iPhone 13 mini win

I have been comping for many years, and have time on my hands due to long Covid, so the Prize Finder website gets a visit every day. This is the biggest prize I have ever won, the Capital Radio & GiffGaff iPhone 13 Mini worth £670 and £500 donation to a charity of my choice. The phone is my wife's Christmas present, she is a big fan of anything Apple, and the donation went to Greenpeace, I am a keen environmentalist and have many environmental inventions on my website (hint hint) so this win has offset our CO2 emissions this year! Bee chose the red iPhone Mini when the prize givers rang, she was so exited;and it came today. It is not long for the contract to run out on her old phone so this was great timing, the children have been helping my wife set the phone up, they are far more tech savy. Now we have something to look forward to for Christmas.

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Andy Kadir-Buxton