Light a Candle for a Win

I won this gift card with the Wilko's/Glade contest.That's the winning candle behind the gift card.
There's nothing I like better than winning a gift card. Don't get me wrong, cash is great. But too often it goes towards buying the necessities of life like bills or food, or it just disappears into your bank account.
But with a gift card, you have to buy something just for you. Although Wilko's gives you plenty of choice to buy practical items that you've been wanting for months, but just haven't got around to buying.
£100 goes a long way in Wilko's. I've made two trips to the store, and I still have £30 to spend. I've picked up some practical items, extension cords and a plug with two USB ports. But I'm glad to say, that alongside the practical, I treated myself to a lovely holly plant in a metallic red pot. Something that will remind me of my win, when Christmas rolls around again.

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Ms Deborah Walker