A Win from a Win

Whilst on holiday in Asia and at a New Years Eve Party I was lucky enough to win a bottle of wine in a quiz. Somewhere at the back of my mind I remembered reading on PrizeFinder that there was a comp for a New Years Eve selfie, So I logged in and soon searched and found that @imenddotcom were running a New Years Eve selfie comp on facebook and twitter to win a £50 Amazon gift card.
Just hours to go before the deadline for entering and I managed to upload my entry just in time.
Next day YAY! I won. It resulted in a very happy new year as the photo of Sharon my wife and I won,
My 1st prize for 2018 and "A Win From A Win"

The Moral of the story is, Always keep up to date with the PrizeFinder listings and be prepared to enter whenever or wherever you are.

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Neil Hedge