First comp i entered i won

Having taken a break from comping for over two years, I recently decided to get back into it. To my surprise, the very first competition I entered resulted in a win, and what's even more astonishing is that it happened on Instagram, a platform where I had never won before. It felt surreal, and I couldn't help but exclaim, "Is this real? Wow!"

This victory has reignited my passion for comping, and I'm still chasing after that dream holiday win. With several kids' birthdays coming up in December, the gift card prize would be incredibly well-spent on either my son's 18th or my son's 16th birthday celebrations.

Moreover, I won an Instapot, a new slow cooker, and a cookbook. This is especially exciting as my previous slow cooker had recently met its end. I'm now contemplating getting a new one and can't wait to christen it by making a roast beef for Christmas day. It's a fantastic addition to my kitchen, and I'm looking forward to trying out new recipes and creating delicious meals with it.

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Katie Bennett