Celebrate Halloween & Win £50 to Spend on Your Outfits & Party (CLOSED)

Submitted by Higson on Mon, 2015-10-12 09:25

Hello everyone! How was your weekend, any nice wins to report? A few small wins over the last week for me of a Cameron Diaz DVD duo from a SimpleSaver competition on facebook; a children’s baking book from a twitter comp and a Lady Bug night light from a blog competition.  I am going to squirrel the book away for my eldest daughter, so that’s another nice gift won and added to the present pile.  Have you started comping for Christmas yet, or do you like to leave it until after the Halloween festivities are over?  I know a lot of people can’t get excited about the Christmas period until November or later, but I feel the need to get ahead early and as organised as I can during October, before work, school and social activism take over completely!

Do you enjoy the Halloween season – maybe getting dressed up, going trick or treating or hosting a spooky party?  As a family Halloween isn’t usually that important for us, but the girls do usually go to the Halloween disco at school and get all dressed up for the occasion.  My eldest won’t be going this year unfortunately as she is having her tonsils out on Friday poor thing – hopefully we can have a few treats for her at home to make her not feel so left out.  I am sure we will rent a few spooky movies and have some scary treats at home – nothing too blood-curdling though!

If you like to embrace the Halloween season and fancy getting your hand on £50 to spend on dressing up outfits, party supplies or food then why not enter our latest competition exclusive to The PrizeFinder members!  Log into your account and leave me a comment below letting me know what you are up to over Halloween and you could be bagging yourself a £50 voucher to spend with Asda.  You could get a couple of dressing up outfits for the little ones, stock up on spooky party essentials, or just spend it on the weekly shop – the choice is yours!  One entry per person please and please remember that comments are moderated and as such won’t appear immediately.  Entries close at 23:59 on Sunday 18th October 2015 and one lucky winner will be drawn at random shortly afterwards.

Happy comping everyone, and lots of Lucky dust to you all!

Kirsty x


Terms & Conditions


  • The prize is a £50 Asda voucher
  • The closing date for entries is 23:59 on Sunday 18th October 2015.
  • Open to UK residents aged 18 or over
  • Entrants must be registered PrizeFinder users and logged in to their account
  • Entrants must leave a comment on the blog answering the question “What are you doing for Halloween?"
  • Only one entry per person
  • One winner will be chosen at random from all entries
  • The winner will be notified by email within 7 days of the closing date, and must confirm their postal address within 28 days or an alternative winner will be selected



Submitted by espeja on Tue, 2015-10-13 10:53


This is going to be our first Halloween in the countryside (a.k.a the middle of nowhere) and we're planning to have a harvest-themed party for our friends from the city. As there will be young kids present, we don't want to make it too spooky, so instead of ghosts and witches there will be pumpkins, apples, plums, bales of straw, golden Autumn leaves, owls, hedgehogs and badgers (not live ones of course!)

Submitted by angel76 on Tue, 2015-10-13 11:31


We normally go trick or treating round our neighbourhood, but this year our local bonfire display is on the same night so we will be going to watch that instead as it's always really good. Will still put some decorations up at home though and let the kids eat sweets so they get the best of both :)

Submitted by dacragman on Tue, 2015-10-13 14:00


Alas, this year I'll be recovering from a knee operation the day before, so will be restricted to a game of bob apple and the odd scary film on the sofa.

Submitted by laurencr on Tue, 2015-10-13 18:10


I will be using Halloween as an excuse to do lots of baking and cake eating! Inspired by Bake Off I will be shopping in Asda for everything I need to make some great spooky cakes!

Submitted by melxxsmithxx on Tue, 2015-10-13 19:00


I am looking forward to spending the evening with my children,my youngest is just 3 and cant wait to dress up and go trick or treating with his older siblings, then all home for hot chocolate & candy in a dark room with our lit pumpkins,watching goosebumps

Submitted by Clairegordon on Tue, 2015-10-13 19:36


I'm doing a party for our kids and all our nieces and nephews, I'll be decorating the house from top-to-toe in Halloween style. But nothing beats last year's Halloween which we spent at Walt Disney World in Orlando - we spent 31st October in Magic Kingdom collecting candy and watching mickey and Minnie in the Halloween parade, I'd love to go back and keep entering comps in the hope that one day we can!

Submitted by mrsc82 on Tue, 2015-10-13 21:33


I am working on the day :(
But I am hosting a spooky halloween part in the evening that everyone is dressing up for.
There will be a gruesome (I am not a great cook lol) and a lot of alcohol.....I love Halloween so so much.

Submitted by bexstarrh on Tue, 2015-10-13 23:29


My daughter is working over Halloween so the we get the Grandkids! It will be like going back in time....spider cakes, buckets of handouts for the local kids and we don't need to make as much effort to look scary as all our wrinkles and grey hair and crooked teeth are coming along nicely...perhaps a new witches hat methinks! It's going to be awwwfully awesome and some help to kit out the kiddiwinks would be fffrightfully nice!

Submitted by Trish43 on Wed, 2015-10-14 06:47


We will have a party at home for the kids and their friends, I dress up the downstairs and make spooky food for them, they love it, they also go out Trick or treating with their friends

Submitted by betthefarm on Wed, 2015-10-14 12:40


Dressing up my toddler nephew and generally boring everyone about how spookily cute he looks. Take lots of pics so I can continue to bore them about it in the days that follow. ha!

Submitted by elisatrueman01… on Wed, 2015-10-14 15:14


Dressing up as a witch (doesn't take too much prep ), my husband is an evil clown (and has an outfit) and we'll be trick or treating with my youngest...who will probably be a vampire or monster....love Halloween

Submitted by Lheath50716 on Wed, 2015-10-14 16:57


We are having a small party at my Mums house for all her grandkids, we will get dressed up and have some halloween inspired treats!!!!