End of the month frenzy!

I have barely entered any comps this year as have had other family priorities. Have had a few small wins, but I was well aware that if I wanted to win more, I needed to up my game and spend some time making more entries! Last month, I decided to spend the 2 days before I went on holiday to enter all the end of the month comps and the ones that would close while I was away and be unable to enter.
Had a nice local win of 4 tickets to our local beer festival, so was able to treat my lad and wife as well as my husband to a nice night out - meeting lots of people we hadn't seen for a long time.
I'm still waiting for some Pots&Co vouchers to arrive from a survey I completed.
A few days after we returned from holiday I had an email from Harper Collins telling me I won their Sophie Allport competition. I've been entering their comps for years, so it was nice to finally have a win! My prizes were a Sophie Allport Apron, Oven Gloves and tea towel, a National Trust book of Soup recipes and a £50 voucher to spend on National trust books, so we've been able to choose what we were interested in. Am still waiting on one book to arrive, but I am very happy with the prize worth £125 in total.

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