Win prizes with J2O

Submitted by SuperluckyDi on Thu, 2013-05-16 14:11

Here at the PrizeFinder we like our members to win prizes, and currently J2O are giving away LOADS of them: you'll need to put a bit of effort in, but your chances of winning will be high!

J2O have three juicy promotions currently running, and we think there's a great chance of winning if you enter.

Photo competition
For their Facebook photo competition, there's a daily prize of a £20 voucher to be won, plus a weekly prize ranging from a butler in the buff or inflatable hot tub to a hog roast or a DJ! There are only a handful of entries each day so the odds of winning are really good. To enter, simply upload a photo of you with a J2O to their Facebook App at
Looking at previous winners, some don't even feature people in the photo, but as long as a J2O does, you should be eligible for the draw.

The daily prizes are awarded at random, and the bigger weekly prizes are awarded to the judges' favourite entry - kayaking and skydiving photos have been two of the weekly prizewinners. Why not take a few photos at once and upload them on different days for the best chance of bagging a prize? Winners are chosen every Monday until 29th September 2013, and the prize voucher varies each day. So far I've won a £20 Currys voucher and a £20 Pizza Express voucher. PrizeFinder member Craig uploaded a photo of his paintball photo to our winners page - he won one of the weekly prizes! Don't go too OTT with your entries though - you can win a daily prize once each month, and can only win ONE weekly prize over the course of the promotion.

Tiebreaker competition
In addition to the fun photo comp there's also a tiebreaker comp to win a £1000 prize to make your party or get-together extra special. To enter, again go to the Facebook App at and say in less than 250 characters how J2O can make your get together better. Winners will be chosen on the first Monday of the month based on originality, feasibility and entertainment value - and the final closing date is 29th September 2013. Have fun and try to think of something really quirky that will stand out from the crowd!

Purchase necessary prize draw
If you want to buy J2O for your photo shoot, make sure you get it at Tesco, so you can pop your receipt number online to win one of over TWO THOUSAND £50 Tesco vouchers. You can find more details about this comp at
- you can enter once daily (you must have a different receipt each day though), and there's one prize per household - all entries will go into a prize draw when the competition ends. With 2006 vouchers to be won, we would expect most entrants to win - make sure your receipt is dated before 26th May 2013, and enter online before 2nd June 2013. You'll need to hold on to your receipt to claim your prize - our tip is to take a photo of it straight away, as usually you'll be asked to email a photo if you win. Then you won't panic if you can't remember where you put the original!

Let us know if you get lucky with any of these comps!