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Slipper Win!
By Amy Scullion on Mon, 20 Jan 2014

I have always entered little competitions here and there over the years but never won a thing! I found ThePrizeFinder website by chance at the end of December and entered a few of the remaining advent competitions that were ending the following day. I never expected anything from it as I thought hundreds of people must enter so whats the chance I would win? Well two days later I had an email to say I had won a pair of Totes slippers! I was so thrilled! I emailed back straight away with the pair of bootie slippers I would like and my size and two days after that they were delivered and I haven't took them off since! Now every afternoon when my daughter has her nap (and I have done the housework!!) I put my feet up on the sofa and enter all the competitions I can in the hope for some more lovely wins!! Thank you Prizefinder!! xx

Great New Year start
By temesed on Mon, 20 Jan 2014

This January was the first time when I had some vouchers from December wins to spend on whatever I wanted, so it was a great start to go shopping in Dunelm Mill for new kitchen pans (Pinterest win), and treat myself to some expensive creams from Feelunique (Twitter). And then...the prizes started to roll in!!! First I got a WEM from Melvita that I've won a product in their Christmas photo booth competition (it was an easy game, uploading a photo and then just adding some 'festive cheer decoration' from the menu). Then I've spotted a comment giveaway on Watch Shop, with very few entries, and my comment was chosen as the winner that bagged me a Police perfume. On the same day I noticed that I had a message from Castello cheese in my 'Other' folder and they offered me a cheese & book hamper, as I got involved in their discussion app (there were like 3-4 comments and they were giving away 10 prizes, though it was back in November). In the next few days I've also won a Zaggora kit in their daily sharing giveaway (I was very lucky with that), a Gentlemen Only perfume in Givenchy's instant comp (incidentally, it's hubby's favourite), a Virgin Experience gift card, for the 2nd time (which is hopefully covering the cost of our planned mini-trip to Paris for hubby's birthday), a Happy Egg calendar (runner-up prize) and a Cushelle soft toy. But my favourite prizes so far are the big Neom hamper that I received just a few days ago, as a result of one of the giveaways on their website (I think I've spotted it on the closing day) and a HTC mobile which I've won on Instagram with a 'bad gift' photo competition. The last one was judged and I was really proud to be among the 12 people, even having the opportunity to choose between 3 models...and this win have given me the boost to try more creative/effort comp in 2014! :)

Little wins
By Katie Kathurima on Sun, 19 Jan 2014

Me and my sister decided 9 weeks ago we were going to try comping. We had heard stories about people winning loads of prizes and thought we would give it a go and hopefully get some little bits.

Being sisters it soon turned into a competition as to who could get the most wins.

For me it started slow for me, a win a week, while my sister was getting loads of wins. She even won tickets to take her two children and my daughter to watch Cinderella in Bristol.

Then the New year came and some luck for me. I've had lots of little wins, 8 so far, from sweets to cleaning products to baby food which came in useful asI have a 5 month old baby who has just started to ween. Now I've really got in to it and I'm entering 100s of comps a day hoping for a big win.

Meerkat Celebration!
By Guy Edmondson on Sun, 19 Jan 2014

I'm a comping newbie who stumbled across this fantastic site just a week or so ago. I followed the advice to enter what I wanted to win and expected to give myself a month or two, before making my mind up as to whether it was worthwhile.
I've just opened an email telling me I'm the lucky winner of two cases of Meerkat wine!
I really didn't expect such an early win - so thanks to ThePrizeFinder for this really helpful site, it really is true what Henry Ford said:' If you think you can or think you can't, you're right!'
Come on compers! Give it a go. Cheers everybody!

The Baby Show!
By Holly on Sun, 19 Jan 2014

I havent had a lot of luck with comping so far even after entering hundreds of competitions! I think 2014 will be my year as I have already won a few things, my biggest win being a pair of tickets to the Baby Show in London! I have also won a few small things but it's already been nearly better than last year!

Fridge driver nearly given cold shoulder
By Caroline Cordery on Sun, 19 Jan 2014

I got a call from a guy out of the blue who said he 'thought he had a fridge for me'. I was like 'Errr...OK. Ummm...' However, he verified all my delivery details and when he arrived (he was a delivery driver just round the corner) it was a red Smeg Fridge I had won in a NISA competition! These are going for £592 on Amazon so I was pretty pleased and this year we will be moving into our own home for the first time so would have needed to buy a fridge. Have left it in the box until the move. I hadn't won anything for ages - I started comping last summer and have only won this fridge, a folding bike (photo comp), and a very flimsy umbrella - mind you, I only enter 200-300 competitions a WEEK, not every day like others. Unexpectedly, I had received no notification whatsoever of the fridge win! It's like things appear by magic at your door, slightly surreally, as you don't know what may be coming. I am ashamed to say I was rude to the fridge driver on the phone at first for calling for calling me a 'mrs'. When you're comping, some cold callers are welcome!

Don't give up!
By Rachael Smith on Wed, 22 Jan 2014

I was thrilled to have been told I had won an iPad mini from a prize draw from ThePrizeFinder website, but when it didn't materialise I was worried that it had been a scam.
Thanks to a post on the blog I found out how to report problems if a company doesn't send the prize out, and that there are companies who regulate it. It took 2 months from being told I had won to it being sent out but finally I was sent the prize and I have been so happy with it. The company were quick to get in touch after I'd reported it and were keen to resolve the situation in a positive way, so it worked out really well.
I've been quite lucky so far with ThePrizeFinder with some fantastic prizes though I think the iPad is one of my favourite wins so far!
Can't wait to enter some more competitions!

1D DVD win
By Greig Spencer on Fri, 17 Jan 2014

Thanks for a fab site guys!!

Just want to say although this wasn't my greatest ever win, I'm thrilled with every single win I get :)

This 1D DVD is brilliant as I LOVE those lads and their music too!

Keep up the good work guys and good luck to all who use this fantastic site!

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