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  • Who's egg-cited about the Easter Bank Holiday Weekend? All that chocolate, and all that time to spend comping - what could be better? We've noticed LOADS of great Easter themed comps around this week already, and here's a round up of our favourites. We'll be sharing lots more on our Facebook page too!

  • Most regular PrizeFinder users are Facebook compers too, and it seems lots of you have been getting into trouble with Facebook recently, some of you even receiving the dreaded '30 day ban' from commenting. But what's it all about, and why are compers being targeted?

  • How's March started for you? Hopefully you're finding our new server a bit quicker and more reliable, and racing through the comps even faster than usual. This month we've got Mothers Day and Easter competitions, lots of these will be creative so hopefully you can rope the kids in to help you with crafts and egg decorating!