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  • A weekend in a Cotswold cottage!

    Posted by SKnightley

    Monday, October 31, 2022

    In the summer I entered an Instagram competition listed on Prize Finder to win an autumn/winter weekend break in a cottage in the Cotswolds. I was so amazed when I received the winning notification! I could choose from any of the 12 cottages on the cottages website, and for any dates over autumn and winter. So 2 weeks ago me, my partner and our teenage son had a lovely long weekend in an absolutely beautiful cottage in the Cotswolds, which is an area I’ve never visited before and we would never have had the experience without winning the prize. They also left us a gorgeous basket full of goodies to enjoy during our stay. Thank you Prize Finder for all your listings! Xx

  • A Hamper full Of WEBBOX goodies for my Fur Baby!!

    Posted by deblou75

    Sunday, October 30, 2022

    I received a parcel today, and having no email, or wasn't expecting anything in particular, I was Intrigued to see what was inside! And to my amazement I had won a hamper full of Webbox cat goodies, including pouches of food and other treats! What a fab win this was, and I simply entered one of the giveaways on the Prizefinder for the "Your Cat" magazine!!
    As you can see from the photo, my cat Nala was curious to see what I had won for her!! Shes a little poser!!
    Thank you to everyone at Prizefinder!

  • Winning

    Posted by beemer12

    Sunday, October 23, 2022

    This has been a lovely month won £75 then my friend won a hand game console have been entering comps for years and its lovely to see people win even small items I just love doing them and have got my friends doing it now. its a great hobby and its fun! My friend has won a years supply of dog food and a cookery day she was amazed by this and has won tickets for her grandchildren to events. My husband has won a few things also and now hes a dedicated comper to so everyone keep entering you never know if it will be you getting the email, telephone call or letter in the post!!

  • Double Whammy

    Posted by Kathyislucky

    Monday, October 17, 2022

    Today has been a very lucky day. Firstly I got an email this morning telling me I've won the Mason Cash prize of £120 of baking bowls and other items and then I heard this afternoon I've won an Andrex Puppy toy!!! Lovely start to a new week. Thank you prize finder as without you I would hear about these amazing competitions!! It's such a great feeling when you get that email or message telling you that you're a winner!!! My husband is amazed and now wants me to enter even more as he wants something now!!

  • A years supply of ...

    Posted by compmad-mel

    Friday, October 14, 2022

    One of the things that is often on a compers wish list is to win a years supply of a product or service and recently I actually managed to do it. I entered a competition to win a years supply of cider and I won. It has taken a while for any cider to arrive but after chasing politely a couple of times a case of 24 cans arrived. I wondered if that was it for the year but reckoned that 2 cans a month seemed a bit lame so I enquired if this was to be the only delivery and I was told that I will get the same each month to save on storage so I have everything crossed that it all arrives. I am delighted and I know I will be a very popular friend as I share it all around in the coming months. The photo shows a few of my first lot of cans and very tasty it is too. I love comping as you never know what you will be lucky enough to get for your next win.

  • Totally terrific Tesla Y

    Posted by stevew

    Friday, October 14, 2022

    Hi ,I started entering competitions at the age of 10 (56 years ago ) winning my first prize of a water colour painting set in a Saturday Morning Cinema Punch and Judy painting set.That spurred me on and I won several education books at Primary School ! As I grew older I entered the car competitions in the Reveille magazine. A fellow pupil on the school bus exclaimed that his Mother had won a Cadburys win a dream competition and as She loved horses ,she opted for an indoor horse training arena,it was some prize as we say in Cornwall ! I have ebntered probably thousands of Comps over the years,winning numerous small prizes and some larger prizes,£1252 and £252 on Atlantic 252,AHolidays to Brittany in a Gite for a week,trips to Monaco,The Belgium Grand Prix compliments of Fosters Lager,trips to Germany,Champagne area and the biggest prizes of an ABI Ace Orbit caravan (Sunday Mirror ),in 2016 a Renault Clio (Auto express ) and in April of this year an amazing Tesla Y (Autotrader ),the most expensive prize won so far ! I suppose the morale of the story is don't give up,you never know,you could be lucky ! Good Luck !

  • A Cereal win

    Posted by compmad-mel

    Sunday, October 9, 2022

    I was delighted to get an email recently from Doves Farm to say I had won their competition to win a set of their cereals-4 boxes of different cereals. It did take a while for them to arrive but they kept me informed along the way. The cereals are all organic and I received a box of ancient grain fruit and fibre, wholegrain cocoa rice pops, ancient grain cereal hoops and ancient grain breakfast flakes so these will keep me going for a while and save me having to buy cereals. I love comping as it means I try new things I never would have bought.

  • Hair of the BrewDog

    Posted by vodka

    Wednesday, October 5, 2022

    I was lucky enough to win a £50 Brewdog voucher on their daily competition. I decided to get some Christmas boozy presents and chose these two bottles. They arrived within a few days so very impressed with the service. Another lovely win l had recently was £150 golden moments voucher with a txt competition. The prizefinder and compersnews chatterbox are my favourite places to find current comps. I was given an overnight hotel stay and BGT tickets by a comper on chatterbox and was able to donate lots of chocolate bar vouchers from the recent supporther comp. I really enjoy the community spirit on the site.

  • The dry period for not winning is over

    Posted by gudspud

    Saturday, October 1, 2022

    The lovely people at Cornwall living e-mailed to tell me I had won one of their competitions and shared my details with the prize provider. I waited a couple of weeks but nothing arrived so I chased it up, Copperfish distillery was more than apologetic but stated they had sent the prize and because of the postal strikes special curried it for a second time to make sure I got it. It arrived this morning in time for my wife’s sixtieth birthday so a real treat as she loves her gin. 4 bottles of gin and 2 glasses, the bottles were either silver or gold medal winners

  • Gorgeous foodie prizes!

    Posted by SKnightley

    Friday, September 30, 2022

    I won a couple of lovely food bundle prizes in September, which have been real treats. The first was with Higgidy on Instagram. They were running a photo competition over the summer for their products so I posted a photo of a family tea I made for us at the caravan with one of their quiches and included the packaging, and then was really surprised to receive their message in September to say I was one of the winners! I also won a similar photo sharing competition on Instagram with Mackie’s icecream - I got vouchers for 3 tubs of ice-cream plus a selection of their gorgeous chocolate flavours and a professional icecream scoop. It’s so nice to receive food prizes!!