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  • TUI Disney 50 years Celebration prize

    Posted by BethC69

    Friday, January 28, 2022

    I entered via Facebook on TUI holidays and CANT believe I won their Disney 50 years celebration Mickey Mouse bundle which contained a power bank, a handy pop out retractable charging cable and a pop up Mickey Mouse phone stand… I can’t wait to use it when I’m next on holiday no more having to pack loads and loads of phone wires when I can have it all in one…also power bank will be so useful when I’m out and about rather then having to worry about running out my power bank will see me by……thank you #TUIholidays #WaltDisney50years #mickeymouseprize

  • A lesson for us all...

    Posted by Chorlton43

    Thursday, January 20, 2022

    Well here's a lesson for us all...

    So I've been comping in earnest since December 2017. I mainly do it as a hobby in my spare time, I also find it therapeutic as the competitions give me something to focus on.

    Anyway, I've had a few nice little wins since then, and this Christmas for the first time I decided to enter the advent calendar competitions. I'd clearly gone into autopilot whilst doing this, and probably thought I wouldn't win, as I received a surprise email from Horse & Rider magazine to say I'd won some horse shampoo. I don't have a horse. I did contemplate putting the high shine shampoo in my husband's shower hoping he wouldn't notice, but I couldn't bring myself to do this. So I now either have to win a horse or gift the shampoo to someone who actually owns a horse.

    I'm always happy and grateful to win a prize, but the moral of this winner's story is to be selective about which competitions you enter as you never know what you'll receive next!

    Keep comping compers.

  • First win...but I don't know where from

    Posted by kittykatchez

    Monday, January 17, 2022

    I received a surprise delivery yesterday of 12 bottles of delicious adult soft drinks from a company called Zag, but as I haven't signed up to their website before I must have won them from somewhere else - the trouble is I have absolutely no idea where I won them from. The drinks are a sparkling blend of mint, hemp, kombucha and a bunch of other ingredients - it sounds odd but it tastes really good and are perfect for Dry January. The upside of The PrizeFinder is that I can find hundreds of competitions a month to enter, but the downside of course is that I can't remember everything I have entered, so when a prize arrives like this with no note, I can never remember where it came from! Still, the drink tastes great and I'm very grateful for the win. Thanks The PrizeFinder for pointing me in the right direction once again

  • Subbuteo Win to Start the Year!

    Posted by lennieface

    Wednesday, January 12, 2022

    I have entered competitions on and off for a long time and won some nice prizes however haven't really entered any in the last few years. Last December I took redundancy and found I had time to enter competitions again! My First win is this Subbuteo set won via a Twitter competition found on the Prize Finder. This win has really motivated me to enter more competitions especially for prizes my Daughter and my nieces and nephews! Since this win I have also won a Waterstones voucher and £25! Thank you Prize Finder for posting this competition!

  • Pepsi-tastic Christmas!

    Posted by Supersonicwoman

    Friday, December 31, 2021

    Our Christmas our way was a reality this year for us when I won £1000 on a pre-paid Mastercard with Pepsi Max just on the click of a button - INSTANTLY online! I was so bowled over and this was only a week after my husband had won £50 in the same competition! We received our prizes around the 10th of December and then the shopping began in you can see, we certainly got a lot of presents! I felt that this whole Christmas was owed to Pepsi Max and it made me feel truly grateful for this wonderful hobby of comping and the amazing wins it brings! The last time I won £1000 was in 2008 and it was in Woolworth's Vouchers for a slogan wot I wrote!! So lightning does strike in the same place twice, but it can be many years apart!

  • A day in Hamleys toy store

    Posted by chedley

    Friday, December 31, 2021

    Ellie won a day at Hamley's in London for Peppa Pig world day for 2 children so she took her sister Willow, they are my grandchildren. They had a fabulous day and when we first arrived there was a huge queue waiting, however when they called out for the competition winners, they were both pleased to be going in first!
    They were kept amused all day long and it was a memorable trip for them, the first time they had been to London. They were given some goody bags to go home with, which made their day.

  • Fancy Wine to toast 2022

    Posted by vodka

    Friday, December 31, 2021

    A hamper of dog food for this beauty Thena arrived thanks to this photo. I also won three bottle of fancy organic wine (£15 a bottle!) in a Rafflecopter listed recently. I am not really keen on these type of comps but like any committed comper if the prize is something I would like then I`m in it. I was also able to donate quite a few childrens books and some games to the locall kids toy appeal. I know a lot of compers do this and if it wasnt for our great hobby that wouldn`t be possible for me. I have my wishlist for 2022 all written up and a few weekend breaks to look forward to that I have won over the year. Here`s to a lucky 2022.

  • Gorgeous baking bundle

    Posted by SKnightley

    Friday, December 31, 2021

    A gorgeous prize arrived on Christmas Eve for me and my daughter - a cake decorating hamper from Cake Angels which I had won on an Instagram competition earlier in the week and they made a special effort to get it to me by Christmas which was lovely. There are cake decorations, cake mixes, toppings and lots of sprinkles. All were hidden inside the straw in the box which made it very exciting and my daughter loved finding them and pulling them out like a bran tub at a Fayre! One of my favourite prizes this year!

  • Christmas was a hit!

    Posted by JessHayes

    Thursday, December 30, 2021

    Just like everyone else we have been struggling the last couple of years so I started comping again to try to win some extra Christmas presents to help lower the cost of Christmas (we all know how quickly it adds up). We were so so happy to get an email saying that we were lucky enough to have won a Blaze and the Monster machines prize bundle. It was definitely a big hit on Christmas Day, especially this Blaze and the Monster Machines mud pit race track. The kids had so much fun playing with it, especially with the (mud) slime!! It was everybody’s favourite present of the day and it was so wonderful to see their smiling faces! We also won a Blaze and the Monster Machines colouring book and a Blaze axle city racers game on PlayStation 4. Everyone has had so much fun taking turns to race with Blaze and Crusher! Thank you PrizeFinder!!

  • At Last !

    Posted by KAhoughton

    Tuesday, December 28, 2021

    At last with Prizefinders help I have won a Christmas jumper - always enter comps to win one at this time of year. But its the first year I have managed my goal.
    A busy December browsing the listings has also resulted in a bumper crop of prizes, including two lots of cinema tickets, a calendar and a big box of Mexican goodies. Santa Maria were very generous with the goodies and the prize arrived on Christmas eve. A lot of chocolate and sweets were also won and distributed at Christmas with some going to the local foodbank.
    Looking forward to the new Year - Be lucky everyone.