Monopoly All Change

I was very pleased to receive this full-size Monopoly game which I won in the Ribena purchase contest. It’s taken quite a long time to arrive, and I’d almost given up on it.

They’ve changed it up a bit. As you can see the box is a square and much smaller. The counters include a cat, a dinosaur, a duck and a penguin. What a world we live in.

They've also changed the community chest cards. Winning a beauty contest is out. Organising a street party is in. They're very worthy now. There was apparently a vote to select new community chest directions, but they didn’t ask me!

I'm looking forward to receiving the mini Ribena Monopoly at the end of July. I’m wondering how mini, mini is. I’ve seen some keychain Monopolies on the internet, so I’m hoping it’s a bit bigger than that, as something so small would be very difficult to play. Although if you got fed up, you could just slip it in your pocket and pretend it had blown away.

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