Cheers Video Competition

Submitted by shdeveloper on Mon, 2016-04-18 10:08

At Cheers Bingo, they love to find reasons to keep you celebrating. The site is all about promoting a lively atmosphere, from the top payout rate to the wealth of promotions. Recently, Cheers Bingo ran an extremely interactive competition. Players were asked to make a video telling the world why they were celebrating. The 3 most unique videos would receive an amazing prize worthy of their effort. Well, the votes have now been counted and verified. The winners have been announced and we have 3 incredibly cheerful videos to help put a smile on our faces!

The Competition

The Cheers Bingo 600 Celebration gave players a chance to put forward their best video in the hope of winning a top bingo prize. The prize in question? A share of $600!

The aim of the video was to tell the Cheers team (& the world) the reasons why they were celebrating. They were then asked to upload the video to YouTube using the hashtag #Cheers to enter. The team at Cheers were looking for effervescence and originality. It certainly looks like they found it!

The first prize was set at $300, with the second prize standing at $200. Last but certainly not least, the third prize offered a cool $100.

The Videos

Now that we’ve told you all about the competition, let’s move on to the lucky winners. The team searched to find the most creative and innovative (not to mention heart-warming) contributions. After careful consideration, they found what they were looking for.

1st Prize winner

This video is comedy gold. Anyone with a toddler can relate. The video shows a player artfully building a tower of block with his young son. After carefully placing the last block, he decides it’s time to celebrate. The camera cuts to a party scene with the player celebrating his achievement. As the party dies down, his young son does what natural toddler instinct drives him to do. He wrecks the tower. The camera fades out as the player laments over the strewn remnants of his creation. Watch it for yourself at

2nd Prize winner

You have to admire the effort that went into editing this video. Centred around two clay men, the video tells the story of their respective days. Whilst one has a routine day, the other packs 3 major life events into one day. The editing brings life to the small models. The moral of the story prompts viewers to celebrate everything in life- even the little things. Watch it here

3rd Prize winner

Sports students plus zest for life equals this video. After surviving comedic “near-death-experiences” these guys seek to celebrate all that life has to offer- even those missed baskets. Regardless, they carry on making the most of life, on the basketball and on the tennis court. It’s funny. It’s heart-warming. It’s a winner. Watch it here

The 600 Celebration competition at Cheers Bingo has been a success. Not only have the players taken home real cash rewards, they’ve brought a smile to many a face in the process. Cheers Bingo stepped out of the box on this one and it paid off. Could this be the start of a slew of unique and innovative bingo promotions hitting the web?  We certainly hope so.