A Family Affair

Comping has been a part of my life for many years. My family have experienced the many rewards of this exciting hobby and my grown up daughter now comps too. It’s lovely to hear the thrill and excitement in her voice when she wins a prize because I know exactly how she feels!
Recently my daughter won a trip to York including a 2 night stay in a 5 star hotel with Londonist. Return travel from London, accommodation and 2 York passes were all included. Obviously she took me and we had an amazing time!
York is a beautiful city that seamlessly blends rich history with modern charm and we explored everything it has to offer as so much was included with our passes.
Prizefinder has been an invaluable resource on my journey to becoming a comper. It's informative, inspiring, and fosters a sense of community. The letters and stories from fellow readers create a connection, making me feel like I’m part of a supportive network.
Our hobby really can turn dreams into reality.

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Tracey Lockley