Organise Your Comping with New Categories & Popular Prizes

Submitted by tpf_kirsty on Mon, 2015-06-22 07:31

Hello everyone!  How was your weekend, any nice wins to report?  I finally have a few wins for June to report – hurrah!  I have won a signed teenagers book from a Facebook comp, a chocolate hamper from a Twitter comp, a Playmobil set from an online comp that my daughter entered and a Disney Nature book from a Facebook comp.  It feels really rather goof to be winning again, even when the prizes aren’t huge or on my wish list.  My girls had great fun building the Playmobil set when it came, and I know they will help me and the hubby get stuck into the chocolate hamper too when that comes.  It is lovely to be able to treat the ones we love with prizes isn’t it - one of the best reasons for comping in my opinion!

I feel like I am almost back into my comping stride now, even though school and social commitments are starting to hot up again.  We have the youngest daughter’s sports day tomorrow and then it is the Round the Island Race this weekend, which usually means us all getting up at 05:00 to see the hundreds of boats going out on their sailing journey – a spectacle to behold but a very early start. 

When time starts to get short I find I really need to focus in on my comping aims, in order to get the most of my time.  One way of doing this is to make a list of those prizes you really want to win, and try and find as many competitions as you can for them, so you aren’t wasting your time sifting through lots of fabulous competitions that may distract you and that aren’t as high on your priority list.  Here at The PrizeFinder we want to try and make your comping life as easy and efficient as possible, and that’s why we are constantly looking at ways to change and improve our site, so you can get the most out of your time.

New Categories:

Today I am pleased to announce that we have made it even easier for you to home in on those prizes that are really important to you, by increasing and defining our prize categories.  In addition to all our existing categories such as Cash & Vouchers, Short Breaks and Home & Garden we now have a number of new categories, for you to use when you are browsing for specific competitions:


  • Sports & Fitness
  • Mother & Baby
  • Craft & Hobbies


We know a lot of you are into certain sports, do all kinds of crafty hobbies or may be expecting the pitter patter of tiny feet, so we want to make it even easier for you to find competitions for whatever interests you.  Now if you are looking to find all the latest craft competitions from the best-selling magazines and websites you can find then all in one place, rather than having to work your way through the “miscellaneous” category as before.  Similarly if you are looking to win yourself or someone you know some maternity or baby related prizes, these are now all in one place for you too.  Do you have a sports loves in your life that you would like to be able to treat with some new workout gear, sporting equipment of club merchandise then you now need look no further than our new sports & fitness category.

New Sub-categories in Popular Prizes

In addition to these main categories we have included some new sub-categories, which you can find on our Popular Prizes page – making it even easier to find the comps you want to win:

Within the new Sports & Fitness category you will find prizes split out for Sports Club memberships, personal training sessions, football prizes, rugby prizes and golf prizes. 

Within the new Mother & Baby category you will be able to find specific listings for prizes for mum, baby accessories and pushchairs. 

As we have included this new category it also means that the Kids & Toys category has had a makeover and now includes specific Frozen & Disney prizes, as well as toys and kids goodies split out into relevant age categories. 

We have not included any sub-categories for the Crafts & Hobbies section, as we think most people searching here will be interested in all the prizes – if you have any suggestions for additional main or sub-categories please do let us know!

So there you have it, we have made it even easier for you to get right to the prizes you want to win, making the very most of your precious time and giving you the best chance of winning some fabulous treats for you and the ones you love.

Happy comping everyone, and lots of Lucky dust to you all!

Kirsty x