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  • Travel haul

    Posted by lchuffam

    Monday, December 5, 2022

    Christmas came early for me this year, when I won the mystery travel items prize from the Finding the Universe & Independent Travel Cats’ blog. Entry was simple; you just have to be signed up to the newsletter, and then enter details for any or both of the two prizes on offer each month. The prize included one item of my choice - I went for an Aeropress Go coffee maker - and a very large box of assorted goodies. These ranged from an eye mask, bookmark and travel toiletries, to a top-of-the-range photographer’s backpack. Also included were the tiniest speaker I have ever seen - very useful for holiday music, some pocket-sized binoculars and a couple of really cool travel pillows and shawls. In addition, there is a fantastic selection of travel-sized toiletry items, to add to the now-depleted stash of stuff I have - er - “borrowed” from various hotel rooms I have stayed in over the years.

  • A Year's Supply of Finish

    Posted by segment456

    Wednesday, November 30, 2022

    Finish had a useful comp, a year's supply to win.
    That sounded very handy, so I got my entry in.
    Then an email said I'd won! Soon a box was here.
    There's everything I'll need to clean my dishes for a year.
    Lots of washes free of charge, salt and rinse aid too!
    Plates and mugs will sparkle, glasses shine like new.
    I'm thrilled that I have won all this, my efforts have succeeded.
    Perhaps not the most exciting prize but certainly most needed!
    I check Prize Finder every day, your listings are the best.
    If I keep winning comps like this I will be well impressed!

  • Escaped the Escape Rooms!

    Posted by lennieface

    Wednesday, November 30, 2022

    I recently entered a competition on The Prize Finder to win days out in half term with Visit Exeter. The competition had lots of prizes and I recieved an email to say I had won a month's self defence classes. I emailed the organiser back and explained we live about 45 minutes away from Exeter and were hoping to win a day out - I thanked her and said I hoped they could pass the prize on as we couldn't use it. She emailed me straight back and offered me another prize - tickets to an escape room! We went for my partners birthday and had a great time and even managed to escape!

  • I won a baking contest!

    Posted by SKnightley

    Wednesday, November 30, 2022

    I won an amazing prize this month! Splenda on Instagram were running a baking competition in October for the best bake made with their sweetener product. So as it was half term I baked a Halloween cake with my little girl using Splenda, and we decorated it with lots of Halloween sprinkles and decorations, and it won! The prize was brilliant - a gorgeous Nespresso Virtuo coffee machine which now has pride of place in my conservatory, plus about 100 pods which will keep me going for quite a while, and also lots of Splenda sweetener! One of my favourite prizes I’ve ever won!

  • Nashville Looks Good On You!

    Posted by lisagrace

    Tuesday, November 29, 2022

    It certainly did! An all expenses weekend in the country music capital of the world! Who know that answering a simple question (signposted by Prize Finder) would lead to one of the best times of our lives. Recording an original song (written by my dad) in a recording studio with a 5 piece session band, a gorgeous hotel with breakfast, flights, limousine travel, and spending money on top! Insanely amazing! The weather was gorgeous and we had an incredible experience that we will remember FOREVER.

  • Horrible Histories tickets

    Posted by Parris

    Monday, November 28, 2022

    Today I got an email to say I’ve won four tickets to Horrible Histories - Horrible Christmas stage show. There was a choice of venues so we’re going into London to see it. The kids are really excited and looking forward to it already. They watch all the Horrible History shows on the Telly so it will be fab to see it on stage in real life. Even my husband and I are quite excited about seeing it.
    I kept saying I was due a win as I hadn’t won anything for a while. Just goes to show, persistence pays off.

  • A year of free films!

    Posted by dozyorr

    Monday, November 28, 2022

    Best win of the year arrived this month. A very generous prize from Green and Blacks chocolate.
    There were 93 x prizes each consisating of 2 x Everyman Cinema Everywhere passes.

    We were about to buy the cheapest of their annual passes, but I held off 'just in case'. I'm glad I did.
    Really delighted to find out I'd won 2 x passes - each pass is worth £650 and allows unlimited film for 2 people for a whole year. I'd have been happy with just the one to be fair. Luckily my lad and his wife also LOVE films, so I've gifted the second pass to them. I've just activated my membership and booked my first film this week and have already sorted a few more that I'm hoping to see soon. They also show older films too, so Elf is on the cards over the next few weeks!

    Also won 3 x Tesco text comps in the last month too - very rarely win on those, but must be my lucky month!

    Thankyou PrizeFinder as always for listing great comps!

  • £500 Easyjet Win

    Posted by becjames18

    Wednesday, November 23, 2022

    I was so delighted when I recently won the £500 EasyJet Voucher via Facebook after commenting #TeamJet on their post"! Even more so as I entered every day on the Walkers x EasyJet Promotion and didn't win! We spent our voucher on a 3-night trip to the Algarve, half board to celebrate our 10-year anniversary. Here I am loving life on the beautiful beach all thanks to this awesome Hobby - we always joke that we won't ever pa for a trip because I always manage to win us one :) Good luck everyone!!

  • Patch plants

    Posted by KAhoughton

    Sunday, November 20, 2022

    This lovely Patch plants Christmas Cactus was a win from the Inch cider/ Patch plants competition - well a voucher to choose a plant was the actual win. Very good choice of pots and plants.
    Customer service was also excellent - so I will use this company again.
    I was going to give the plant to someone as a gift, but then realised she already had some. No problem as it really brightens up our living room.
    I will keep reading and entering comps on Prizefinder as at this time of year all prizes are going to come in handy.
    Also, nice to read of others wins as it motivates me to enter more competitions. Good Luck everyone for December.

  • Toys to share!

    Posted by Supersonicwoman

    Tuesday, November 15, 2022

    I was lucky enough to win some toys during the year among them this unusual kind of etch a sketch and each year I try to win toys. Why? you might ask, well its because a big trolley appears in our local Co-op and its for MFR Cash for Kids donations of new toys to go to children who have no toys at Christmas time and who are in hospital.

    I try to each year donate as many as I can and this year I have an amazing amount and this is only one of them!

    I have also won an Ambrosia Moley and a Minion and a Disney pencil case with Go Go Squeez!