WIN! Mother's Day Competition

Submitted by SuperluckyDi on Mon, 2013-02-25 16:09

There are lots of lovely Mother's Day competitions around at the moment, and we didn't want to miss out on the fun! So here on the blog we're giving you the chance to win a £35 Interflora Gift Card to spend on a bouquet of your choice - for your mum, a friend...or why not treat yourself (you deserve it!)

Our competition is easy to enter. Make sure you're a registered PrizeFinder member and logged into your account. Then leave us a comment on this blog post to let us know, if you could win ANY prize in the world for your Mum, what would it be?

I know my Mum would love a helicopter ride over Snowdonia so I'm always on the look out for that!

One entrant will be chosen at random to win a £35 Interflora gift card. Your comment won't appear here immediately as we have moderation set up on the blog, but as long as it's received before 12 midnight on Mothering Sunday, 10th March 2013 it will count!

We hope all you comping mums have a wonderful Mother's Day!

Terms and Conditions
1. Open to UK residents aged 18 or over
2. Entrants must be registered PrizeFinder users and logged in to their account to leave a comment
3. Only one entry per person
4. The winner will be chosen at random
5. The closing date is 10th March 2013
6. The winner will be notified by email within 7 days of the closing date, and must confirm their postal address within 28 days or an alternative winner will be chosen
7. The prize is one £35 Interflora gift card, to be posted to the winner


Submitted by katherinepritchett on Tue, 2013-02-26 16:43


i would love to take my mum on a holiday together as i know she misses me when i am at uni, just to say thanks for all her support x

Submitted by fruits on Tue, 2013-02-26 16:57


It would be nice to win exclusive use of a small hotel where all the family could get together from around the UK, catch up, meet extended family, enjoy a meal, followed by entertainment and an overnight stay.

Submitted by Bubbles17 on Tue, 2013-02-26 17:00


A trip on the Orient Express would be wonderful for my mum! Xx

Submitted by kelly-siobhan on Tue, 2013-02-26 17:19


A MASSIVE spending spree in London so mum can treat herself to lots of new clothes after losing so much weight in the last 2 years. Then a posh afternoon tea, night in the theatre and a 5* hotel to collapse in afterwards!

Submitted by Eluned on Tue, 2013-02-26 17:26


The perfect present for my Mum would be to find the wedding ring she lost several years ago but unfortunately it's gone forever. At least she has the memories and the photos of the 50 wonderful years she shared with my Dad.

Submitted by honeydip on Tue, 2013-02-26 17:29


My mum loves travelling but also the ability to keep in touch while she's away. so I would love to win her the new kindle. She is the most selfless person I know and doesn't get treated as often as I would like, so this would be ideal for her.

Submitted by misstyrian on Tue, 2013-02-26 17:32


I would like to take my parents on holiday, they have treated me and my sons on holidays and we could never afford to repay them. I live in hope that I will win one that will take us all away one day.

Submitted by MIJO on Tue, 2013-02-26 17:45


To be able to get all the family together for a day would be the best treat for her (children, grandchildren and great grandchildren)

Submitted by phil112 on Tue, 2013-02-26 18:32


I'd love to win a Mediterranean cruise for my Mum. Dad's a bit of a stay at home stick-in-the-mud at the moment and she's not had a decent holiday for years!

Submitted by emmacella on Tue, 2013-02-26 18:36


The prize of my dreams would be paying off my mother's bills for a year or two, because that way she would be out of debt, after having to raise her family on her own.

Submitted by suzj on Tue, 2013-02-26 18:39


A chef to come and cook dinner for my mum in her home, so we can say a big thank you

Submitted by Emmakew on Tue, 2013-02-26 18:51


I think my Mum would like to return to the South Of France as that's her favourite destination so if I could win anything it would be a holiday to Nice or Monte Carlo.

Submitted by honeyb11 on Tue, 2013-02-26 19:04


I don't get to see my mum as often as I would like, so I'd love to win a mother and daughter prize so we could spend some quality time together - like a spa break!

Submitted by mirandab on Tue, 2013-02-26 19:14


Both myself and my mum are dog mad so if I could win anything it would be a trip to America to see Westminster (their version of Crufts). I feel very lucky to have such a wonderful, supportive mum I couldn't ask for better.

Submitted by skybunny on Tue, 2013-02-26 19:15


My mumwould like to go on a tour around all the villages in England and stay in little village inns

Submitted by 36goldy36 on Tue, 2013-02-26 19:46


I would love to win my mum either a beautiful Steif bear or Vouchers to Build-a-Bear because she absolutely adores teddy bears

Submitted by tiggsy40 on Tue, 2013-02-26 19:58


I would love to win my mum some theaatre tickets, as it is something we both enjoy, and it gives us some quality time together x x x

Submitted by eva_churchil on Tue, 2013-02-26 21:24


Her taste buds back ! She was ill for nearly 2 years and one of the effects of the many pills that she had to and still has to take is that she has lost her sense of taste .

Submitted by vickyd4v3 on Tue, 2013-02-26 22:05


I would like to win a 2 seater sports car for my Mum she's always wanted one but with having 3 children she's never bought one. We are all grown up now so it would be a perfect time!

Submitted by theresacoo on Wed, 2013-02-27 09:41


I would love to win a holiday where we could take all our family either uk or abroad.

We don't see each other that often so that would be an once in a lifetime opportunity for us all.

Mum would be made up.

Submitted by little owl on Wed, 2013-02-27 12:22


I would love to be able to buy the house next door so I could look after her more as I live a long way away. Flowers would make her day though and be much appreciated.

Submitted by kurtzie on Wed, 2013-02-27 13:00


My Mum is Deceased but if she was alive still I would try to win her a Narrow Boat or at least a nice stay on one because she always wanted a Narrow Boat.

Submitted by jaylou27 on Wed, 2013-02-27 13:57


If I could win any prize for my mum it would be a VW camper tour of Canada. She's always wanted to go to Canada and paint the sites since she was a teenager (before us pesky kids got in the way!) and she's always wanted a camper van so to be able to combine the two would just be amazing for her. I think id cry even telling her what Id won because it would be making two of her dreams come true <3

Submitted by morganv6 on Wed, 2013-02-27 19:52


I would love to win a trip on The Orient Express for my mom. She's always talked about going, so one day I hope to be able to send her!!