It's always worth a go

Winner's Name

"Six years ago one of my sons informed me he had won a competition on the net. I was initially scornful thinking it would be a scam but he had actually won 4 Disney DVDs. The following week he won tickets to the Leeds Festival. He introduced me to the site and I've been hooked ever since. I enter competitions every night after work and over the years I've won many prizes. These include DVDs, books, toys, concert tickets, a patio set, gardening tools vouchers for clothes stores, hampers and bottles of wine.

Whilst I welcomed the prizes I often wished I could win something substantial. Two years ago my wishes were granted when I won a holiday to Canada for four people. It was absolutely brilliant and the best experience of my life. I would never have gone there had I not won the holiday. Many of my friends and colleagues have started entering competitions through but they tend to give up if they haven't won anything within a few weeks. Remember perseverance pays. My luck continues to hold with a DS and game arriving last week."

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