Finding comping friends on Facebook

Submitted by MWilkins on Wed, 2013-09-25 15:18

If you're a fan of Facebook competitions, you'll know that there are plenty of reasons to add likeminded comping friends - they can tag your name if they see you announced as a winner, you can send them invites for referral comps or add them to your team. You'll also see their activity on your News Feed and Ticker and find them a handy source of new competitions! And of course - your comping friends are usually happy to chat about their latest wins or offer a helping hand! As we don't have a forum here at the PrizeFinder we thought it would be a nice idea to start a 'Facebook Friends' thread on our page for those of you who would like to add new comping friends - you can access our post at, and we've also embedded it here at the end of this blog post - click COMMENT to add your details! You can also comment there with your Twitter name, Instagram name or Pinterest link if you'd like to connect with fellow compers on those sites too. When you add comping friends, you could try adding them to a new 'Friends list' called 'Compers' - this will make it easier for you to share your competition posts only with friends that are interested. You can read more about friends lists in our free Facebook Guide PDF at Don't forget if you're new to social media comping, we've produced four other handy PDF guides which you can download from the Compers News website. These are detailed walkthroughs for Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Blogs/Rafflecopter, and contain lots of tips and guidance. Once you have your Facebook comping friends, why not ask 9 of them to join you in a syndicate for the National Lottery's latest prize draw - you could win £20,000 to share between you! This comp closes on 4th October, and you can find it on their Facebook page at