Win Alton Towers tickets with Krave

Submitted by SuperluckyDi on Mon, 2013-06-17 10:25

At The PrizeFinder there's nothing we like more than to see our members winning, so when we hear of a competition with LOADS of prize up for grabs then we want to share it with you. Krave are giving away 3,600 sets of four Alton Towers tickets - 40 prizes a day until 8th September 2013 - plus 14 VIP Alton Towers hotel stays, and with all those prizes to be won your odds of getting lucky are excellent.

The bad news is - you can only enter this competition via Twitter! Now, we know some of you don't tweet, but this generous promotion is a great reason to get involved. Companies are giving away lots more prizes - and BIGGER prizes - in Twitter competitions. Just last week, lucky @JLawrieMcK joined Twitter just to enter Volvo's amazing #LasteverC30 competition. By Saturday he'd followed their tweeted clues, driven 4 hours to Clacton-on-Sea and won himself a brand new car! So even if you only join to enter a few comps, it really is worth taking the time to give Twitter a try.

We've helped you on your way by producing a detailed guide to getting started which you can download for free at

So how do you enter to win with Krave? Each day after 9.30am, there will be a challenge tweeted from the @KraveUnleashed Twitter account at The challenge might be a simple Retweet, an answer to a question, tweeting a photo, an estimation task, tagging a friend or something else - every day it's different, and winners are chosen at random after the closing time of 9pm. The important thing to remember here is that LOADS of people will click the Retweet button, because it's so easy to do! On the other hand, far fewer will enter the photo challenges.

As well as the daily challenges, each Friday Krave will tweet a special VIP challenge - the prize for this includes four tickets with unlimited Fastrack ride access, an overnight stay at the Alton Towers Hotel, £400 in magic money vouchers plus VIP travel to and from the park. For this challenge you have until Sunday at 9pm to enter with the #VIP hashtag - the two challenges so far have been to tweet a photo of something unusual you use instead of a spoon, and tweet a photo of you eating your Krave in fancy dress. These VIP challenges are judged, make sure you put the effort in!

So don't forget to buy a promotional box of Krave next time you're at the supermarket and get ready to tweet when you eat - make sure you use the #Kravethesmiler hashtag too.

So far, I've entered five daily challenges and won a prize of 4 tickets in one of the photo challenges. You can enter just once every day - but you can win on different days, so why not get your mates involved too - it could be a brilliant day out for you all if you win lots of tickets! And as always, if you win tell us on Twitter, Facebook or here on the monthly wins posts!

Check out full T&Cs here - good luck!


Submitted by bishkyboo on Mon, 2013-06-17 11:55


Already won on this with a challenge I entered & recieved my letter confirming my win of 4 tickets for a days entry each to Alton towers and one fasttrack experience for the Smiler :) cannot wait to go!!

Submitted by 36goldy36 on Mon, 2013-06-17 15:23


I have entered twice and won twice - thanks Di. One was a retweet and the other was a guessing comp. Very pleased with this, as I have already received both lots of 4 passes, so I think we will be spending a lot of time at Alton Towers this Summer!

Submitted by nicola_palin on Thu, 2013-08-08 23:04


I won on here too with a simple retweet ! Got my letter I had won 4 tickets with fast passes on the smiler ! Going next week :-)