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It Really does Happen
By Sharon Taylor on Tue, 18 Jun 2013

I started comping in mid December 2012, I had been off work ill for a couple of months and wanted to do something that might bring me joy so I started looking for competitions. I soon found ThePrizefinder site which helped me find the odd competition but mainly allowed me to keep track of what I enter.

The first month I was super lucky, I won a handbag from a company that I love and had liked on Facebook, a DVD and a snowdog in a channel 4 competition. Then nothing until March, and now the prizes are rolling in. I've won Piranha Blu-ray, LoS DVD, Elizabeth Arden Eyeliner, Dirty Works face mask, then, my first surprise prize arrived, a Glam Glow set.

I went in to hospital to have surgery, just before I had been informed that I had won a Jean-Paul Gaultier Anniversary edition perfume set, something to look forward to! While in hospital my partner checked my emails for me, four days after my operation he told me I had won some spa vouchers and a skincare set, I think it was the first time I had smiled in hospital. The skincare set & perfume set turned up the day after I was discharged from hospital and some surprise prizes, a St Tropez set and hair products.

I consider myself lucky, I've not won big money but I love everything I've won. I only enter for things I really want, I also have a tight routine I spend no longer than an hour doing it while watching TV.

I'm on the road to recovery now but I do know that when I go back to work I will still enter competitions. Just remember, someone has to win them so why can't it be you?

2 wins after a year of nothing!
By Michelle Rose on Tue, 18 Jun 2013

I started comping through ThePrizefinder about a year ago on and off. From about 6 months ago I started entering competitions more regularly but never won anything until a few weeks ago. I received an e-mail from Schwartz informing me that I had won their monthly Facebook competition. I was over the moon to have won a baking set worth £75, and then out of the blue I had a parcel delivered, I had won a wonder-styler hair straightener by Doll worth £150. I was so happy!!! I now enter comps whenever I get a spare moment through ThePrizefinder as its the easiest way to keep track of what I have entered - so thank you very much Prizefinder, keep it up.

A Great Day Out
By Phil Holland on Fri, 14 Jun 2013

Thanks to I recently won a day to see the German Touring Car Championship round at Brands Hatch. This was through the Purple Parking website. The forecast was overcast and drizzly but in the end it was warm and sunny.
The prize included Paddock tickets so we could wander round the pits and watch the teams prepare the cars before the races.
A great day out thanks to theprizefinder and Purple Parking - even though I was a little sunburnt by the end of it!

Galaxy Tab Win!
By Clare Scanlan on Fri, 14 Jun 2013

While I was away on holiday on Guernsey there was a missed call on my phone. I couldn't get my voicemail as it said I was abroad! When I got home there was a message saying I'd won a Samsung Galaxy Tab in the Asda Fresher for Longer daily competition. I rang them back and it arrived at work the very next day!

Yesterday my neighbour came round with a big parcel I wasn't expecting. It was from Clipper tea. Inside was a lovely Delonghi Kettle! I knew I'd won with their daily tea cup carrousel but hadn't realised it was the main prize.

I've been doing really well with smaller prizes, a months supply of Jordans cereal, books, beauty products and dvds for me and my daughter but this is the first time I've won anything big.

I'll definitely be continuing with the daily entry comps, they are well worth the time. Thanks to ThePrizeFinder for listing them.

A Bonnie Break!
By Rachael Smith on Fri, 14 Jun 2013

I have previously had success by using this site and had the chance to enter some more competitions a couple of weeks ago.
I was so thrilled to find that I'd won a break in Edinburgh for 2 staying at a 5* hotel suite in the centre of the city. Included in the break was dinner, bed and breakfast for 2, a 30 minute massage and a free mini bar (which my boyfriend made use of straight away!) It was blissful!
Thank you once again, Prize Finder for giving us a wonderful break to remember.

New York - New York!
By Kayleigh White on Thu, 13 Jun 2013

I received a phone call on the 30th January from Absolute Radio, they told me I would be going head to head with another contestant the following day to win a trip to NYC. I couldn't sleep that night at all, then the call came. The radio hosts had to recreate our sandwich entries, mine was the "Salted Kat"; ready salted crisps in a malted bread sandwich with pieces of KitKat. Whilst they debated it was the longest 30 seconds of my life, I won and couldn't believe it! I decided to take the break on the 2nd June. The flight was almost 8 hours long but it was so worth it!
I can now say I have been to New York City!
I visited Staten Island, the Statue of Liberty, climbed to the top of the Empire State Building and walked almost 40 miles in 3 days! My legs were aching!

Counting the pounds..
By Hayley D on Thu, 13 Jun 2013

I go to my local bingo regularly, and was pleased to see them running a competition on their Facebook page, which only had a few hundred likes and low activity.

The competition was to guess how many £1 were in the picture they posted. This was a full pint glass plus extra coins around it.

Since I had already seen another local competition end with the same pint glass idea, I took their amount and added a few on, then took my guess.

The following week it was announced that i was the closest, only being £9 off the target. Unfortunately I didn't win the money but i did win a Party package for me and 5 friends at the bingo for free.

We were treated like VIPs for the night, didn't have to buy anything, and was given free food and bubbly.
We didn't win on our books, but it was still lovely for us all to get together and share the prize.

Lucky in more ways than One
By Louise Hutchings on Wed, 12 Jun 2013

The start of this Month was not that great, Not only had I not had a win in a while but more seriously I suffered a fairy bad TIA (Mini Stroke). It was a very scary and worrying time especially as I already have epilepsy, M.E and I am a wheelchair user I didn't need anything else wrong with me.

But lady luck was looking down and what ever caused the TIA resolved it's self and I recovered my speech and movement fully. I was so happy to be back to my self and felt so lucky things where not worse.

I realised I was being silly getting upset not winning comps, if it happened it happened, I should just enjoy my fab hobby of comping and relax.
Then the day I got home from the Hospital I had a package waiting of an unexpected prize from Yardley that I won from a Bounty comp and also a WEM to say I had won a pair of tickets to the Good Food Show, somewhere I had always wanted to go.
Since then my luck's changed for the better. I have had lot's of WEM's the last few days and some nice little wins....But If my luck changes again it's ok, I am still going to enjoy this great hobby, after all sometimes it's when you stop wanting them so much that the wins start coming.

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