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Finding comping friends on Facebook

Submitted by MWilkins on Wed, 2013-09-25 15:18

If you're a fan of Facebook competitions, you'll know that there are plenty of reasons to add likeminded comping friends - they can tag your name if they see you announced as a winner, you can send them invites for referral comps or add them to your team. You'll also see their activity on your News Feed and Ticker and find them a handy source of new competitions!

Interesting Lists!

Submitted by SuperluckyDi on Fri, 2012-07-20 13:58

Ever get the feeling you're liking a few too many Facebook pages? Your Newsfeed is a jumble of updates from friends, compers and Facebook pages, and you're missing out on lots of competitions because it's just TOO busy? A really neat way of organising and focusing your comping on Facebook is to use Interest lists.

The Name Game

Submitted by SuperluckyDi on Tue, 2012-06-19 10:12

Last week I heard from an unhappy comper who had got herself into a bit of bother. She was relatively new to Facebook comping, and like many people had set up a second account for her new hobby so as not to annoy her friends. The comper had set up her new account under a different name - before long she'd had a few wins with her new name and all was going well.

Is somebody pinching your prizes?

Submitted by SuperluckyDi on Sun, 2012-01-22 09:04

Do you enter Facebook competitions? Then you should be aware that lately there are a few dishonest people attempting to claim prizes that aren't theirs. How do they do it? Simple. When a promoter announces a winner's name along with a message to say 'contact us at promoter@email.com with your address details', they're emailing with their own details.