Finally A win

Winner's Name
Beth Jackson-D'Zacchaeus

I am unable to work so a couple of years ago I thought I would start comping, sadly I have not won anything, until now.

I was just doing my normal morning routine on 22nd October of checking my emails and had one from "Your Horse" magazine, which was a competition va which Theprizefinder took me to.

So here is the email:

"Hi Beth

Congratulations you have won the Caldene competition in You Horse.

You have won the Heburn breeches, Kilbryde jacket, Morar gilet, Forbe rugby top, 4 Tech Breech, Allerton show shirt, Heritage show jacket and Westfield wellingtons. "

Now in total this prize is worth maybe £300-£400 so I think even tho it has took a couple of years, I have done alright.

(Sadly I am too big for the prizes but they come at a great time for xmas presents. I am waiting for them to be delivered but here is a rough picture of some of the items)

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