Win £100,000: Lucky Spuds changes to Lucky Draw!

Submitted by SuperluckyDi on Mon, 2012-04-16 10:41

The McCain Lucky Spuds Facebook promotion has been running for a month now - each day there's a £1000 prize to be won, and at the end of the promotion on 10th June one winner will win a massive £100,000! Up until today, the winner each day has been the person with the fastest daily time, and the £100,000 prize WAS originally to be awarded to the fastest time overall.

But it hasn't gone entirely to plan…. as with any Flash games online, the speed at which you can play it depends on your computer and mouse - and if you're lucky enough to have a graphics tablet or touchscreen monitor, you can easily play it much quicker than those without. Technical wizards familiar with macros would also be able to set up a mouse to 'auto-click' too… there are many reasons why online games aren't a fair way to decide a winner, particularly when there are cash prizes at stake.

But speed isn't the only factor in this game - you also need to have luck on your side. To play the game, you need to find ten gold spuds hidden under 64 plants - revealing a normal spud will give you a time penalty of 1-6 seconds. Some of the fastest scores on the Leaderboard last week were just over a minute (although some of these have since been removed!) which seems impossibly fast - and the same names were also appearing on the Leaderboard every day! The Facebook fans weren't happy – and the good news is that McCains have announced from tomorrow, anyone who plays the game - regardless of their score - will be entered into the daily prize draw to win £1000 PLUS the grand prize draw to win £100,000!

To play you need a code from the reverse of McCains frozen chips - check your codes before you pay, as you will need to have different ones. You can register up to five codes at, and once you've registered you can automatically play up to five games each day. £100,000 will be a life-changing prize for one lucky Facebook comper - and there's no reason it shouldn't be you!

(oh, and one more thing - don't forget to keep hold of your chip packets. You'll need them to claim your cash if you win!!)