bit of effort is required. Right off to enter a few more.

  • Cosy win for autumn

    Posted by lauralove

    Friday, September 8, 2023

    I have just received today a prize which I won recently on the YourHome magazine website which I entered via the prize The prize was a pillow and a 10.5 tog duvet. The duvet was your own choice of size which was great as I needed a new duvet for our bed and chose a king size. Really delighted with this win as it will be useful as the autumn weather is coming in. This is the first reasonably big win I have had recently even though I enter loads of competitions and hope it is the start of a better run of wins! Who knows!

  • Florida Holiday Win

    Posted by ben1985

    Saturday, September 2, 2023

    I won a holiday to Florida with Monster Energy ! We explored most of the state including the race track in Daytona, and of course Disney and Universal Studios in Orlando ! It was so enjoyable and so much fun !

    We were there for about 2 weeks. Monster paid for the flights, hotel, and transfers. All food and drinks were also included, and we could drink as many Monsters as we wanted, they were on tap !
    The flights were direct with Aer Lingus, and they put us up in the luxury Hard Rock Hotel !!!!

  • Instant Win Coca Cola App

    Posted by deblathwell

    Thursday, August 31, 2023

    I have been comping for a few years now but never much bothered with entering daily instant wins. I tried a few this year without much success and had been playing a prize draw game on the Coca Cola App daily for a few weeks.
    Every time I entered I got a “you’re not a winner” message and to be honest I was getting rather bored with it. I can remember thinking “I might as well enter yet again” and logged on as normal expecting the usual message. However, something different popped up this time and I stared in disbelief! “Success!” Ehhhh? It took me a minute to take it in. I had to do a double take!
    I had won a £100 Selfridges voucher! Totally unexpected.
    This was a lovely surprise and I will use it to start my Christmas shopping. So the moral of this story is…never give up!