Share Your August Wins

Submitted by tpf_kirsty on Mon, 2016-08-01 08:07

Hello everyone!  How was your week, any nice wins to report?  August already – seriously?  Come on, admit it, who has a time altering machine and keeps speeding up time?  The summer holidays are in full swing here, which is always interesting when you and your husband are both self-employed and have two children home wanting feeding and entertaining for seven weeks lol.  Still, can’t complain, before we know it we will be in September and it will be back to the routine of school runs and clubs and things will be even busier.

July was pretty much a non-event for me in terms of comping, what with school holidays, our trip to Spain and working more hours than usual.  That being said I did manage to win three prizes, so that’s not too bad.  Here is what I won:


  • A surprise Marvel Hero Attacks starter kit, which my daughter won from a magazine
  • A hot eye compress, from a Facebook comp
  • A bar of chocolate, from Aldi on twitter


Okay so there are no major wins here, but there are practical ones.  The chocolate will be a lovely treat one evening (when we are all recovered from our post-holiday bugs), and the hot eye compress will be so lovely the next time I have a chelazion, which I get frequently since developing glaucoma a few years back.  I don’t think prizes always need to be big and exciting to keep your comping interest peeked, they just have to be something you would like, would use or could gift to someone you love.

July is one of the slowest comping months of the year I think, as promoters sometimes take a break from big comps as they now people are on holiday and out enjoying the weather.  Once the nights start to draw in again we can all settle back down to some good comping sessions again, as the season picks back up from September.  Anyway, let’s see what everyone else has been weaning during July 2016:

Preston64 won some tickets for the Battle Proms from facebook (a prize I would love to have won), and Charlotte won a £50 Flip Flops voucher and £50 of chocolates – what a fab summer prize!  Amzy14 won one of the big regular prizes from Heart Radio this month of £100 of Love2Shop vouchers, and Kslade had some text comp success winning a Tastecard and a men’s t-shirt as well as a family ticket to a local farm.  Joan’s husband was still wining big this month by bagging a £100 shopping voucher from the Daly Mirror, and she managed to win some goodies herself too including a parcel containing five top title books – well done!  VillageFox had another great month winning such fab prizes as an adult colouring book, Lion Guard mini figures, 2 x a £25 shopping vouchers, an inflatable Frisbee, some Malibu & Coke cans and local cinema tickets – what a fab haul!  Kayaaaa continued her lucky streak by winning a £90 voucher for JD, two tickets to Pride in Bristol and a £100 Amazon voucher, and Goatinaboat had a surprise kids’ cookbook turn up and a case of posh popcorn.  Hamish666 and family will be having fun playing the Wet Head game and with the Airstorm Firetek he won from blog comps, and Lish2013 bought herself some new pyjamas and slippers with the fab £50 Tesco Direct voucher she won from £50.  Poppytattoo had a great month winning a musicals soundtrack CD, two tickets to breakfast at Tiffany’s in London and a pair of Ryanair tickets, and Tinytina will be enjoying a break too with the two night bed & breakfast trip to Norfolk that she won, including travel, afternoon tea and bubbly – cheers!

We have a good group of compers who always post their winnings with us every month, but love to see members’ names that I don’t recognise too.  Kieranawjw let us know about their win this month which was a great one – a £130 10ft trampoline which was won and delivered in record time!  I am sure there will be some happy children playing on that this summer, well done you! 

Let us know how you get on with August’s comps by commenting below with your wins.  Don’t forget to upload a photo of your wins too for a chance to win a £50 voucher here. 

I look forward to hopefully being able to share more of my own wins next month, and to reading all about yours! 

Happy comping everyone, and lots of Lucky dust to you all!

Kirsty x


Submitted by superduperlauz on Tue, 2016-08-02 16:50


Awful last few months of comping where haven't won anything and nearly gave up! 2nd day of August and have already won 5 prizes including 3 from twitter so am very pleased! :)

Submitted by Buttons23 on Tue, 2016-08-02 20:25


Had a bad month of comping in July, only won a game right at the beginning of July. However starting August much better! Just got an email last night to say I had won a family ticket to see The Gruffalo at London. This is something we will really enjoy but would not have had the spare money for so we are really excited. Its my son's favourite book!

Submitted by Mapleacorn on Sun, 2016-08-07 11:55


Very chuffed, won tickets to ladies day at Newbury races and a £30 John Lewis gift voucher. Annoyingly I am coming off a night shift and won't be able to go, so I have given it to my mum who is super excited!!

Submitted by honeybunny64 on Sun, 2016-08-07 23:44


I have just started back comping after a break of probably 5 years! Feeling lucky though, won £1 on a scratch card (ok, not particularly exciting) and a box of about 20 Nakd bars from a Nakd Food twitter comp.