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A return to the 'sweetest' of pastimes!
By Tracey Gwynne on Mon, 05 Aug 2013

I get very inspired by reading these 'winning tales', so I thought I would share mine! I returned to 'comping' after a break of several years, due to a hectic schedule. I'd completely forgotten what a fun and rewarding hobby it was. Thanks to the ThePrizeFinder and their listings, and tips on finding your own competitions, I started back with the comprehensive Christmas 2012 Advent listings. I did really well with lots of little wins, which I took as a great sign that I was on the right track. Since then I have won over 50 prizes, and have taken the advice to heart, that the more creative comps that require more effort to enter really are worth it (and have lower entries). This theory has netted me a year's supply of 'Mentos' sweets (draw a picture with the sweets included), an Avon hamper and makeover day with celebrity make-up artists 'Pixiwoo' (upload your own make-up blog video to a forum), and several sets of concert tickets from 'email during this song' radio comps, the last ones being 'The Who - Quadrophenia' Wembley tour, which was fantastic as I'm a huge music fan. The little wins keep me going (only last week I received £50 Tesco vouchers and £25 Costcutter vouchers). I would say every week since Christmas I have won something, and this is only for a few hours a day, less if I'm busy. I still have everything crossed for my dream prize - a camper van! What other hobby is so unpredictable, exciting, and can be shared amongst friends and family. Thank you ThePrizeFinder for supplying all the links, tips and inspiring stories.

1st Win
By Paula Plowman on Sun, 04 Aug 2013

I never thought of entering competitions until watching Extreme Sweepstakers, I was always under the impression they were a fix and no one actually won. After watching the show I searched online and found the Prizefinder site and started entering competitions. My family thought I was going loopy spending ages going through all the competitions and clicking away, that is until I received an email from to say I had won a Despicable Me goodie bag, it arrived yesterday and I was so excited I ripped the box open straight away. My daughter Hollie is also hooked now and is awaiting the arrival of her first win which should be coming soon.

Big win!
By lstewart257 on Sun, 04 Aug 2013

After not winning much this year, I was giving up. But a winning e-mail said I'd won a washing machine, the biggest win I've ever had and I was delighted. The prize was sent to me and got it within two days! The moral to this story is don't give up comping!!

My first win after years of trying
By Mrs Margaret Hart on Sun, 04 Aug 2013

I have been completing competitions through the Prizefinder for many years and had won the odd small item. However, there has been a lull in my winning anything for more than 5 years, but today, I have had my first win after those fruitless five years. I have received a National Express Senior Coachcard, valid for one year, which gives me 1/3 of the normal fare on their coach journeys.

I am really ecstatic about this win, firstly, because it has taken over 5 years to win anything and secondly, I use National Express coaches quite a lot, so this will save me some money and get me to visit places I wouldn't normally go.

Thank you Prizefinder for all your hard work in getting all the competitions you do - someone has to win and if you don't win at first, just keep trying.

First Ever Win... and It's Useful!
By Aimee Ford-Young on Fri, 02 Aug 2013

I started entering comps after watching Extreme Sweepstakes on TLC. My first win was within 5 days!! I've got £16 of Genius gluten free vouchers on there way and I cant wait to treat myself to a seeded loaf! I know that sounds odd but being Coeliac, food is expensive!

Superman comp
By Elisa McCann on Fri, 02 Aug 2013

I have been entering competitions for a while on ThePrizeFinder but had no luck. I then received an email from MTV telling me I had won the superman competition! I won two t-shirts, a hat, USB stick, keyring and a badge! I was very pleased as I am a superman fan! I also won a watch along with this but that will be sent out later.

My First Wins
By Karen Hill on Thu, 01 Aug 2013

I have been doing comps for 3 weeks now and have already had some small wins, a Higgidy picnic, a facial scrub and two baby cups, all thanks to Theprizefinder and all the work you put in for us compers.
I know they are only small wins but a win is a win and they all made me smile. Hoping for a big win but I will be happy with more small ones. It is so exciting!!

Elipson Planet LW speakers winner
By Patricia Walker on Thu, 01 Aug 2013

I was absolutely delighted to receive an email telling me that I'd won these speakers (worth around £1200!!) through the Mac Format magazine! They are extremely stylish and sound quality is totally amazing. Thank you to Neil who traveled to Sheffield to present the speakers to me (he also made sure they arrived safely at my home later on that day!) and a big thank you to John for helping to make the day brilliant for me and my family.

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