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  • Hello everyone!  I can’t believe it is almost June already!  The last half term of the school year is upon us, the weather is improving (slowly!) and Summer is just around the corner!  At this time of year we need to be super-organised with our comping hobby, and here at The PrizeFinder we offer some fab tools to help you!  In this blog we will be r

  • Hello everyone!  Well, we have had some nice weather recently, been outside a bit more and have maybe all had slightly less time for comping than we do when the weather is dull and grey and uninviting.  This does also mean usually that our success rate in winning comps goes down too, so what do we do?  Well, one way to try and increase the odds of winnin

  • Hi everyone!  One of our lovely website members recently found a number of prizes she had won, but had not been informed about – fortunately all the promoters upheld the wins!

  • These days it is almost impossible to go through a day without seeing a business advertising their Facebook page, their Twitter feed, their blog or their boards on Pinterest.  Have you taken the plunge into the social media world yet?  As a comper, these are amazing sources of competitions!  Personally I have had great luck with blogs, Facebook and Twitt

  • Well, Spring seems to have sprung, Summer isn’t too much of a distant dot on the horizon these days, which can only mean one thing – Festivals, Bank Holidays & Music Events!  Summer for me is synonymous with live music – everything from the biggest festivals in the country such as Glastonbury and Bestiva