So... who won?

Submitted by SuperluckyDi on Fri, 2014-01-17 06:52

One of the most frustrating things about competitions is when we don’t hear who won. Unfortunately there are lots of scam prize promotions around, in particular on Facebook, and it’s not surprising that we're suspicious if a company refuses to name the winner of their latest comp. On Facebook they may post to tell us the winner ‘has been informed’ but that’s just not good enough - we deserve transparency and public accountability.

Essentially, we need to know that the prize has indeed been won, and ideally that the winner is a real person! Best of all, is when we can actually see a photo of the winner with their prize - it’s amazing that so few companies actually want to involve their winner in publicity. Most compers aren’t aware that in the UK, promoters MUST tell you who won their competition or prize draw.

All UK advertisers, agencies and media must comply with the CAP Code (Committee of Advertising Practice) - the Code is enforced by the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) who can remove or amend advertisements (and competitions) that breach these rules.

In the Sales Promotions section of the CAP Code, section 8.28.5 states:

...Promoters must either publish or make available on request the name and county of major prizewinners and, if applicable, their winning entries. Prizewinners must not be compromised by the publication of excessive personal information

So, if a promoter refuses to tell you who their competition or prize draw winner was, point them in the direction of the CAP Code (or this PrizeFinder blog post) and let them know that they could get an ASA ruling against them if they refuse. They don’t have to make the name(s) public (so it doesn’t HAVE to be a Facebook post!), but if you send a personal request for major prizewinners’ names via post, telephone, email or Facebook message they must tell you the information.

The ASA recently ruled against Superdrug after they refused to give out winners’ full names on request - see the details at Superdrug claimed that to publish the winners’ full names would be a breach of the Data Protection Act - but the ASA ruled that by entering the competition in the first place, the winners were consenting to making their names available.

Are there any promoters you’ll be giving a nudge after reading this?


Submitted by RICHARD DOBINSON on Sun, 2014-01-26 19:53


hi all
I have won prize draws in the last six weeks, £175 gift card from urban outfitters, vip tickets and hotel stay shadow recruit European premier c/o waterstone's, tin of gingerbread from gingerbread company lake district. people like me do win so keep on entering good luck

Submitted by tanforshort on Wed, 2014-01-29 17:41


A parcel arrived on Saturday 25th January 2014, I hadn't ordered anything and wasn't expecting anything. The box was sent from Wensleydale. I only did comping for about a month in October and entered untold comps.
I've just checked their website and the hamper is on sale in their shop for £45!
It's only my second win all my life so I was immensely chuffed! No paperwork with the hamper though so I have no idea which competition I won!
I guess real people do win these things - result!

I'm going back to comping to see if I can win some more.

Submitted by perkypeach on Thu, 2014-01-30 14:27


I know this seems a daft question but do you think promoters who run these comps knock out entries who dont say yes to all marketing stuff..

Submitted by joan on Sat, 2014-02-01 14:05


I once won a prize on Getmeaticket which never arrived I emailed them several times, and they said my prize may have gone to the wrong address even though I'd sent them my correct delivery address. The prize would not of cost a lot in value but after entering their competitions for 2 years with nothing this little win would have been really welcome. Needless to say I never bother using their site anymore and do not recommend it to any of my friends.

Submitted by wighty3 on Fri, 2014-02-14 09:05


I am totally convinced that nobody wins! I have been comping for aaaaages and still havent won anything, despite entering every competition, over 300 in the last few days :(

Submitted by victorioa on Fri, 2014-04-11 11:46


TV Choice Magazine has a huge selection of daily entry prizes and doesn't publish winners' names. I've emailed them asking them why and didn't get a response.
What with all the advertising revenue and hits they get from competitions, companies should play nicely.

Promoters are capable of directly tagging winners but not all do, and even when they do sometimes they don't show up. The only fool proof way of checking the winner of a comp is going back into the Facebook page and seeing who they announced - I do this with a few comps I am desperate to win. Otherwise use search engine like Social Searcher and search for your name inside speech marks and phrases such as Winner, Congratulations etc. Also, if you have other comping friends on Facebook you can all keep your eyes peeled for each others names! Good luck! xx