You're never too old for Play-doh!

I came home one day to my three teenage children excitedly waiting at the front door, informing me I had a delivery of 3 very large boxes. We opened them together to find the whole Argos range of Play-doh inside! It was a lot of Play-doh! From Disney princesses to hair cutting, so much variety. I put them all on the sofa and took a picture, I could hardly get them all in one photo!
Over the coming days, my collection of Play-doh was proudly shown to everyone and it was a talking point for quite a while! But, as my children were older I had to find a nice and loving home for each set. I sold some, gave some away and kept just a couple for a sneaky play now and again. The smell of the Play-doh reminds me of my childhood and using the Paly-doh is very therapeutic especially after a stressful and busy day at work. Play-doh is not just for children.

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Tracey Lockley