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The perfect prize
By Catherine Joll on Mon, 17 Feb 2014

I entered a Best Loved Hotels competition to win a stay at Rothay Manor in the Lake District. Once you fill in the competition form (which is only a few lines) you are taken to the site of the venue. When I saw it I really wanted to win as it looked perfect especially as I am a keen amateur photographer. Whether I won or not I thought I would keep Rothay Manor in mind for a trip later in the year. Anyway, I got an email telling me I had won the competition! I couldn't believe my luck. The email told me to contact the hotel to arrange my stay and I did wonder if it was real but the lady I spoke to seemed to be expecting my call. I have booked to go there in July and I cannot wait! They have booked a superior room for me and my guest with breakfast and an evening meal on the first night.
This is definitely the best prize I have won to date and I have won a few over the last 14 months, and I would not have won it if it wasn't for ThePrizeFinder, so thank you guys.

Birthday treat
By Hazel Abbott on Sun, 16 Feb 2014

After having a really slow year last year I broke my comping lean spell in January by winning a Happy egg calender and a few days later I received a winning e-mail to say I had won £100 to spend in Charlotte's Bistro in London. It couldn't have come at a better time as I had just booked my tickets to go and stay with my daughter Sophie who lives in London as a birthday treat from my family, so we booked a table whilst we were there and had a wonderful evening. The food ,drinks and service was really good and they really looked after us and congratulated us on winning the prize. I am hoping this is the start of many more wins, I just love my hobby so much. :)

First Win Ever
By Melissa Dixon on Fri, 14 Feb 2014

Whilst looking for a new hobby, I discovered the world of competitions. After entering about 200-300 competitions regularly for about 2 weeks I had won nothing. I tried to not give up by regularly reading the 'Winners' blog on this website, and felt slightly hopeful and envious of all these lucky compers.

After growing tired of the constant form filling and not hearing anything, I decided to enter a few Twitter competitions and became addicted instantly. You could see exactly what prize you were winning, easy contact with the competition owners and see how many people you're up against.

Finally I decided to open a separate Twitter account purely for comping, because it was spamming my personal page. I joined on Saturday and by Tuesday I had a 'mention' and had won 'Studio Dre Beats' which are worth around £200. The best part was I got to pick what colour I wanted.

Best advice (I'm a newbie also) is to find a competition style you like best, Facebook, Twitter, skilled, forms. Your day will come. I'm the most unluckiest person, I've never won a thing in my life, but keep trying, it'll get easier and enjoyable when you make 'comper' friends to share your recent winnings with. :-)

VIP's at a secret gig with Nina Nesbitt
By Hottubdave on Fri, 14 Feb 2014

Well it's been a very slow month but I have won coffee twice, an iPhone cover and VIP passes to a secret gig with Nina Nesbit.

My daughter and I had a lovely time. Also, one of those Corsa Antennas turned up as well as my watch and pillows from wins last month. This is a pic of my daughter and I with our VIP passes.

Twitter Tastic!
By Erin Main on Tue, 11 Feb 2014

I haven't had much luck with winning and with work and family I had less and less time to enter competitions. So I started entering on Twitter since it was quick easy and I could do it on the move.
I didn't think many people really won on twitter but in this last week I have been super lucky having won a carved wooden sign, £70 worth of skin care products, £50 vouchers for wagamama, a burts bees gift set and 4 cinema tickets!
Feeling very happy and I didn't need to spend hours filling out forms!

My Wins From January
By Craig Davis on Mon, 10 Feb 2014

I love a card in the post or a e-mail to say you won something. It's like I say, a win's a win, big or small. Thanks to ThePrizeFinder I have won some nice things. I am over the moon with my wins.

Boost drinks
Levi stuff
Vodka gift bag and over stuff
Scooter again
Jelly beans
£70 gift card for a coffee machine
Men's ring and bands etc

And other stuff. I'm still trying for that Mini!

Ibiza Win!
By Kim Plant on Sun, 09 Feb 2014

After the Xmas advent rush I decided to slow down on comping and start looking for a nice holiday abroad for me and my family, but to be honest, after days and days and days of looking I just couldn't find what I wanted. As this was our first holiday abroad I wanted something very special but all the holidays I wanted were hundreds out of my price range. After a few weeks, me and my partner started to argue, it became a very stressful time when it should have been happy. After another few days I decided to have a break from holidays and have a look on Facebook to see what everybody has been winning and what I have been missing, when I saw a competition ran by Quidco for £500 on the beach holiday vouchers. All you had to do was like and share but I decided to add my little story of why I wanted to win instead of just writing liked and shared in the comments, then I went back to stressing about hotels and flights. About a week later Quidco tagged my name. I hadn't a clue why, I totally forgot about entering their competition, so you can imagine the shock I had when they told me I had won the £500 holiday vouchers. I was over the moon and me and my husband and two children booked our holiday that was £500 out of our price range there and then... so were now off to IBIZA on the 17th July to the Balansat hotel in the picture. :D

Winner in an instant!
By Hayley D on Sun, 09 Feb 2014

I love instant competitions, and so far this year I've been quite lucky in them, winning mainly t-shirts and beer horns.

British Gas are running a new campaign called 'ME - Mobile Energy' and they ran an instant win competition on their website. I had missed a few days of the promotion, but on the first day I entered, I had a popup saying I had won!

I was really surprised, as it was my first go, and didn't believe it was real. The prize is an indoor skydiving experience for 2 people! I googled for prices and most sites quote around £98 for it.

I've never done an experience package before, so I'm really excited about my win!

Now I've just got to figure out the hard part, who to take!

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