Lucky New Year 2015 - The Winners

Submitted by tpf_kirsty on Mon, 2015-01-12 09:42

Hello everyone!  How was your weekend, any nice wins to report?  Another for me at the end of last week – a Chicco 123 baby walker from a blog comp.  Here we are in another week, getting towards half way through January already – seems that this year will be going as quickly as the last for us!  Been a whirlwind of getting everyone back into school and work routines, homework, organising clubs, getting my own work organised and reorganising the house.  Before we know it we will be in February when my youngest turns 5 and my eldest goes off on her first residential school trip – very exciting times!  How are you going with your comping resolutions, still sticking to them?  I am so far being good and sticking to mine – trying to enter all the holiday comps first, then working through the comps closing soonest to pick out the ones I really want to win.  Very easy to get distracted and try and enter everything, especially on social media, but I am hopeful that by sticking to trying to win what I really want or need we may have a good success rate – we shall see!

Did you get involved in this year’s Lucky New Year competition?  It was my first year hosting the comp, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading everyone’s entries every day.  I particularly loved the photo day, where I got to see a snapshot of some of your favourite comp wins from last year!  Gave me some great inspiration to keep on trying to win the big prizes too like holidays and cars – well done everybody!  We had over 1,000 entries over the course of the 7 days – so thank you all so much for getting involved.  For completeness, here is a run-down of the daily winners and the main winner from the comp:

Day 1 – a97am told us that the top of her Wishlist was a summer holiday

Day 2 –@flowersnchox summed up why she loved comping with The PrizeFinder by saying “I love Comping with The PrizeFinder because With hundreds of comps every day, a prize is just one click away!

Day 3 – Benthebrindle correctly guessed that 93 comps would be added to the site that day

Day 4 – Jeremy Andrews told his that his favourite kind of comps were quiz comps where you need to actually think about the answers

Day 5 – @lishallsmiles showed us a picture of her fave 2014 prize - £1,000 of hotel vouchers

Day 6 – modzy78 told us that her comping resolutions included trying more creative comps, getting into Instagram and Pinterest, keeping a spreadsheet of wins and focusing on prizes that she really wants

Day 7 – Nickyh173 summed up comping in three words – Fingers Always Crossed

Overall Winner – fitwell – Congratulations!

Thank you again for getting involved this year, we hope you found it a fun way to keep your comping momentum after the madness of the advents and December in general.  We will hopefully be back again next year with another great Lucky New Year promotion, so stay tuned.  In the meantime there are plenty of great competitions on The PrizeFinder to get stuck into, so grab a cuppa and get winning some fab prizes for 2015!

Happy comping everyone, and lots of Lucky Dust to you all!

Kirsty x


Submitted by Alexness12341993 on Fri, 2015-01-16 13:00


Really struggling with comping, Been doing comps since i was 18.
Im now 21 and yet i have only won two things in the whole time ive been into it,
Im either the unluckiest person going or im not doing it right.
Was wondering if anyone has any advice?
I enter up to 100 a day when i can if not i go to 50 a day.
unfortunatly i cant enter holidays or trips (two children, one on way)
And i wouldnt go for cars as i dont drive :)
Good luck everyone xx

Hiya! Do you diff different kinds of comps - social media, online, email, purchase necessary, creative ones? I would suggest a good spread of different types of comps, and try and focus on creative and lower entry comps if you have limited time. I am the same, struggle to enter a lot of the bigger holiday ones etc, but there are always lots of other lovely comps to be going for. Also try and look out for local comps too on radio, newspapers and local social media pages. Entries will usually be lower too. Good luck with your comping - and the baby! xx

Yeah i apply through twitter, i do any slogan comps, online and the occasional email one.
I even go for multiple prize and ones that are just minor prizes.
Haha it may just be some rotten luck.
Though outside prizefinder i have won a hamper through a local charity raffle so this may be the start of good luck :D
Im hoping it is, thank you for the advice.
Good luck to everyone out there and stay positive xx

Well it sounds like you are doing all the right things, well done! I would say stick with it, this is a great time to comp a lots of people take a break from comping after Christmas, so it gives all us die-hard compers a better chance of winning! Keeping everything crossed from you and looking forward to reading all about your wins soon! xx