ThePrizeFinder Blog

  • Compers are the ideal target for a scam Facebook page, which is why we so regularly see crazy generous giveaways of iPads, iPhones, supermarket vouchers and Disneyand tickets. The prizes seem too good to be true, and that's because they usually are!

  • With all this wonderful sunshine we've been having lately, we thought the perfect prize for PrizeFinder fans would be this amazing Hipnic picnic set worth £50! And to accompany it, £25 vouchers for a supermarket of your choice to spend on all your favourite picnic snacks.

  • The imminent arrival of the royal baby has caused chaos in the comping world. Loads of pages are jumping on the baby bandwagon and asking us to predict the sex, name, weight and arrival date of William and Kate's bundle of joy!

  • So, it looks like Summer might finally be here - but does that mean you've slowed down your comping in order to spend more time outside in the sunshine? No, of course not - after all, weren't iPads, laptops and smartphones invented so we can sit in a deckchair winning prizes?