Share Your March Wins

Submitted by shdeveloper on Tue, 2016-03-01 06:52

Hello everyone!  How is your week going, any nice wins to report?  Well here we are again, slap back into another brand new month - anyone else feel like the year is racing past already?  February was a funny month for me and I really didn’t have as much time to comp as I would have liked.  Our youngest turned 6 at the start of the month and also had her birthday party at the end of the month which meant a lot of the month was focused on making sure she had a fab time!  I have also been binge watching a TV series called The Blacklist, which has dominated most evenings for me and also eaten into my precious comping time.  That being said I still managed to win six nice prizes during the month – let’s take a look at what I won: 

  • A New South Wales hamper, from Expedia on Twitter
  •  Some Hampshire FA goodies, from their Facebook page
  •  A cooling face mask, from a Twitter comp
  •  A UEFA football shirt, from the Walkers on pack promotion
  •  A £25 High Street gift voucher, from a Tots100 Twitter party
  •  A signed Celtic football shirt, from Plz Soccer online

So as you can see not many prizes to shout about over the last month, but enough to keep the mojo up and keep me going into the new month.  Enough about me, let’s have a peek at what some of our lovely members have been winning during February 2016:

Hamish666 had a great month bagging a Body Shop set worth £35 from a blog comp, an Alvin & the Chipmunks goody bag from Hey-u-Guys and a six month subscription to Baking Explorer.  Goatinaboat continued to win some lovely prizes over the month including a £50 Cotswold voucher from the WAMO app, a year’s worth of sausages form Debbie & Andrews on Twitter and a hamper of Very Lazy food products from a Twitter comp.  VillageFox had a great haul of prizes this month including a Shaun the Sheep goody bag from a magazine, a book from Maximum Pop, a Recipe Coach book from a twitter comp, a Peppa Pig book bundle from a blog and a £50 Amazon voucher to name but a few!  Sian6484 has only been coming since the start of February and has already won her first prize -  a two night stay for two at a hotel in Sidmouth including dinner and breakfast – what a brilliant way to start your comping journey Sian!  On the overnight stay theme Leonirudge also won a one night stay at any Tune Hotel thanks to a Facebook comp – lovely prize, well done.  Laura44v had a great February too winning a PS Vita from a Daily Express comp as well as a bundle of winter health products amongst others, and Cerievans1 won £250 of wine from a Christmas comp – cheers!   Dig76 had a lovely surprise win turn up of a glow in the dark globe (I love a surprise win), and pwilson44 won a fab set of Belgravia knives and a knife block from a blog competition, as well as a soup mug and can of soup from the instant win competition.  Despite taking some comping time off after Christmas Prodigal is back in the winning habit by securing themselves a lovely mohair throw from Cornwall Living, a Leaf ring from The Great British Life and a mug and can of soup. 

Plenty of people are still winning some fab prizes in the Walkers on pack promotion including footballs, bowls and t-shirts.  If you haven’t had a go yet make sure to pick up a promotional pack and try your luck – you can enter up to 24 entries per person per day so plenty of scope to pick up a prize.  The promotion runs until 25th April 2016 and at the end all entries will go into a draw to win a VIP trip to the UEFA Champions League Final!

I think this month’s “Prolific Comper” title needs to go to Kayaaaa who had a fantastic February!  She managed to win an iPad Mini, a Kenwood dishwasher, a £10 Marks & Spencer voucher, some slippers and a VIP treatment at Vue Cinemas for a screening of a film - what a wonderful haul for just one month, well done! 

Let us all know how you get on with March’s comps by commenting below with your wins.  Don’t forget to upload a photo of your wins too for a chance to win a £50 voucher here. 

I look forward to hopefully being able to share more of my own wins next month, and to reading all about yours! 

Happy comping everyone, and lots of Lucky dust to you all!

Kirsty x


Submitted by sloopy123 on Wed, 2016-03-02 13:51


Last Friday I won a pizza voucher from Dr.Oetker, then Sunday I had DM from Real People Magazine to say I had won their Mothers Day comp, a Sanctuary Spa hamper and then yesterday I had a WEM from Trek & Mountain magazine telling me that I was one of 2 lucky winners of a Bergans of Norway jacket worth £299 which is for my daughter, as she is the skier in the family!

Submitted by Buddie on Wed, 2016-03-02 16:08


After several wins on the daily entry comps in february i checked my emails yesterday to find three more wins. £ prizes in one day is a record for me.

Submitted by laura44v on Wed, 2016-03-02 19:51


Three wins today! First came from Netmums, a bridal shower stationery package from The Perfect Package Co... will be perfect for my sister who is getting married in September.

Second came from Eating Covent Garden blog, a stunning set of gold kitchen utensils worth £65.

Third, a comping friend of mine tagged me in a winners post on Facebook... a bundle of Aristoc tights! You can never have too many tights...

Absolutely chuffed.

Submitted by villagefox on Wed, 2016-03-02 19:59


First win of the month - a Mega Blocks First Builder bundle from Netmums. After two weeks off I'm pleased to be back entering again. Good luck for March everyone.

Submitted by Pheonix on Wed, 2016-03-02 21:17


New member,about 3 week's. 1st ever win in any comp. - Blood Pressure Monitor & health goodies @ Yours Magazine issue 236, via Prizefinder.
Notified of win on 24 Feb, arrived today.
Am very happy with my prize, this comping could become addictive ;)
Thank you Prizefinder & Yours Magazine.

Hi and welcome to comping! We suggest if you are doing regular prize entry non-creative comps to try and aim for about 100 a day over a three month period before you start to see results. Spread your entries around though - do some social media, some online, some email, some blog and you increase your chances. Also look at doing some creative comps as the entries are usually lower, and search google for local competitions too. Try something like "win CITY competition" with your nearest city, as local comps are usually very low entry too. Let u know you get on - good luck! x

Submitted by Balacath on Sat, 2016-03-05 15:30


Been having a go at literally hundreds of comps on here, twitter, FB and on good reads. Won two books on Good reads but nothing else since beginning of December.

Can I ask does anyone ever win on the daily magazine comps?

Good luck everyone.

Submitted by laura44v on Sat, 2016-03-05 23:27


A pair of compression tights worth £30 from BeFit24 through Giveaway Nation... my second win with them.

What's it with me and winning tights this month?!? Not complaining :D

Submitted by villagefox on Mon, 2016-03-07 13:17


- A copy of the novel 'The thing about Jellyfish' and a family ticket to The Sealife Centre (surprise win) which will be gratefully used over the Easter holiday.
- a soup mug from the ASDA giveaway
- another T-shirt on the Walkers giveaway (still hoping for the elusive football - good thing we eat a lot of crisps!)

Submitted by Prodigal on Thu, 2016-03-10 00:05


I Won Compression tights too! also my second win with BeFit24, are they trying to tell us something! Today a tie from Brakspear, love cracking the instants.....hate that Squirrel though, he's not very Clever!

Submitted by shooky1 on Thu, 2016-03-10 21:54


Have been comping every day since December as had to give up work due to ill health and thought entering competitions would stop me getting bored at home. Sadly i've had no wins and am beginning to think i'm wasting my time.

Submitted by villagefox on Wed, 2016-03-16 18:50


After a mini drought I've had a lucky few days:
- £25 shopping voucher (Britmums - #LittleGlass Twitter party)
- FisherPrice Blaze Transforming Turbo Launcher (UKmumstv Blaze and the Monster Machines Twitter party)
- £25 shopping voucher (Britmums - #Britmumsbudget Twitter party - I was not sure if I could win again with the same site the next day but it was an interesting chat and I was watching the Budget on the news I thought - why not? I guess the selection is truly random!)