15th Anniversary

well, i am celebrationg 15 years of being a member of the prizefinder and this month so far (it's the 12th) I have won 17 competitions, it started with an email to say i had won with Mr Muscle and Waitrose and the prize was a £500 pound voucher, the next day i had another email to say i had won with ristorante and fabulous magazine and that was a 4 star holiday all inclusive of flights etc to Florence in Italy with a wine tasting day in the Cianti region, after that i have won books, toys, wild bird feeder kit and seeds, i have won a night out with Gala Bingo for 8 people, meals, drinks and bingo included, a £50 shopping voucher, a £25 shopping voucher and then 2 tickets to a VIP christmas lights switch on and to meet the Vamps.. i can't wait for the post and emails to come tomorrow, thank you so much for all you do.. you are awesome.

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vivian allman