Pepsi-tastic Christmas!

Our Christmas our way was a reality this year for us when I won £1000 on a pre-paid Mastercard with Pepsi Max just on the click of a button - INSTANTLY online! I was so bowled over and this was only a week after my husband had won £50 in the same competition! We received our prizes around the 10th of December and then the shopping began in you can see, we certainly got a lot of presents! I felt that this whole Christmas was owed to Pepsi Max and it made me feel truly grateful for this wonderful hobby of comping and the amazing wins it brings! The last time I won £1000 was in 2008 and it was in Woolworth's Vouchers for a slogan wot I wrote!! So lightning does strike in the same place twice, but it can be many years apart!

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Lisette Davidson