Happy New Year From The PrizeFinder

Submitted by tpf_kirsty on Sun, 2014-12-21 15:39

Hello everyone!  I hope you all had a magical Christmas – what were your highlights?  The faces of my girls when they realised Father Christmas had brought the beloved toys they had asked for was priceless.  Thoroughly enjoyed the Christmas meal as always – bit of a small kitchen to cook it in this year, but we muddled through and everyone was sufficiently stuffed by the end.  We were all in need of a good restorative rest by the end of the day, and we have enjoyed a few quiet days just enjoying new toys, movies and the Christmas spirit before relatives arrive for a few days this afternoon and it all gets hectic again.  Are you party animals when it comes to New Year’s Eve, or do you prefer to celebrate at home?  With two small kiddies we are very rarely out for New Year, but to be honest I never enjoyed going out much at New Year even when I was younger.  I am quite happy sat at home watching Jools Holland with something bubbly – much warmer and no transport issues getting home!  It is also my birthday on new Year’s Day, so celebrations tend to last for 2 days at our house! 

So the advents have finished, the year is almost over and it’s time to tally up our prize totals for 2014 – how did you do?  Value-wise I am down a little on last year totalling approx. £3,500 in prizes, but in terms of numbers I won more than double the amount of prizes I won last year at over 200!  It is all the small prizes that keep us going isn’t it, and I know a lot of my smaller wins have made for happy times for my family with extra treats we wouldn’t have usually bought.  What has been your best win this year?  No major four-figure wins for me this year, but my best wins were probably the £250 of low calorie food I won in a Twitter comp, 12 pairs of shoes from BHS on facebook, £100 of Brantano vouchers from Netmums, and the £200 Ultimate Liz Earle hamper I won on Facebook.  Over the year I have managed to win toys for various birthdays and Christmas, stationery to keep us all in pens and paper all year, enough crisps to sink a battle ship from various sources, cases of wine, Christmas jumpers and enough books to start a library! 

What woud you really like to win in 2015?  I didn’t manage to win a hamper this year, so am going to be trying hard again next Christmas.  I would also really love to win a holiday – either a family one, or just a night away for me and the hubby, so that’s my priority this year.  What are you really hoping to win in the New Year?  There will be all manner of fantastic competitions starting again in the next week or so, tso there will be plenty to choose from.

Lucky New Year

Speaking of exciting competitions, here at The PrizeFinder we are once again running our ever popular Lucky New Year competition starting 1st January 2015.  For seven consecutive days we will run a 24 hour competition for you to enter to win a £10 Amazon voucher on each day.  At the end of the seven days everyone who entered at least one of our daily Lucky New Year comps will go into the prize draw to win £100 in cash!  Entry will be simple, as all you will need to do is log into your PrizeFinder account and leave a comment on the daily blog, tweet us on Twitter, or enter via Facebook  or email.  Entry methods will vary daily, so make sure you keep your eye on the daily blogs and social media posts - what a great pick me up after all the festivities have finished!

In the meantime, I hope you and your family and friends have a fabulous New Year’s Eve and we will see you all in 2015 for lots more fantastic competitions, articles, news and tips!

A very Happy New Year to you all, and lots of Lucky Dust!

Kirsty x


Submitted by smcstacey on Wed, 2014-12-31 09:23


I have had a pretty good year, started comping properly in May this year and here is my list of prizes for the past 8months, some however i had to decline unfortunately:-

-Best prize, A Htc One M8 mobile phone in Blossom Pink £500
-£500 wiggle voucher (which is an online sports shop)
-2 nights in any premier Inn, gave this to my parents £150
-£100 Sand dollar Swim voucher gave this to my friend
-laptop bag which i haven't yet received £30
-umbongo t-shirt :p priceless :p
-ankle bracelet not worth anything :p but its pretty :-)
-signed book from April Lynn Pike American Authour :-) priceless
-2 nights in a hotel in Ibiza and 2x Festival tickets for a heavy metal festival in Ibiza, however not into heavy metal and booking fees and flights still had to be paid for so i kindly declined this prize as my friend and I could not afford it.
-Organic shower gel £5
-2 pairs of sunglasses £30
-1 year free travel on the metro (I never use the metro, also they wanted me to send them a photo and lots of personal info and send it by special delivery about £6, so i wasn't interested, and again declined this prize)

This is my list for 2014. My hopes in 2015 is to hopefully win a Holiday, either a london break to see a west end show, or a holiday abroad and my mum and I would go :-). And 2nd I would love to win an Ipad been wanting one for a while. My laptop is on its last legs so its a matter of time before it stops working.

Anyway good luck to all Prizefinder compers, and please reply with your wins also, its nice to see what people have won. xstaceyx

Submitted by laura44v on Wed, 2014-12-31 19:55


I've had a really good year, winning 124 prizes in 2014 worth over £6,500.

My most valuable prize was a week ski holiday for 4 in the French Alps, which my friends and I have booked for the Easter holidays and we are very much looking forward to. I also won a 3 night break and a cookery class with Jean Christophe Novelli whilst staying in a 5* London hotel, which I have booked for February half term. These two prizes were from a photo competition about some voluntary conservation work I co-ordinated in Indonesia this summer. Just these three prizes total at over £3,500!

My favourite win has to be my dog winning the UK's naughtiest dog competition, we won £650 and had endless offers to be on television, including the one show, Alan Titchmarsh show and Judge Rinder! I turned them all down due to work commitments. We were in the national press too!

Other highlights include over £1,000 in various vouchers - John Lewis, Thomas Cook and Aldi to name a few... but the weirdest win has to be the single Billyboy condom that arrived in an envelope with no note or explanation! Very odd...

At a time for reflection and looking back on the year now behind us, I have to say that I feel incredibly lucky for all of this. My wins have given me great memories and made some of my closest friends and family really happy, they've also given me several things to look forward to in 2015!

Best of luck for 2015 everyone... it's going to take a big effort for me to beat this next year!x