Romantic night away - thank you prize finder!

Over the last few months she had had a lot of personal family issues especially with her twin sister being admitted to hospital over the last couple months. She is helping her mother out who is recovering from major surgery as well as her 93 year old nan. She does all this whilst bringing up two young kids managing to take her 9yr old daughter to football 4 times a week and her 3yr old son to his swimming. She never puts herself first always other people and this is the perfect gift for her to say thank you for everything she does. It has also given me the perfect opportunity to ask the all important question. Where the b and b is are some very romantic spots and whilst I have the ring I have been trying to find the perfect time. This has been a blessing in more ways than one ... Hopefully this win of one night away will win me that her hand in marriage thank you prizefinder :)

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Ronan O Driscoll