Organising your Creative Comping

Submitted by tpf_kirsty on Tue, 2014-07-08 10:22

Hello again all!  Well, the World Cup is almost over, Wimbledon has been and gone, and now we are starting to focus on the summer months ahead.  It won’t be long now until the children break up from school and we all start to get out and about more.  It’s a good time of year to get ourselves organised when it comes to our comping – making sure our spreadsheets and notebooks of wins are up to date, we have a clear idea of what’s on our Wish Lists and have a plan of action of comps to enter. 

Of course The Prizefinder can help you no end when it comes to organising your comps – allowing you to browse by category of prize, by entry method and by closing date to name but a few.  Our most recent change to the site has been to split out the creative comps section - now, when you visit the website, on the left-hand-side you will see a menu of Creative Comps:


  • Slogans (short slogan and tie-breaker comps)
  • Writing (longer writing pieces)
  • Photography (simple snap comps as well as more advanced amateur photography comps)
  • Video (short and more lengthy video comps)
  • Kids (some creative comps for the kids to get stuck into)
  • Other (everything else, recipes etc). 


Creative Comps


This categorisation should help you drill down into what kind of comps you want to be entering at that time.  Some of us have a flair for writing slogans and tie breakers, others have a keen eye for photography and enjoy making short videos, and some others of us have children who like to enter comps too – I know my daughters are keen to get into the Kids section of the Creative Comps and have a nose around for some competitions for them!

Hopefully this will enable you to enter the creative competitions that we list in a more structured way – if you are looking to write some short, snappy tie breakers, you now don’t have to wade through lots of photography or recipe writing competitions to get at them – thus leaving you more precious time to actually enter the competitions themselves!

For more helpful hints ad advice on entering creative compeitions, why not download our "How to Win Creatve Competitions" Guide!

Do let us know what you think about the changes in the comments below, and we always love to hear your suggestions for future improvements.

Happy comping everyone, lots of Lucky Dust to you all!

Kirsty x


Submitted by tpf_kirsty on Fri, 2014-07-11 09:28


Glad you found it useful Louise! I have only had a few small wins on photo comps so far, but will definitely be diverging into video ones more as they seem fun and are still lower entry. Do let us know how you get on!
Kirsty x