Everything You Need to Know about Gamebling!

Submitted by Higson on Mon, 2015-11-02 08:12

Hello everyone!  How was your weekend, any nice wins to report? No more new wins for me since the icing bundle and the Amazon voucher from my last blog. I was hoping that a few little wins from October EOMs might be in already, but no such luck.  I find that End of Month competition wins can take a while to come in and be announced, so I shan’t lose faith just yet – have you had any wins for November yet?



I don’t know about you but there are some days when my comping mojo just seems to desert me.  Maybe I have had a big session on the #WinitWednesday or #FreebieFriday comps, or I have just spent an hour or two going through the daily entry blog, but some evenings I just can’t face any more comping!  At this point I still want something fun to do on my PC or iPad, but I need a change from the norm - that’s when I turn to my favourite gamebling sites!

What is Gamebling?

A lot of us these days like to play social, casual games online and with our friends – games such as Candy Crush and Pet Saga. I love these games and everyone from my nine year old daughter to my 65 year old mother seems to be a fan – my mother in particular loves her casual gaming!  Others of us like to play online bingo, slots and other games of chance to try and win some cash and prizes.  Now imagine that while you are playing your favourite casual games with your friends you could also be in with a chance to win money too – wouldn’t that be an awesome concept?  Well that’s where Gamebling comes in!

When you play online scratch cards and bingo it can sometimes feel as if the final end result is pre-planned and there is no skill or free-will involved in it.  Well, in a lot of cases that is true and you are not really interacting with a game, just watching an animation or pre-determined set of events and watching to see if you win.  

However, when you play on Gamebling sites it feels much more like playing your favourite online casual games – what you do in the game (and to an extent what other people do too) affect the kind of experience you have in the game.  You get a much more interactive experience, allowing you to play fun and immersive games, some of which can be multi-player too!

As a great starting place I have found that the Booty Pirates Game offers lots of fun battling for booty on crazy maps and racing in real-time against other pirate players!  So why not head over to their website now and find out about the game and their current welcome bonuses – well worth a look if you are looking for a non-comping distraction that still allows you to win big!

Happy gamebling everyone, and lots of Lucky dust to you all!

Kirsty x