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MAD Wins
By Vivian Allman on Mon, 22 Jul 2013

I had two brilliant wins with the same company the last two months. I won £300 worth of jewellery in a contest set up because they had missed a deadline date and then they did a contest for fan of the month. This proved popular for the competitor in us but not for some of their other page viewers so they finished the competition early. As I was on the top in first position I have won £50 MAD credit and a ulinx bracelet. I am over the moon. I have also won champagne, Lowry tickets to the tate gallery, Yahoo Wireless tickets and tic tacs, a tote bag a mobile phone, some bread vouchers and some Tyrrells crisps. Very happy for the wins so far this month :)

Newbie to ThePrizeFinder.com
By Tracey Ashburn on Fri, 19 Jul 2013

I have been entering comps for a while mainly through Facebook and I stumbled upon ThePrizeFinder, mainly after watching Extreme Sweepstakes on TLC. It sort of got me thinking - why not give it a go.
I have now entered a few hundred comps int he last 3/4 weeks. My first win thorough ThePrizeFinder came last week. I got an email from Little Dish saying I had won 4 tickets to Legoland. I was overjoyed as money is very tight at the moment and we have not had a holiday in over 12 years and I really wanted something special for my son's 12th birthday this year as we never really do much. Now I can't wait to go and to say I have a very excited son is an understatement. Roll on good luck. Hopefully a few more may come knocking. Thanks PrizeFinder.

Slow start and then BAM! The prizes roll in!
By Chelsey wood on Fri, 19 Jul 2013

I joined Theprizefinder around 6 months ago and spend time every day comping. I had a few small wins here and there but then July came and WOW. I've won a washer/dryer from Appliances Online, an iPad 16gb from Real Homes, a purple jelly watch from Fruitypot and £18 from Birthdaybingo as well as loads of smaller prizes such as Paypal credits, Amazon vouchers and Lovetoshop vouchers plus some gorgeous fudge from Fudgeridoo. I am so glad I stuck with it and to anyone who feels like their luck has run out please please keep going because I think everyone has a bad run at some point. Thank you Theprizefinder! I couldn't have done it without you!

Now That's What I Call A Cake!
By Caroline Watson on Fri, 19 Jul 2013

I entered a competition on your website from the food and drink section that was promoted by the UK Food Channel. The prize a fantastic cake from Choccywoccydoodah and unbelievably I won!

I explained it was my youngest daughter's 18th birthday in July and those lovely people at Choccywoccydoodah said they would deliver the cake in time for her birthday.

Here is Lucy with the cake! Many thanks to your website for featuring the comp, as you say you have to be in it to win it.

Stuffed full of cake,

Back to comping with a vengeance
By Rachel Pritchard on Thu, 18 Jul 2013

I took a break from comping for far too long ... for over three years! I was travelling and working too hard. So - back in Blighty, I suddenly had the thought of visiting ThePrizeFinder again. Am now back with a vengeance, and so happy ThePrizeFinder remembered me after all this time! In less than a month, I've won a photo competition (just points, but better than nothing), St Ives beauty scrub, 2 tickets to the Hampton Court Flower Show worth over £160, an e-cig and a shopping voucher. Whoop! It is such a lovely surprise to get that call or email saying you've won. I'm still waiting for 'the big win' but the smaller wins and daily comps are great fun too. I know it'll come - in the past I've won a thousand pounds, heaps of merchandise, two spa hotel breaks and a PlayStation. It's a great hobby and this isn't beginner's luck, maybe rebeginner's luck. I won't be taking a break again any time in the near future, it's now part of my daily routine which I really enjoy. Thank you, ThePrizefinder.com

Whoop Whoop Brill Few Months!
By Tamara on Thu, 18 Jul 2013

BIG UP TO THEPRIZEFINDER, you've won me many things in the last few months. Here's the list.

1. £100 of Zoca voucher (Belvoir Fruit Farms)

2. Une mascara (magicfreebies)

3. Money Wise magazine (magicfreebies)

4. Char Brew tea bag sample (magicfreebies)

5. £30 Wagamama vouchers (Wagamama)

6. Wagamama tote bag and keyring (Wagamama)

7. 2 cases of Nature Valley (Nature Valley)

8. Wilkinson Sword Hydro (Stella)

9. Models Own nail varnish set, Hawaiian sun cream and Wilkinson sword Hydro (Be Spontaneous)

10. Family ticket to a medieval joust

11. 5 rock albums

Flowers for a year
By Laura Coe on Thu, 18 Jul 2013

I have been comping for about 10 year but only recently started to use ThePrizeFinder. I have been lucky enough to win quite a few small prizes, mainly DVDs, CDs and books.

However on Friday I received an email saying I have won a bouquet of flowers every month for a year. To say I was excited was an understatement!

I lost my baby boy in January and I kept saying to my partner that I need to get some flowers to put by his picture but with money being tight, I have never done anything about it. My first bouquet arrived Tuesday and it is beautiful. This win really means a lot to me and has brightened up our living space.

Thank you to ThePrizefinder, Belvoir Fruit Farms and Great British Florist.

My 1st Win
By Barry Matharu on Wed, 17 Jul 2013

I have been comping for the past 3 months and haven't won a dicky bird.....until today that is.

I received a voucher through the post for £250 worth of varnish!!! Now I don't have a lot of wood in my house but still gonna spend the lot!!!

This win has given me a much needed boost to keep applying for as many competitions as I can.....so my advice to anyone thinking of giving up.....don't!! You never know what is around the corner.

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