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Back to my comping roots
By Louise Hutchings on Sun, 01 Dec 2013

When I first started comping I concentrated largely on skill based comps. Baking, Poems, Tie Breakers, Photo's etc. I did very well from them as well as enjoying them but as time went on I got swept up in other kinds of comps. Doing more and more Facebook, blogs, twitter and other comps while the creative one's I entered became few and far between.

While I was still winning most weeks it was not at the same level of wins or for that matter giving me the same satisfaction when I won.

I had really lost my mojo and was thinking about stopping. Then I decided to go back to my comping roots and try my hand at skill and creative comps again. So instead of doing hundreds of comps a day some with 1000's of entries I would concentrate of doing one or two skilled a day and doing them well.

Then when I have no skill comps to do I top up with others. If I am in a hurry I might do Re-tweets if I have more time I might do blog ones.

I basically cherry pick the one's I REALLY want. Yes I enter less but I am not breaking my back trying to enter ridiculous amounts each day. And it's working...

So far this month I have won £100 cash, £40 Lamp, Nokia Lumia, lot's of sweeties, a load of Ted Baker goodies worth £150 and other bits all from skill comps! I've also won a few none skilled comps so it's been a good month.

With Christmas coming up it's Advent time and as much as I love them I am not going to let me skill comes get neglected while I do hundreds of them... I will pick 20 or so and stick to them.

Sometimes to renew your coming MOJO all you need is to review your comping habits.

The photo is the entry that won me my lamp.. You had to recycle old light bulbs and post a pic.

Back to winning ways
By Neil Parker on Fri, 29 Nov 2013

I have had a quiet few months from a winning point of view but at last, a few successes. I was sceptical with the success of the Dailies list of comps but I have been doing them regularly. Then, at last a win courtesy of Tyrrells crips - a box load of crisps, snacks and popcorn. Just right for the Christmas munchies. Then a day later and out of the blue, I received a £5 voucher from The Jewel Hut for a prize draw I had entered on two days previously. Now, it is head down and try to win a really big prize. Will keep you informed on my success, if any.

Our First Win
By Carla Whittaker on Fri, 29 Nov 2013

I've been doing competitions for over a month now and we had our first win which was a surprise as I'd just started to get fed up of entering them. We won a Debenhams gift bag worth over £200 through the London Evening Standard who emailed to say we had won and that they had passed our information over to Debenhams, who would be in touch. Debenhams then got in touch via email and a week later it arrived. The gift bag including everything from Perfume to fake tan and some of the items were worth £40 on their own. So it just goes to show that it's not worth giving up as your first win could be just around the corner. As people have mentioned, Christmas seems to be the busiest time for competitions and the prizes seem to be a lot better now so hopefully it won't be too long before the next win.

The other one!
By Tracey Huber on Thu, 28 Nov 2013

Thank you so much for giving us such a wonderful and easy to use website. This must be a coincidence but I was reading the story Zoe submitted to you and I wanted to say I also won a first edition of the anagraminals book which when I asked to be made out to my two grandchildren, they kindly sent me two books to stop any fighting! I also won a Gary Barlow CD from the meerkats! So Zoe, keep entering your comps and I will continue from this end and hopefully we will get a really big win!

What could it be???
By Lisa Miller on Thu, 28 Nov 2013

I had one of those red cards put through the door yesterday by the postman as no one was in. Was quite excited as I hadn't ordered anything, so it must of been a competition win and a good one at that as the packet was sent recorded delivery.

So off I trot to the Post Office after work so see what it is. Its quite a big box....what can it be????? Imagine my disappointment when it turned out to be.......four packets of ready salted crisps with my name on! A win is a win I suppose!

Addicted to Comping
By Zoe Roxby on Wed, 27 Nov 2013

I started comping on this site in October this year. I thought to myself "you never know" all the time, until I received my first email telling me that I had won a slow cooker. I was over the moon. Then the same day I had another email saying I had won a signed copy of a first edition children's book Anagraminals, and then a few days later another email saying I had won a copy of Gary Barlow and the Meerkats CD. All this in just over a month from joining this site. Thank you so much for setting this site up. I am now officially addicted to comping now. All I can say is if you have not won anything yet stick at it, it will happen. I didn't think I was ever that lucky having never won anything at all before and just entering the odd competition now and again but now I'm over the moon. I've told friends and family, at first they told me I was wasting my time but now I've told them I won a few things they all want to join! Thanks again for this site guys!


Big win!!
By Garry Ramsden on Mon, 25 Nov 2013

I received an e-mail on Friday 22nd November at about half 5 to say I'd won a PS4, a Braun shaver and £300 worth of Boots vouchers, I entered the competition on The Telegraph website on Tuesday and thought nothing of it! I was having a really bad day but that soon cheered me up. Guess where I'll be doing my Christmas shopping...? :-)

A few nice wins
By Vivian Allman on Mon, 25 Nov 2013

Had a few nice wins which will help in the run up to Christmas... books, and vouchers being some. I won a tablet that I can give the other half and a few nice chocolaty prizes. I also won a cheese knife which I'm quite pleased with as mine had broken, so this is a handy replacement. There are so many competitions around at the moment it is just nice to be able to win a few. I am looking forward to the advent competitions, but expect to be inundated, so will attempt to do them all. Just wanted to thank you for all your hard work and to share my prize details with you.

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